The White Jaguar of the Amazon By Dr. Pelham Mead III (Movie Script)

THE WHITE JAGUAR OF THE AMAZON JUNGLE Written by Dr. Pelham Mead III THE WHITE JAGUAR OF THE AMAZON By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III ACT ONE- JOSE’ 1 DUARTE DE PRAAD 1 2 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- BRASILIA THE CAPITOL OF BRAZIL 2 The scene is the slums of Brasilia with houses stacked one on top of another and small alleys in between. On a crowded side street in the satellite city of Santa Maria 20 miles from Brasilia is a small local tire shop called RENATO’S LOJA DE PNEUS. JOSE’ Duarte De Praad is one of the tire installers, and repairmen in the small tire shop. FADE IN: CARLOS DE PALLO (30) Jose here are two more tires to put on this new Fiat 5000. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (30) I am backed up four jobs already Carlos. Have someone else to it, I am too busy. CARLOS DE PALLO It is for a local official JOSE’, who is very powerful and very rich. There will be a big tip for you, if you can rush his Fiat’s tires this morning. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD OK, I’ll do it, but had better make it worth while for me. Later that morning. CARLOS DE PALLO JOSE’ Mayor Albino de Costa is here for his Fiat. Is it done yet? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, it is finished. I will drive it out into the driveway for him to pickup. Antonio Albino de Costa is a local mayor of St. Maria and a short fat and bald man with a white shirt, Suspenders and baggy pants. He has a small mustache and very white skin. ANTONIO ALBINO DE COSTA (50) Thank you JOSE’ and here is a little something for you for rushing the tires for me. (Hands JOSE’ a handful of bills) JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Senior Albino de Costa. SENIOR ALBINO DE COSTA gets in his new fiat and drives off. Later that day JOSE’ finishes his last tire installation and is getting ready to leave the tire repair shop. JUAN CARLOS PNEUS JOSE’ have you got a minute? I need to speak with you. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD What is it this time Juan? JUAN CARLOS PNEUS JOSE’ as you know we are in financial difficulties here at the tire shop. I am behind in our bills and the landlord wants to raise the rent again. I am going to have to let you go along with some of the other tire installers because I cannot pay you at this time. I am so sorry. Maybe if we can get back on our feet, we can hire you back? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD After all I did for you Juan, now you fire me? You told me I would have a job forever. Take your job, and stick it up your ass. I am never coming back. 2. JOSE’ leaves slamming the door behind him as he leaves. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- EXT. DAY- JOB HUNTING 4 IN SANTA MARIA 4 The next day JOSE’ begins hunting for a new job after being laid off from the tire shop. FADE IN: JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Senior do you have any work in your metal recovery yard? RENATO DE JESUS (40) The economy is very bad JOSE’, I am not hiring now. Come back in a month or so. I am sorry. JOSE’ goes from store to store looking for a job with no luck. EDWARDO DE SILVA (35) I just hired a young man to help gather fruits and vegetables from local farmers yesterday. I am sorry I do not have any job openings JOSE’. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Christ, isn’t there anyone who is hiring in Santa Maria? JOSE’ returns home after a long, and hot day walking all over Santa Maria looking for a job. His mother is in the kitchen cooking some vegetables she grew in pots in the alley next to their shed/house. MARIA DUARTE DE PRAAD (62) You are home JOSE’. How did it go today son? Were you able to find a job? I am cooking a vegetable soup for us with no meat. I did not have enough money to buy chicken. 3. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD That is OK, Momma. So long as the soup is hot and tasty is all that matters. I had not luck today trying to find a new job. No one is hiring. MARIA DUARTE DE PRAAD Here try the soup and restore your energy. Maybe tomorrow you will find something? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD That is the best sou Momma. Tomorrow I will try looking for a job. FADE OUT. SCENE 3- EXT. DAY- CARLOS DE MANNOS’ 5 SHACK IN THE 5 ST. MARIA FAVELAS (SLUMS) JOSE’ goes to his friend Carlos’ shack near the favelas (slums) of Santa. Maria. FADE IN: JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Carlos, I have been laid off from my tire repair job, and I am looking for a new job. Do you know of any job openings in Santa Maria? CARLOS DE PALLO (28) JOSE’ , I just learned from a friend that many companies have struck gold in the Amazon rain forest, and are hiring miners to dig for the gold. I have decided to accept a job with a Gold Mining company and I hope you will come with me. They will pay for the air-taxi to fly us to the mines in Sao Joao do Caru. