The Summer of !967

In the summer of 1967 I took my young wife and two year old son and drove from Springfield, Mass. to Los Angeles, Calif. to complete my Masters field work for my degree in Outdoor Education. I had just purchased a 1967 VW Camper on credit. It took us 7 days to make the trip and gas cost only .38 a gallon. It cost $60 to make it across the USA at the time. We Spend a week at the Los Angeles School Camp in the Angeles mountains with Eagles, bees, and rattlesnakes everywhere. After that week we drove to … Continue reading The Summer of !967

Jap Snipers on Okinawa in 1945

On August 31, 1945, my father Chief Petty Officer Ken Mead and two other sailors got off on Okinawa in hopes of returning to Hawaii and then back home. Unfortunately, with the Japanese treaty signing all the ships were going toward Tokyo instead of Hawaii. They were stranded on Okinawa Island without food or shelter. The Navy and Marines were gone and only the Army was stationed on the Island rounding up Civilians and remaining Jap soldiers. The Navy did not inform the Army that they would be dropping off three sailors and as a consequence the Army would not … Continue reading Jap Snipers on Okinawa in 1945