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The following books are already published by me and are listed on and Barnes and

Autumn Winds over Okinawa 1945– historical fiction about four sailors trapped on Okinawa at the end of the WWII era.

The Chinese Crystal Ball– a fiction novel that deals with predetermination. What would you do if you could peek into your future? Would you use it for good or evil? John Cardamon the main character lives in Manhattan, New York and he buys a very old Chinese crystal ball with magical properties according to the salesman. When the light of the sun or moon shines through the crystal, John discovers a scene projected on the well. He soon learns of his girl friend’s death, a bundle of cash stolen from a Chinese Flying Dragon gang in China Town, and soon he takes advantage of the stock market and makes millions. Soon the Flying Dragons trace the stolen bag of money to his apartment and he is on the run always looking over his shoulder.

The Junior High– is a fictionalized story of a real Junior High school in upstate New York during the turbulent 1960’s and 1970’s. The race demonstrations in schools, drug wars, free sex era, anti-Vietnam era, weekly false bomb threats, and the politics of that era in a Junior High are all revealed from a teacher who lived through these times.

The 23rd Psalm– A science fiction novel about the year 3550 when a comet hits the Earth and causes the poles to melt and flood the entire world. Each line of the 23rd Psalm reflects another chapter in the epic novel of survival of two religious groups on rafts in the Lake Tahoe area. Eventually, they sail to what was once Los Angeles which is all under water 6,000 feet. A land eruption from the comet rises up out of the pacific ocean all the way to Hawaii and the survivors walk and sail to those islands. Life is good for a while until Mona loa erupts and they must once again flee toward northern China. When they reach China they are attacked by chinese bandits. A secondary theme is the interaction of the Jewish group of 40 with the Christian group of 50 people of caring ages and the mysterious visions a Jewish Cantor keeps having that come true.

Jesus and John- is an historical fiction novel about the early days of Jesus of Nazareth and his second cousin John. The story of how Joseph and Mary flee Herod’s soldiers all the way into Egypt is revealed through the oral tradition of the Egyptian Coptic church in this novel. The lost teenage years of Jesus and John is revealed through bible research and outside research. Most significant is information from the Dead Sea Scrolls that tell how the Essenes that lived by the Dead Sea believed in and how baptism was central to their worship  Mount Carmel a short walk from Nazareth had an Essene community in tents and caves in which Jesus may have learned his skills of healing, medicine, and laying on of hands. The Essenes in the Dead Sea scrolls believed that “a Righteous Leader,” would rise again to lead the Jews out of bondage with the Romans and out of sin with the evil in the Jerusalem Temple. They believe in resurrection and that their new found leader, Jesus would bring their faith to live.

The TV PILOT based on The Junior High, called “Don’t be Square.”   This TV pilot tells the story of three young teachers who begin teaching at a Junior High in upstate New York in the late 1960’s and 1970’s during the Civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war demonstrations by students, fake bomb scares ever week, school politics favoring whites over blacks, teacher strikes and maltreatment by boards of Education looking to save money. This script is based on true stories of the teachers who taught for over three decades in this Junior High School.

The Templar Squire Tale- A story in the 1300’s in the Crusades, the Templar knights and France. A squire who was part of the Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay flees Paris, France on Mar. 12, 1307 when the Grand Master is informed that the King of France intends to arrest all of the Templar Knights in Europe and take away their treasures. 18 Templar ships appear in the night on the Seine river with darkened sails covering up the Templar red cross on white background. 220 tons of treasure is loaded on during the night from the Paris temple and all of France. 9 Galleons head to the safety of Spain and Portugal and 9 Galleons head north to Scotland by going around England. The squire tells the story first hand what happened to the treasure in Scotland and how the 50 Templar knights, sergeants, and squires fought bravely at the battle of Bannonbock for Robert the Bruce. In return for their valor against the English many were knighted into the Scottish Order of the Thistle. The Templar knights financed the entire battles of Robert the Bruce in exchange for their shelter and safety. The many tons of treasure is hidden on Islands in Ireland and around Scotland and in deep caves and guarded closely against thieves. The vast treasure in many different hiding places must be moved to prevent invaders and thieves from trying to steal the thousand pounds of gold and silver and religious artifacts. The Templar Squire becomes a Scottish Knight of the Order of the Thistle and he and the surviving Templar Knight realize that no place is safe from the King of France, the Pope, and the King of England. After the Grand Master Jacques de Molay is burned at the stake in 1314 and after the Battle of Bannonbock, the Templars make plans to hire ships to take them to the new world or new continent beyond Greenland and Iceland to hide the treasure out of reach of the Pope or Kings. When the Templars arrive in Scotia land they meet up with shy but friendly Mukluks indians. They trade and show the indians how to hunt with iron spears and arrows and the mysterious smoke sticks -guns. They teach the nomadic indians how to build building from stone instead of furs and tree bark like wigwams. The indians think the white men are gods and especially, one leader whom they call Glooscap is no other than Geoffrey de Villars the Templar Squire who became a Scottish Knight of the Order of the Thistle. The Templars stay and bury their treasures on island where the dead are buried and in caves along the shore. Maps and bobble traps are made and the locations are committed to memory. Geoffrey de Villars marries a local Mukluk squaw called Wyanet (one whose beauty is legend). They have a boy and live a long and peaceful life with the local Mukluks. After many years Geoffrey dies and Wyanet his wife dies leaving their son ‘Little Bear,’ as the only surviving Templar and the only one to remember where the five treasures were buried.

Sister Angelina CIA Nun- A series of stories about a NUN that taught in Africa becomes employed by the USA CIA and the Vatican Holy See to solve some murders of Nuns in Africa. Sister Angelina speaks Swahili, French, and English and taught in the Congo for 15 years before incurring breast cancer. She was forced to return to the USA for surgery and recovery. While recovering she began to have second thoughts about staying in the order. Around this time she noticed a For hire notice in the USA Postoffice for employment at the USA CIA in Virginia. She applied and was interview for a delicate job in Africa as a favor to the Vatican Holy See and a prominent Cardinal who had connections with the USA CIA.

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