The Difficulty of writing Historical Fiction

Currently I am writing a historical fiction novel about Anne of Cleves the 4th wife of King Henry VIII in 1539 in England. Anne managed to escape getting her head cut off and in return for their annulment King Henry awarded her 3,000 ducats a month and Richmond castle and several other castles an manorsContinue reading “The Difficulty of writing Historical Fiction”

Dr. Greenspan

From the novel, “The 23rd Psalm,” Dr. Greenspan helps to save many people with his medical skills. This is a unique story of two religious groups seeking to survive after a Comet hits the Earth and the Poles melt. Combine the science fiction theme with a Messiah theme and you get the 23rd Psalm whereContinue reading “Dr. Greenspan”

King Henry VIII

Anne of Cleves was Henry’s 4th wife from Germany who could speak little English. After trying to sneak into her room Anne realized that he was not the handsome man she had heard but rather a fat obese man who was unable to hold an erection. Some say he had a disease and others sayContinue reading “King Henry VIII”

Hever Castle

King Henry VIII gave Hever Castle along with other castles to Anne of Cleves after their marriage annulment. Hever Castle was smaller and more manageable than Richmond castle and was a favorite home of Anne of Cleves, “beloved Sister of the King.” All these stories are included in my upcoming novel, “The Personal Diary ofContinue reading “Hever Castle”

From the Personal Diary of Anne of CLeves, 4th wife of King Henry VIII, July 1540

Letters of Anne of Cleves   Letter of Anne of Cleves to her husband, King Henry VIII
11 July 1540 Background
The following letter was Anne of Cleves’s very diplomatic response to Henry VIII’s request for an annulment of their brief marriage. Though her brother pressed her to return home to the duchy of Cleves, Anne wasContinue reading “From the Personal Diary of Anne of CLeves, 4th wife of King Henry VIII, July 1540”

Jesus and John stain glass

The New Testament in the Bible tells some wonderful stories about the miracles of Jesus and John. What if Jesus spent almost 15 years training as a healer and user of medicines by the Essenes? What is what Jesus said on the Mount was a compilation of Essene prayers and theology. Was Jesus Christ, “TheContinue reading “Jesus and John stain glass”

Mrs. Lee the Home Economics Teacher

The only Chinese teacher in the whole school was Mrs. Lee. She taught Home Economics, Sewing, and Cooking. If you wanted to go to Chinatown in New York city she would write a meal recommendation in Mandarin for you to present to the waiter at certain places in Chinatown. We always got a great mealContinue reading “Mrs. Lee the Home Economics Teacher”

Chapter 8- Teacher Stories from the novel, “The Junior High, ” by Dr. Pelham Mead, Xlibris publishers

Chapter 8- Teacher Stories   Some of the funniest situations occur in classrooms. The first story is about a Social studies teacher who was talking about AIDs and how at the time they thought the disease began in Africa by people eating Green Monkeys. After the teacher got done reading about this AIDs research, heContinue reading “Chapter 8- Teacher Stories from the novel, “The Junior High, ” by Dr. Pelham Mead, Xlibris publishers”

The Physical Education Archery Unit

One day during the Archery program in Physical Education an emergency occurred right in the middle of the students shooting. A squirrel decided to run across the target range and as soon as it did all of the students shooting at the targets turned and tried to shoot the squirrel. Fortunately, the squirrel escaped unharmed.