I and many other Americans are all in shock at the loss of 20 innocent 5 and 6 year old children in Conn.  My heart goes out to the parents, grandparents and friends of the departed and wounded children. My prayer is for gun control on a nation wide basis as a result of this terrible incident. I hope the parents make it their mission to descend on Washington and demand assault rifle regulations. We have to stop this era of violence which is a result of the gun shooting movies that our youth see and the kind of violence we are getting used to in movies. In the old days a guy was shot and that was it the scene changed. In today’s movies we have to see the bullet go through a person’s body and blood coming out the other side spurting all over the wall. Enough is enough. If you support violence in movies, society, killing innocent children, then you do not care about the future of American families now and in the future. Should we all be afraid to go to a mall or movie theater for fear of being shot by some wacko? Is this the society we have all strived to perfect. We missed the point somewhere along the way and violence has gone beyond what is acceptable. STOP guns now. STOP assault rifles now in anyone’s hands. Prevent pistols from being given out to youth or criminals or mental patients. Do something. Do not let these students die in vain.

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