Click the link below and it will take you directly to and my book, The Junior High

Buy the book now because I am in the process of selling it to a TV producer in a TV script form. I have written 14 episodes so far, enough for a whole TV season. The stories parallel what is in the book only with dialogue. The genre can be considered humor and drama. The main focus in on the teachers and their lives and how the administrators treated them. Later on in the series students get involved as the Gymnastic Team develops despite al odds and goes on to become a well known Gymnastic Exhibition Team the provided a positive image for Elementary students wanting to become a gymnast in Junior High.

Against the backdrop of the 1960’s and 1970’s this script reflects the problems of the times, fake bomb scares, fake fire drills, student protests, student walkouts, black student demonstrations, Militant Teachers, abusive administrators, politics in a school, teacher affairs, and humorous things that went on in the classroom.

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