I have begun a new series of stories based on the main character Sister Angelina Serriano who after retiring early from the Sisters of Charity in New York was recruited by the CIA to help solve a multiple set of murdered Nuns in Burundi Africa in the fall of 2014 (Sept.) Based on an actual horrific triple murder that yet remains unsolved in Burundi, Africa, Sister Angelina whom had served in the Congo and Kenya in Africa for 15 years is hired by the CIA and the Holy See of the Vatican in inquire from within the convent what actually happened to the three murdered Nuns.

I finished the first book and am continuing onto the second book in which Sister Angelina gets involved in a hunt for stolen Nazi paintings in Italy during WWII. The CIA again agree to cooperate with the Vatican Holy See to try and find several high value paintings supposedly destroyed by fire in WWII, until a Nun on her deathbed reveals that some of the paintings were hidden somewhere under fresco in another church or convent in Italy. Sister Angelina attempts to track down the stolen paintings and return them to the churches in Italy they were stolen from in the beginning.

Stay tuned…

Dr. Pelham Mead

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