After the battle of Okinawa the Jap Snipers still remained

In my novel, “Autumn Winds Over Okinawa 1945,” my father, Chief Petty Officer Ken Mead and three other sailors got off the USS Antietam CV-36 Aircraft carrier to return home after the war on Aug. 31, 1945. 

Unfortunately, they  were stranded on the island for a month and 1/2 facing Jap Snipers, Jungle diseases, a shortage of food, and two major typhoons. The typhoons sunk over 100 ships in the Nahu harbor and killed over 200 people.

After almost two months on the island Chief Petty Officer Ken Mead had lost over 20 pounds, lost his teeth from a gum disease and was weak from jungle disease, yet he and two others survived to be picked up by the Idaho Battleship on Oct. 15, 1945.

Read about this great story of personal survival on, Author-Pelham Mead III

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