Angelina CIA NUN

I have begun a new series of stories based on the main character Sister Angelina Serriano who after retiring early from the Sisters of Charity in New York was recruited by the CIA to help solve a multiple set of murdered Nuns in Burundi Africa in the fall of 2014 (Sept.) Based on an actual horrific triple murder that yet remains unsolved in Burundi, Africa, Sister Angelina whom had served in the Congo and Kenya in Africa for 15 years is hired by the CIA and the Holy See of the Vatican in inquire from within the convent what actually … Continue reading Angelina CIA NUN

The New Novel and perhaps Series of Novels, “Sister Angelina, CIA NUN”

Recently I was researching the murders of three Nuns in Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa. The terrible slaughter of these innocent woman was blamed on on man Christian Butoyi Claude. It was hard to imagine one man could slaughter three Nuns the way he did all by himself, but local Police seemed satisfied. Then I read how a real NUN who took a leave of absence after serving in Africa for several years filled out an application to become a CIA worker. I was hoping they would recruit her for spy missions but that was not the case. Anyway, this spurred my … Continue reading The New Novel and perhaps Series of Novels, “Sister Angelina, CIA NUN”