Once you learn how to write more than 100 pages in a book the new goal is to write 200 pages in the next book. Writing is the easy part. Editing typos and grammar is the hard part. I finished “Autumn Winds over Okinawa 1945,” and got it published.

Now I am on to new horizons with a trilogy of “tell all books,” about “The Junior high,” “The College,” and “The University,” all base on my 12 years in higher education. They will be fiction and all the names and places are changed to avoid being sued.

“Junior High is done and I am editing it for mistakes, etc.”

“The Crystal Ball,” is my next 200 page novel about predestination and how people would do anything to avoid their future especially if it is about dying.

Another book idea is half written and that called “The Glade of Light,” glade is a celtic term which means blade. This is a fantasy fictional story about the early Celtic tribes in England before the Romans invaded Britain.

Stay tuned for the Trilogy of schools to be finished.


ImageThe Junior High, a tell-all story about sex, politics, corruption, drinking, parties, Teacher Unions, and administrative mismanagement of a Junior High in upstate New York during the 1960-1999 period of time.


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