The Integration of Technology into Education 21st century

There are many articles on the integration of technology into education. The real problem in higher education is that Colleges and University are always miles behind in technology. Partially because it is difficult to keep upgrading programs like MS Word, and MS Excel. Once the faculty get used to a program that do not want to change and relearn a new program. I have worked with hundreds of college and university faculty and the problem is always the same, they are one or two versions behind the upgrades.

The best thing about upgrades is the improved templates that make jobs easier.  Let’s face it as long as Universities and Colleges have to pay high software leasing fees, change is always going to be slow. Software companies are like a leech that you cannot get rid of.  Instead of making it inexpensive to upgrade, they want to make a big profit and this is counter-productive to integrating technology in the classroom or lecture hall.

Someday, Universities will say “enough is enough and they will stop buying upgrades.” That will be a sad day in technology.

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