Why the Bible never mentions the Essenes

Except for a mention in one of Paul’s letters no where in the New Testament Bible does Jesus mention the Essenes. He talks about the Saduccees and the Pharisees, but never about the Essenes. A fourth political faction the Zealots was also not mentioned, however Judas was believed to be a Zealot. Why is it that the one political group in Judea is never mentioned yet it was the only group that preserved and copied the Bible and many religious and medical documents of the day? The Essenes were once a strong part of the Temple in Jerusalem until they … Continue reading Why the Bible never mentions the Essenes

Jesus and John, Chapter 4-The Essenes

Chapter   4 – The Essenes   Mary went to the central market one day when Jesus was 14 year of age. While at the central market in Nazareth a man approached her, and asked, “pardon me madam, but is your name Mary the wife of Joseph of Nazareth. “Yes, I am, who are you,” Mary asked? “I am Simon of Nazareth,” the man responded. “I am one of the leaders of the Mount Carmel Essene community. My family and I live in Nazareth, but conduct our worship services on Mount Carmel,” Simon said. “ What is your business with me,” … Continue reading Jesus and John, Chapter 4-The Essenes