Few Campuses are as beautiful as the College of Mount saint Vincent

IN May of 2001, I was hired at the Director of the Teacher Learner Center at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in RIverdale, NY. The job was funded by a Federal Title V Hispanic Serving Institution grant of 1.1 million dollars over five years.

I was to install land maintain 24 Smart Classrooms and I managed to do 27 in all by cost controls.

I tutored 84 faculty in using Technology in the Classroom.

I installed and edited, Blackboard.com for the faculty and students and eventually turned the job over to Manhattan College.

85% of the Professors that graduated from the TLC program stayed active learning after they were done with the program.

Wireless classrooms became the norm after the grant of five years.

Anti-theft measures were taken and worked after several ceiling projectors were stolen.

The budget annually balanced and the five year total grant budget balance to a penny after much hard work by myself and my assistant Py Liv Sun.  Thanks to Christine my teaching assistant too for her help in tutoring faculty also. It was a great five years at a beautiful campus with a castle right in the middle of the campus off the Hudson river, NY>

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