Departed Spirits

By Pelham Mead


Departed spirits of family souls,

For whom many bells tolls.

Our parents and wives,

So, so many lives.

Now they are a memory,

Fading thoughts to be,

Thoughts of wondrous tines,

Like little tiny bells.

Ringing in our ears,

Like a thousands tears.


Farewell love ones lost,

How heavy was the cost?

To seek, too feel, too heal,

What was once so real.


Departed spirits come,

Silent songs you hum.

Guide over us on earth,

Help us to spread the mirth.


For Christmas time it is,

A time of merry it is.


Goodbye my love ones past,

We have put you to the task.


Goodbye our memories toll,

Look to the future bold.


Peace be to thee tonight,

Keep on the little light.

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