Anne of Cleves 4th Wife of King Henry VIII of England 1500’s

Author Dr. Pel Mead Anne of Cleves was a 24 year old German Princess who could not speak English and spoke low German or high Dutch as it was called. She was the sister of the Duke of Cleves, William of Germany on the Dutch border. The marriage and treaty was advised to prevent France […]

Anne of Cleves the German Step mother to Mary Queen of France

Anne of Cleves was King Henry VIII of England’s fourth wife in the 1500’s. He thought she was ugly and had the marriage annulled after marrying her to avoid a war with Germany or Duke William of CLeves in Germany. Anne got a great annulment settlement from the King the Castle that belonged to Ann […]

Anne of Cleve’s, 4th wife of King Henry VIII

Anne was the step mother of Mary oldest daughter of king Henry VIII. she was a year older than Mary and a close friend who helped both Mary and Elizabeth educate themselves. she outlived Henry VIii and lived to see the Coronation of Mary as Queen of England. she became a close friend to the […]