The Good, the bad, and the extreme

It seems we live in a world of extremes where the good goes unnoticed and the bad is commonplace. The tragedy in Japan is the extreme of nature that is a wake up call for us all as to the condition of the Earth. I don’t think the dinosaurs could see the ice period taking over the earth and causing them to become extinct. We live in troubled times, yet a global outpouring of support is an indication that when tragedy strikes a nation, other nations are there to provide support. Everything is global these days. We are one big … Continue reading The Good, the bad, and the extreme

Argosy University

Teaching tools; Computers-help to prepare lessons, powerpoint shows, internet research, show graphs, keeping the students engaged using laptop computers. iPads-a handheld style of touch pad/computer that uses apps to run small programs. Built in camera, e-mail, Cloud, educational apps, free apps, game apps, quick reader of digital news and magazines, Photo flow feature in sharing pictures from the iPad to other computers. Ceiling mounted projectors- hook up to computers to project powerpoint slides, or any screen material, digital photos, digital print, makes screen larger enough for large audiences or big classrooms. Lighter and brighter 3000 lumens to 5000 lumens and … Continue reading Argosy University