Templar knights
The banner for the Templar Knights a red cross on a white background, approved by the Pope

Everyone knows who the Templar Knights were and how they came to ruin. This story is told from the viewpoint of a small boy who begins as a Page in the service of the Grand Master of the Templars Jacque de Molay. The story takes place on the island of Cyprus where the Templars and the Hospitalizers have their headquarters. After several defeats Jacque de Molay goes to France seeking support and funds only to be betrayed by the French King who is broke and wants to seize the Templar treasure. The Page and several close friends of de Molay learn of the plan of the French King to arrest all the Templars and steal their treasure. On Oct. 12, 1307 on a dark moonless night 18 galleons appear on the Seine river in Paris, France, undetected by the French King. 200 tons of treasure is loaded on the ships with blackened sails to prevent being spotted with their traditional red cross on white background. The ships sail before dawn without the French King knowing what happened. Nine ships head to Spain and Portugal with treasure and knights on board. The other nine galleons with Geoffrey de Villars the Templar Squire on board and others close to Jacques de Molay head to Scotland to seek asylum under Robert the Bruce of Scotland.

The templars and all their riches finance the entire war of the Scots against the English with weapons and armor from Templar craftsman in Ireland. At the battle of Bannonbock the Templars seize the day on the second day of the battle when they appear on the crest of a hill with Templar banners flying in the air. The English soldiers panic and run, retreating and leaving thousands at the mercy of the Scots. As a reward for his part in the battle Geoffrey de Villars the Templar squire becomes a Knight of the Thistle of Scotland by Robert the Bruce. The Templar treasure is so massive that it has to be hidden in caves and islands off of Ireland and Scotland to prevent being discovered. Many English and Scots attempt to steal or learn where the treasures are hidden causing the 50 surviving Templar knights, 40 Squires and 35 pages to flee to the new world out of reach of the Pope, the King of England, and the King of France. They arrive after several weeks on the coast of modern day Nova Scotia where they meet friend Micmac indians and learn the indian ways and teach the indians how to use metal swords and make large boats.

The secret of where and how the Templars found a final resting place to bury their treasure is explained in detail and the role of Geoffrey de Villars, Knight of the Thistle of Scotland and how he and others provided safeguards to protect the treasure for generations to come. The secret is in danger of being forgotten as one by one the templars age and die leaving only a few descendants that remember the location and secrets to finding the treasure.

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