The Adventures of Tom Wolf

CHAPTER ONE- BEDLAM HOSPITAL, LONDON, Tom O’ Bedlam 1800’s Poem By Anonymous Note: The poem is to be read by a narrator with a deep voice and slowly with emphasis. From the hag and hungry goblin That into rags would rend ye, The spirit that stands by the naked man In the Book of Moons defend ye, That of your five sound senses You never be forsaken, Nor wander from your selves with Tom Abroad to beg your bacon, While I do sing, Any food, any feeding, Feeding, drink, or clothing; Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom … Continue reading The Adventures of Tom Wolf

Welcome to 2016

It is a new year upon us and I have many writing projects in the works. My novel writing of late has moved to TV and Movie script writing. I wrote a novel called, “The Night is a Child,” A murder mystery in Africa with Sister Angelina CIA Nun, and converted it to a script using Final Draft word processor software. In addition, I research and wrote another novel and converted it to a script for a movie also. The script is 285 pages long, which should make a good two hour movie. The title of the script is,” A … Continue reading Welcome to 2016