The Shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School

I and many other Americans are all in shock at the loss of 20 innocent 5 and 6 year old children in Conn.  My heart goes out to the parents, grandparents and friends of the departed and wounded children. My prayer is for gun control on a nation wide basis as a result of thisContinue reading “The Shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School”

The Junior High Chapter 6

Chapter 6- Money            As the cliché goes, “money walks and money talks.” This was especially true at Cucamonga JHS.   The school budget was the major money source in Cucamonga JHS. The teachers were not aware that 10% to 15% of the budget was added into the budget just in case the Board cutsContinue reading “The Junior High Chapter 6”

The Junior High (1960-2000)

    Chapter 4- Sex in the school            There three types of students in Junior High School, the oversexed, the undersexed and those that did not know the difference. Generally the 9th grade students had the most hormones pumping, and were of course the most physically mature compared to a 7th grader. AContinue reading “The Junior High (1960-2000)”

The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 3

          Chapter 3- School Politics   There were five Principals between the years 1960 and 1998 at Cucamonga Junior High School. Two will not be mentioned because they short term replacements. The first principal lasted ten years, the second principal lasted seven years, and the last principal 17 years. All threeContinue reading “The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 3”

The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Big Breasted Ronnie Bronson   Public school in New York traditionally starts one or two days after Labor Day in September. The day before that however, is the annual Superintendent’s Conference in which all teachers, administrators, and staff personnel are required to attend. In the morning the Superintend of Schools makes his speechContinue reading “The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 2”