Preface to my fourth novel, The 23rd Psalm. A science fiction story

Preface-    (A Comet collides with Earth)


In the year 3050 the Earth was almost destroyed after a comet the size of the moon collided with Earth. The impact was so severe that it caused the Earth to move out of its normal orbit around the sun. The Earth was million miles closer to the sun after the impact of the comet. The explosion was so great that when the comet hit the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, off of South America, the south polar cap melted down almost immediately.  The ocean surge covered South America completely leaving only the Andes Mountains showing as islands above the waters. In a week Europe, and North America, were under water, and the north polar cap began to melt. The Asian continents suffered the same fate, except the Himalayan mountain range that stuck out as islands in a vast new ocean. All of the mountain ranges around the world became islands jutting out the ocean that rose above 7,000 feet, survived the initial flooding.


            The sea marine life did survive, however, despite the temperature rise. The entire populations of penguins eventually were washed away toward the mountains of the Andes thousands of miles away. Few of the penguins survived.


As for the human race, those that survived were those that ran to the high ground or happened to be living on high ground to begin with. The floods came so quick that all of California, and the west coast were covered in salt water in less than a week. The same fate became the East coast of the North American continent, and it flooded across all the states until it reached the high peaks of the Adirondacks Mountains.


The only humans known to survive in the western part of North America were a small group of Old World Christians on a religious retreat at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Mountains, and a small group of Old World Jewish Community Members who were vacationing in the Sierras. Neither community knew that the other had survived until months after the disaster.  In the year 3050 religions had changed to a new order of spiritual life. The World Corporate Order discouraged religions to be practiced. The emphasis was on giving everything to the controlling Corporations of the World, and old world religions got in the way.  Many religions centuries old had begun to die out from the persecution, and threat of arrest by the World Corporate Order.  The original Christian movement that survived 56 thousand years was now called the Old World Christian movement. Likewise, the various Jewish sects were called the Old World Jewish religion. In many ways religion had been replaced by the World Corporate Order.  Nationalism in each continent such as North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asian, Far Asia, and Africa had formed over the past few centuries (21h century to 31th century AD).  Old World Buddhism, Old World Muslims, Old World Hindu, and many other religions suffered the same fate as the Old World Christians and the Old World Jewish sects, and were reduced in size and popularity, and considered illegal to practice in public.  They had all become secret religions that were not approved by the World Corporate Order of the 31st Century.  The World Corporate Order frowned on the free worship of any religion in the year 3050. The old world religions met in secret, and kept their membership closed, and in secret fear of corporate punishment by the World Corporate Order that controlled all the continents on Earth.Image

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