The Templar Knights helped the Catholic Church and the Pope establish a base in Jerusalem in the 1100’s and they led bravely in all the Crusades. Beginning with just nine poor monk knights sworn to poverty and to protect the pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem, to the richest organization in the 11 and 12 th century. Kings borrowed money from them. They paid for and build castles all over Europe and also build the biggest Gothic cathedrals in France. So how is it that in the end in 1307 they were all arrested and thrown in jail and tortured?  They had become the bank of Europe. They establish credit for pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. They attracted rich barons, earls and Kings to join with them in a vow of poverty. They inherited rich lands when their Knights were killed. They were given castles, manors and vast tracts of land by the King of England, France, Spain, and Portugal. Yet, the Templar knights had many secrets. Did they in fact find gold under King Solomon’s temple? How is for nine years they were poor and then they return to France, rich men? Did the Templars find the religious artifacts of King Solomon? Were did the Templar treasure go after the arrests in Paris in 1307, Oct. 13th?

Based on many recorded facts the Templar Squire’s tale tells a story from inside the de Molay family. The story tells how the Templars being so rich that they financed the armies of Scotland under Robert the Bruce. All the new weapons were made by Irish Templars and smuggled into Scotland without the British knowing a thing. In the beginning the Scottish army fought with pitch forks and shovels, and now with new swords, shields, lances, cross-bows and other weapons the Scottish was the most well equipped army in the history of Scotland.

Where do you hide 220 tons of treasure? Well, Half the treasure went to Spain and Portugal where less than a 100 Templar knights sailed to and escaped being thrown in French jails. The other half went to Scotland to finance the Scottish battles against England. Much of the treasure that went to Scotland was stored in islands off of Ireland out of reach of the British. Caves and castles were also hiding places for the Templar treasure. Robert the Bruce had promised the Templar knights that if they trained and financed his army, he would forever protect and defend the Templars from the Pope, French King and English King and he kept his word.

Learn how the Templars to avoid the Pope and anybody greedy enough to try and find the various Templar treasure hiding places, sailed to the New World to hide their treasure once and for all. In Spain the Templars simply changed their name and joined with their fellow Hospitallers in a new Christian organization. They were given castles and manors in Spain and Portugal and they became the Knights of Christ and later the Knights of Malta where they settled. The Scottish Templar knights had to eventually flee to the new world to go beyond the Pope’s grasp and the greedy King of France who was bankrupt at the time.

The Templar codes were based on ancient Hebrew codes and other codes the Templars learned in the middle east. They protected all their secrets in code and where their treasures were buried down to this day. Breaking the Templar codes is still a mystery to this day. They were ahead of their time when it came to secret codes and symbols.

This novel is due to be published in December 2015 in both novel form and movie script.

Templar Knight
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