Sister Angelina CIA Nun is a story about a real murder of three Nuns in Burundi in September 2014. The fictional part of the story is how the Vatican Holy See contacts the CIA for a political favor in sending an agent to investigate these brutal murders of three Nuns. The CIA finds and hires a Nun from the Sisters of Charity in New York who had served 15 years in the Congo and Burundi and could speak Swahili, French, and English. Sister Angelina came back to the United States after discovering she had breast cancer. While being treated for cancer over the period of a year, she begins to question her mission as a Nun. Seeing a job ad for the CIA, she applies on a whim. Two weeks later she is contacted and given a train ticket from New York to Washington, D.C. . After many interviews she is eventually hired for the sole purpose of entering the Convent in Kamenge, Burundi to discover from the other Nuns and volunteers what really happened regarding the murders. The vatican smooths the way by sending a letter to the Mother Superior that they will be sending a Nun to replace the three Nuns that were murdered.

So Begins the journey of Sister Angelina as a CIA Nun field operative. Her job is to uncover facts concerning the murders and to send these out each week via her contact called Swami. Over the first year Sister Angelina discovers that the Nuns will not talk about the murders. Mother Superior has instructed the sisters not to discuss the tragedy for some reason. The local Police quickly closed the case after arresting a brain damaged young man named Christian Butoy Claude who had the keys to the convent in his possession and one of the murdered Nun’s cell phones. Sister Angelina discovers that many Hutu men hate the Nuns for hiding their abused wives and children and suspects that some may have killed the Nuns as an act of revenge.

Later on it is discovered the four Hutu men had wives that were treated by Sister Bernadette Boggian a month before the killings. Sister Angelina passes on their names to her CIA contact to research. The CIA goes looking for the four Hutu men in a local village outside the capitol and discover one man was killed by a hit and run incident. Another Hutu man tried to flee and runs his car into a tree and is killed, and two more Hutu men disappear into the back bush county avoiding arrest. The CIA and Local Police search for several weeks to find the men. Finally, they are caught and returned to jail in the capitol. Under questioning they admit to the killings, but say a European white man paid them $500 Euros to have Sister Bernadette Boggian killed. Christian is later released from a local mental hospital where he has been locked up and drugged for over a year.

The CIA now must answer the question, who was the European white man and why did he want Sister Bernadette killed? An agent Jake Dremmen is sent to Padua, Italy to further investigate the story with Bernadette’s brother Sisto Boggian. The agent discovers the nephew of Sister Bernadette Boggian may be involved. A chase ensues and the nephew Alfonso Boggian escapes with his girlfriend to Switzerland.

The rest soon to be published in book form and a Pilot TV script for a murder mystery show.

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