The Junior High Chapter 6

Chapter 6- Money            As the cliché goes, “money walks and money talks.” This was especially true at Cucamonga JHS.   The school budget was the major money source in Cucamonga JHS. The teachers were not aware that 10% to 15% of the budget was added into the budget just in case the Board cuts 10-15% after the budget review. The assistant Principal’s power came from the fact that he was in control of the budget for the entire school, subject to the approval of the Principal who had never done a budget in his lifetime. A lot of goodies … Continue reading The Junior High Chapter 6

The Junior High Chapter 5

Chapter 5- The end of the year “Teacher Parties”            Every academic year the Teachers Union reps were allowed to run a lottery called a 50/50 lottery every other week on pay day. If a teacher bought a lottery ticket for $2.00 they could win 50% of the entire pot of money collected. The other half of the pot of money collected went into a fund for the end of the year teacher parties. Administrators were invited to the parties but not allowed to enter into the lotteries. By the end of the year the Union had usually collected … Continue reading The Junior High Chapter 5

The Junior High (1960-2000)

    Chapter 4- Sex in the school            There three types of students in Junior High School, the oversexed, the undersexed and those that did not know the difference. Generally the 9th grade students had the most hormones pumping, and were of course the most physically mature compared to a 7th grader. A 7th grade girl had to really be physically well developed in the chest area in order for a 9th grade boy to notice them. 7th grade boys were still playing with yo yo’s, and masturbating at home with Playboy magazines. 8th grade boys were the … Continue reading The Junior High (1960-2000)

The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 3

          Chapter 3- School Politics   There were five Principals between the years 1960 and 1998 at Cucamonga Junior High School. Two will not be mentioned because they short term replacements. The first principal lasted ten years, the second principal lasted seven years, and the last principal 17 years. All three retired after serving as Principal of Cucamonga Junior High School.   The first principal, Mr. Worley, was “old school,” meaning he was from the “old style” of running a building. Everything was by the book and formal rules were the way to go for him.  Originally, … Continue reading The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 3

The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Big Breasted Ronnie Bronson   Public school in New York traditionally starts one or two days after Labor Day in September. The day before that however, is the annual Superintendent’s Conference in which all teachers, administrators, and staff personnel are required to attend. In the morning the Superintend of Schools makes his speech on the condition of the district and important considerations such as student enrollment increase or decline. After 1970 the enrollment peaked at Mountain High School District somewhere in the northern part of New York State. The three junior highs were packed with 1600 students each … Continue reading The Junior High (1960-2000) Chapter 2

The Junior HIgh, Chapter 1

The Junior High     By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III                         (Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, and no person in the story is real or otherwise, nor are the places real either. Any event or story that seems to correspond to real facts is purely accidental. This is book of pure fantasy to provide entertainment only.) ©January 2012, Pelham Mead III                                     Dedication:  This book is dedicated to John Carucci … Continue reading The Junior HIgh, Chapter 1