The Intercontental land mass that led the survivors to Hawaii

After the Comet hit the earth the poles melted and the world flooded up to 6,000 feet above sea level. A Christian group and a Jewish group were in the mountains near Lake tahoe, California when the Comet struck. They had just enough time to seek higher ground to survive the world-wide flooding.

Elijah the Jewish Cantor

Elijah began to see visions and all of them came true after the Comet hit the Earth. At first the Rabbi tried to hide the fact that Elijah was having visions. Eventually everyone came to know that he had somehow connect with God. He helped his group to survive and reach high ground where they […]

Chapter 7- Thy Rod and they Staff shall comfort me. From the novel “The 23rd Psalm,” a science fiction story about survival after a comet hits the Earth

Chapter 7-“thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.”   Food supplies were running out and some decisions had to be made. There were no plants or trees growing on the inter-continental bridge. What the group needed was weapons for protection against other humans and beasts. Colonel Shepherd, and Retired General Mandel asked for volunteers […]

Chapter 4- The Essenes from the Novel, “Jesus and John,” by Dr. Pelham Mead, published by

Chapter   4 – The Essenes   Mary went to the central market one day when Jesus was 14 year of age. While at the central market in Nazareth a man approached her, and asked, “pardon me madam, but is your name Mary the wife of Joseph of Nazareth. “Yes, I am, who are you,” Mary […]