TV Pilot Script

Explanation about the text published. TV Scripts are written in a special format with the character name in the middle of the page. I was unable to keep this formatting when transferring from PDF to this site. The text reads as a run on but you can still understand the characters and what they are saying. The first teaser is a story about a Business Education teacher who has a heart attack while teaching in his classroom and being evaluated an Assistant Principal. After that incident the Principal Ned Worley tries to cover up the evidence. Act one is about … Continue reading TV Pilot Script

Sample of TV script pilot-” Don’t be Square.” (c)

DON’T BE SQUARE Written by Pelham K. Mead III Based on the novel, “The Junior High.” 260 E. Bradley ave.,space 3 El Cajon, Ca. 92021 619-449-8716` ii TV Pilot Script for, “Don’t Be Square.” Written by Dr. Pelham Mead III (Adapted from the Novel, “The Junior High, by Dr. Pelham Mead III, 2012, Xlibris publishers) TEASER MAIN OFFICE OF CUCAMONGA JUNIOR HIGH-DAY. It is the typical start to a Junior high school day in upstate New York in 1967. The speaker on the intercom during homeroom is John Cardone(23), Social Studies teacher. John is a one of a kind … Continue reading Sample of TV script pilot-” Don’t be Square.” (c)