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I don’t know anything about mining Carlos. 4. CARLOS DE PALLO All you have to be able to do is dig in open pits. They do not dig tunnels, because it is too dangerous in the wet rain forests. If you can pick up a shovel you are ready to become a gold miner. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD It seems like an act of real desperation Carlos. Let me talk it over with my momma first. She deserves to know if I am leaving Brasilia. CARLOS DE PALLO I am leaving in five days JOSE’, so do not take long in deciding. Also only five miners can take the free air-taxi at a time. I hope you will come with me on this new adventure in the Amazon rain forest at the Kinross Gold mine near Paracutu. After we fly into Sao’ Joao de Caru’, we have to take a boat 230 kilometers to Paracutu deep in the Amazon rain forests. The pay is very good for panning gold, and digging pits. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I know, I know Carlos, everything is good but I have to make sure my momma is taken care of while I am away. I will ask some of my cousins to look in on her. Later that day Jose returns home. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Momma, I have good news. I have found a job working with Carlos. MARIA DUARTE DE PRAAD That is wonderful my son. Where will you be working? 5. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD In the Kinross Gold Mine, Momma in the Amazon rain forest near Paracutu. MARIA DUARTE DE PRAAD Gold mine! Oh JOSE’ it sounds very dangerous. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Do not worry momma. It is open pit gold panning, not tunnels deep in the earth. I am going to ask Margarete’, our cousin, to look in on you while I am away. I plan to sign a contract for just one year, momma. I will send you money every month, momma. Do not cry, it is the best I can do for now. Carlos will be with me, and we have been good buddies for many years. I will need to go to the Kinross Gold Mine offices today to make sure I get the air-taxi with Carlos to Sao’ Joao de Caru’ next week. I will be back for dinner momma. MARIA DUARTE DE PRAAD Be careful my son. I worry about you. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I will be fine momma. I will be back in a few hours. Jose leaves to go to the Kinross Gold Mining offices in downtown Brasilia via the local bus. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Excuse me is this the Kinross Gold Mining Offices? SECRETARY (20) Yes it is. How can I help you? 6. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I would like to sign up as a gold miner at the Paracutu mines in the Amazon rain forests. SECRETARY Excellent. Here are the contract papers to sign, and we have several air-taxi flights open next week. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I have a friend named Carlos de Pallo that has already signed up for gold mining, and he is scheduled to take an air-taxi next Friday. Can you schedule me on that flight with him? SECRETARY Sure, there is one seat left on that flight. I will reserve a seat for you to go with your friend Carlos. Bring only one bag with you for the plane can only handle a small amount of luggage. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure. I will be at the air-field next Friday. Have a good day. FADE OUT. SCENE 4- EXT. DAY- 6 BRASILIA AIR FIELD 6 The next Friday, Carlos and JOSE’ meet to travel together to the Brasilia air field twenty miles from their shacks. FADE IN: CARLOS DE PALLO JOSE’ your are looking well today. Are you excited? We are going to get rich panning for gold. 7. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I don’t like airplanes Carlos. They make me nervous. CARLOS DE PALLO You will be fine, my friend. Before you know it we will be landing and taking a boat to Paracutu Mine Fields. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Get on the plane Carlos. Enough of your talk. I just want to get this over with. ASSISTANT PLANE CAPTAIN (40) Tickets please. Please store your bags in the rear of the plane. Welcome aboard flight 105 to Sao Joao de Caru. Captain, all five passengers are aboard, and we are ready to take off. Please fasten your seat belts, and bring your seats to the full upright position. We will be departing shortly. The propellers rev up and the plane takes off with no problems. CARLOS DE PALLO Look at those beautiful clouds JOSE’. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD All I can think about are those propellers keep working. CARLOS DE PALLO Relax JOSE’, we will be in Sao’ Joao de Caru’ in less than an hour. I am excited. Have you flown before? Oh, I forgot, you said you had never flown before. It is my first flight too. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I just want this experience to be over soon. An hour later the plane arrives at Sao’ Joao de Caru airport, and Jose and Carlos depart the plane, and enter the small airport terminal. 