The Glave of Light (the sword of light)

By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III

The Celtic old ones say that in the beginning of time the good Gods and the evil Gods made a peace for short period of time. The good Gods would reign during the day and the evil Gods would rein in the night. As a symbol of their peace a Glave of Light or a Sword of light was fashioned out of the rare stones of light. This sword was unlike any sword shaped by man or God for it was forged of diamonds and quartz some of the hardest crystal-like rock in the earth. It would have no metal cutting edge. Rather, it would have a dull edge, but it reflected any light source and magnified its intensity to become was would become known millions of years later as a laser beam. The light beamed through the crystal like appearance of the Glave and shown the colors of the rainbow. It was with the great skill of the Gods of good and evil that this symbol of peace was created under millions of pounds of pressure to form an unbreakable sword of power and light. In the handle of the Glade of Light the most precious emeralds and rubies in the world were set into the most beautiful leather wrapped shaft know to man or God. The sword was very heavy and weighed more than 100 pounds and would require a powerful man to swing it with two hands.

The evil Gods did not completely trust the good Gods, so they limited the powers of the Glave of Light to daytime light source only. The good Gods were equally mistrusting of the evil Gods and they empowered the Glave of Light with powers never known to man before. The Glave of light would if pointed at an object, could cause a beam of light to cut a person in half at over one hundred yards or more. The Glave could cut through metal or any hard substance like a hot knife through butter. When it was finished the Gods of good and evil were pleased since it seemed to be the perfect symbol of the peace of the Gods as the balance of night and day.

As the seasons progressed the Glave of Light got more and more powerful toward spring and finally reached it’s peak of power in the summer of the year, when the sun was the strongest, just like the seasons of the year and the seasons of mankind.

The Gods of good and evil were determined that the Glave of Light would not fall into the wrong hands so they created a “Keeper of the Glave of Light.” The “Keeper of the Glave would pass on to his descendents from one generation to another the powers of the “Keeper of the Glave,” its secrets and how only pure truth and noble blood could hold and use the powers of the Glave for the betterment of mankind and to balance the forces of good and evil.

So the Glave of Light was passed to a clan of little people who lived in the lowland forests of Celtia in the northern reaches of Brittany. The Glave of Light was a big sword, as big as the keeper of the Glave himself, since he was a little person. The first keeper of the Glave of Light was a small person known to his clan as KenKenny. He stood exactly 4 ft one inch which was exactly one inch taller than the Glave of Light.

One day hundreds of years after KenKenny lived out his years as the first Keeper of the Glave of Light, one of his descendents would become Kenneth the I, the first recorded King of Scotland. Little is known about the Glave of Light since it was a well known secret until one day the story of the Glave of Light was discovered in the old language carved into a stone known as the sitting stone of the King of Celtia.

To preserve and carry the Glave of Light it had to be kept in a lightproof case of the softest deerskin and formed in the shape of a sheaf. Many of the women of the clan of KenKenny sewed together the sheaf to protect the Glave of Light with the utmost skill and perfection.

It was the duty of the descendents of KenKenny to go and seek out a noble ruler for the land of Celtia. It was indeed a solemn duty that was entrusted to the “Keeper of the Glave of Light.”

This is the story about KenKenny, the first “Keeper of the Glave of Light,” and his journey to find a worthy ruler who could use the power of the Glave of Light for good for all mankind.

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