It is a new year upon us and I have many writing projects in the works. My novel writing of late has moved to TV and Movie script writing. I wrote a novel called, “The Night is a Child,” A murder mystery in Africa with Sister Angelina CIA Nun, and converted it to a script using Final Draft word processor software.

In addition, I research and wrote another novel and converted it to a script for a movie also. The script is 285 pages long, which should make a good two hour movie. The title of the script is,” A Templar Squire’s Tale.”

This is a story about the final days of the Templar Knights in 1307 from the view of a Squire who was a member of the Jacques de Molay personal family and following. It tells the story from the fall of Acre in the Holy Land in 1292 to the arrest of Jacques de Molay in Paris France on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307 and how Jacques family and following escaped to Scotland with 100 other Templar Knights, Sergeants, Squires, pages and craftsman with 220 tons of gold and silver. I based the story on as much real information historically as I could, filling in the blanks with dialogue.

Eventually, the Templar knights help Robert the Bruce win the battle against the British by purchasing armor and weapons for them from the Irish Templar Knights. At the Battle of Bannonburn the sight of the Templar Knights frightened the English soldiers into retreating and losing the battle on June 25, 1314.

Trying to protect their millions of dollars worth of gold and silver the Templar survivors sail to the New World and bury their treasure  there out of reach of the Pope, the King of France Philip II and the King of England. The Templars make friends with the Micmac indians in Nova Scotia and live in Nova Scotia for generations until 1395 when Sir Henry Sinclair arrives with 500 Scottish Templar Knights. By then the son of the Templar Squire made Scottish Knight, Mooin is an 88 year old man who has forgotten the clues to where the treasure is buried. Sir Henry Sinclair must return to Scotland empty-handed.

For one Movie producer I wrote in three weeks a movie script to specifically fit the producers needs. They wanted a movie from a classic fairy tale adapted like The Huntsman from Cinderella . The name of the script if “The Fairytale Adventures of Tom Wolf.” It tells the story of a man names Tom Wolf in 1855 who is thrown into Bedlam mental Hospital, formally called St. Mary of Bethel Hospital, in London, England. He tells the doctors that in a former life he was a wolf. They do not believe him and thrown him in a cell. At the first interview with Tom Wolf, Dr. Von Hess questions Tom about his life as a wolf and Tom tells him the story of the three Little pigs in a modern fashion. The Doctor sends Tom back to his cell and calls for double the medication and to put Tom in a ice cold tub for four hours.

At the second interview, Tom tells the Doctor how he met and fell in love with a rich girl who wore a Red Riding Hood. At the end of the story Tom escapes. The Doctor sends Tom back to his cell and triples his medication and asks to give Tom electrical shock and put him in chains hanging from the wall.

At the Third interview, Tom tells the Doctor how he met Peter in Russia. he tells him about Peter and his grandfather and their pets a duck, bird, and a cat and how he ran down the duck and ate him. In the end Tom is captured and put in a zoo in Russia. The Zoo trades Tom for a Siberian Tiger in the London Zoo and in transport, Tom escapes. The Doctor sends Tom back to his cell and calls for more medicine and further torture.

In the fourth interview it is getting dark and a full moon comes out and shines through the Doctor’s office window. Tom turns into a werewolf and attacks the doctor biting him in the neck and killing him. Tom runs away.

The End.wolf-clip-art-wolf-clip-art-8



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