It seems we live in a world of extremes where the good goes unnoticed and the bad is commonplace.

The tragedy in Japan is the extreme of nature that is a wake up call for us all as to the condition of the Earth. I don’t think the dinosaurs could see the ice period taking over the earth and causing them to become extinct. We live in troubled times, yet a global outpouring of support is an indication that when tragedy strikes a nation, other nations are there to provide support.

Everything is global these days. We are one big extended community despite national borders. We can no long ignore others suffering as in Egypt, Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, and Libya. By the time NATO and other nations make up their mind to help the people in Libya, they will all be dead and those that survive will be murdered.

So what can we do? Not much…our governments tend to their own agendas not the agenda of the people. When the poor are suppressed it is a matter of time before they revolt as in the 13 colonies here, in France, and many other countries.


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