Few Campuses are as beautiful as the College of Mount saint Vincent

IN May of 2001, I was hired at the Director of the Teacher Learner Center at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in RIverdale, NY. The job was funded by a Federal Title V Hispanic Serving Institution grant of 1.1 million dollars over five years. I was to install land maintain 24 Smart Classrooms and […]

After the battle of Okinawa the Jap Snipers still remained

In my novel, “Autumn Winds Over Okinawa 1945,” my father, Chief Petty Officer Ken Mead and three other sailors got off the USS Antietam CV-36 Aircraft carrier to return home after the war on Aug. 31, 1945.  Unfortunately, they  were stranded on the island for a month and 1/2 facing Jap Snipers, Jungle diseases, a […]

Teacher Strikes in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s

Teacher Unions provided a platform for negotiations between the teachers and the Board of Education. Without the Unions the Boards of Education would have the teachers working for practically nothing in salary. When local boards of education and the local politics take hold of a district very little good can come from it in teacher […]

Sample TV Script for -The Junior High 1960-1970’s, adapted from the novel, The Junior High by Dr. Pelham Mead

A TV drama/humor script for the series called: The Junior High School 1960’s -1980’s SCENE-1-EPISODE 1 CUCAMONGA JHS CONSTRUCTION SITE, SEPT. 1959. Description of Scene: Piles of wood everywhere, backhoe parked nearby and many trucks parked in background. Front of the building, Glass with taped X in the front hallway. Characters in scene 1- Mr. […]