The Glade of Light by Dr. Pelham Mead

The Glave of Light (the sword of light) By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III The Celtic old ones say that in the beginning of time the good Gods and the evil Gods made a peace for short period of time. The good Gods would reign during the day and the evil Gods would rein in the night. As a symbol of their peace a Glave of Light or a Sword of light was fashioned out of the rare stones of light. This sword was unlike any sword shaped by man or God for it was forged of diamonds and quartz … Continue reading The Glade of Light by Dr. Pelham Mead

The Century School of Gymnastics Ltd. 1970-1990

The Century School of Gymnastics Ltd. purchased a Dodge 15 passenger van back in the early 1970’s to transport gymnasts to meets and to carry equipment to exhibitions around New York State. The roof rack was custom built by a metal shop in Suffern, New York. The fabulous paint job on both sides and the front of the Van was done by a motorcycle painting artist in Tempe, Arizona near Arizona State University where we were attending the National Gymnastic Clinic there during a Christmas Vacation. The whole custom paint job of a ghost tumbling cost only $300 at the … Continue reading The Century School of Gymnastics Ltd. 1970-1990

37 Miracles of Jesus Christ

This list is what I based part of my novel, Jesus and John on. I selected only the healing and medical Miracles that Jesus could have done without divine assistance, but by years of medical and healing training with the Essenes. 37 Miracles of Jesus # Miracle Matthew Mark Luke John 1 Jesus Turns Water into Wine 2:1-11 2 Jesus Heals an Official’s Son 4:43-54 3 Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit 1:21-27 4:31-36 4 Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law 8:14-15 1:29-31 4:38-39 5 Jesus Heals Many Sick at Evening 8:16-17 1:32-34 4:40-41 6 First Miraculous Catch of Fish 5:1-11 7 … Continue reading 37 Miracles of Jesus Christ