The Junior High 1960-1970’s

Mrs. Lee the Home Economics teacher. When every someone wanted to go to Chinatown in New York City, she would write on the back of a business card in mandarin a message for the waiter to receive some of the best meals of the house.

Jesus and John

A historical fiction novel with a unique approach to the development of Jesus of Nazareth’s mission and John the Baptist’s mission through their relationship to the secret Essenes in their day. Jesus spends 15 years studying medicine and healing with the Essenes which enables him to create the miracle healing that he does.

The 23rd Psalm, A science fiction novel about the year 3550

A comet hits the Earth in the year 3550 and the entire Earth is flooded by the poles melting. Everything under 6,000 feet of sea water is dead. Only two groups survive in northern America near Lake Tahoe, a Christian Church group and a Liberal Jewish Temple group. They meet and work together to survive; […]

The Personal Diary of Anne of Cleves, Soon to be published by Xlibris, Index, First few entries

  The Personal Diary of Queen Anne of Cleves, 4th Wife of King Henry VIII of England       By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III and George Schandel Translated from Dutch into English by Ken of Bellmore   Index to Diary Entries in chronological order (each year separated)   Entry 1-The Early Years (born […]

The original Script from The Junior High, A script for a TV series from the novel, The Junior High, by Dr. Pelham Mead

The Junior High (1960’s-1970’s) By Dr. Pelham Mead III © TV Script for a 13 Episode Series   Narrator: The date is 1960, Upstate New York in the Highland School District and two years of construction on a new Junior High have come up short and will not finish on time for the school opening […]