The Recent Racial Protests over the shooting of Brown, choking of a NYC man and on and on

Here is my position on the Grand Jury, the Police, and Racial injustice in America. If something is broken, fix it.

The Bobbies or street Police in Britain do not carry guns and they seldom have anyone shot by a criminal. I truly believe the USA needs to take a stand and take away all pistols and replace them with tasers. If guns are needed a SWAT team can be called in. Cameras on Police will help but the attitude of the community toward Police has to change soon.

Nothing has been so upsetting about justice and civil rights since the marches in the 1960’s. To say we have come a long way and there is still progress to be made is an understatement .   I have noticed the Police act more these days to anyone white or black or any race with arrogance. They have forgotten who they serve and that is the People.

In the early 1900’s Police including my Great Grandfather used nightsticks and not pistols to control the good of the order. We need to wake up and stop the sale of guns and make gun violence a death penalty. Perhaps a gun death by a criminal show be treated the way they do in the Middle-east. Take away the criminals family’s house. Punish his family and maybe they will prevent their son or daughters from becoming criminals.

Lastly, lack of jobs creates tension in cities and towns across America. Here we are waging war across the globe but we cannot come up with a National Insurance policy for the poor, or a Job action program like the Civil Conservation corp. President Roosevelt organized during the Great Depression in the 1930. Put people to work and they will be more satisfied. Demand that all police forces have minorities on their forces and diversity in their commands and things will change. Let the Congress step in and create some laws. The Republicans seem to know everything. Let them solve this problem.

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