8. CARLOS DE PALLO Excuse me sir. We are looking for the Kinross Gold Mine van to take us to the riverboat going to Paracutu mine fields. STRANGER I believe the Kinross Gold Mine van is just outside the front door of the terminal. It is gold and black. You cannot miss it. CARLOS DE PALLO Obrigado. Thank you sir. There is our van JOSE’. Let’s hurray before we miss it. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD How far up river is Paracutu? CARLOS DE PALLO About 230 kilometers JOSE’. It Will take several days to get there by power boat. We can buy some food on the power boat if you are hungry. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I have some bananas and dried meat in my bag to eat. Would you like to share a banana Carlos? CARLOS DE PALLO Thank you JOSE’. Oh, here we are at the docks already. Let’s get a good seat near the bow so we can see down the river. FADE OUT. SCENE 5- EXT. DAY- THE TRIP UP RIVER 8 TO KINROSS GOLD 8 MINES NEAR PARACUTU. Carlos and JOSE’ join twenty other miners on a steamboat heading to the Paracutu mines 230 kilometers up river from Sao’ Joao de Caru’. FADE IN: 9. CARLOS DE PALLO What a beautiful day on the river. See, there are many new miners heading to the Paracutu mines with us. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am more relaxed now than I was in the plane. I am glad the Kinross Mining company pays for all the travel expenses to get to the mines in the Amazon rain forest. Are there any piranha in the river? CARLOS DE PALLO Probably. Don’t go sticking your hand in the water my friend. (ha) JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Very funny Carlos. CARLOS DE PALLO Wake me when it is time to eat. I am going to take a nap. Already I am tired. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Good idea Carlos. I will do the same. Later in the early evening. CARLOS DE PALLO JOSE’ wake up they are stopping for fuel if you want to buy any food. I smell coffee being made on the ship. Would you like a cup? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, black with three teaspoons of sugar. Cane sugar if they have it. CARLOS DE PALLO They are done loading the fuel tanks and we should be leaving the dock soon. How is that coffee JOSE’? 10. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Strong but good. It woke me right up. CARLOS DE PALLO I spoke with some of the other miners and they come from all over Brazil to pan gold. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Really? Gold fever is everywhere I guess? I hope my mother is doing OK. The river is cool at night. I will need to take out a jacket and put it on. CARLOS DE PALLO We can sleep in the ship cabin on one of the benches. It is a lot warmer in there than out here on the deck. Jose and Carlos retreat into the ship cabin to sleep for the night. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD It is pretty noisy in here with all these miners. CARLOS DE PALLO They will quiet down when they get tired. The ship will run all night, and make another fuel stop tomorrow morning. I have some dried meat and bread if you want some. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I have the same in my bag too. Maybe we can buy some soda at the next river stop? The following morning as the sun is rising on the river, the ship makes it second stop for fuel, and JOSE’ and Carlos get off on the dock to purchased some soda and food. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) I bought some soda and dried fish for us Carlos. 11. CARLOS DE PALLO Good, I was getting tired of dried meat. I will go and buy two cups of coffee for us. A week later the steamship arrives at the docks in Paracutu where the Kinross Gold Mines are located. FADE OUT. CHAPTER TWO- THE KINROSS GOLD MINES 9 AT PARACUTU 9 IN THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST 10 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- THE OPEN MINE PITS OF THE KINROSS 10 GOLD MINING COMPANY. JOSE’ and Carlos first impression of the open pit gold mines in the Amazon rain forest. A vast mountain stripped of any trees, just stumps, pockmarked with holes everywhere filled with mud. At least a thousand miners are standing knee deep in these mud holes panning for gold. The heat and humidity is unbearable with the Amazon sun bearing down on the mountain. FADE IN: JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Well the mines are not quite what I expected. It looks more like a hill dug up by animals. What a muddy mess? Look at all the miners. There must be over 1,000 miners digging up this mountain. It looks like every nationality is represented here, Chinese, Portuguese, maroons, and blacks. CARLOS DE PALLO It has been raining for the past few days, which makes the mud even worse. We have to report to the pit bosses to find out where we will be assigned to dig, and pan for gold. We are all garimpeiros here JOSE’ and we might as well make the best of it. 12. ANTONIO CARLOS (50) PIT BOSS Welcome Gentlemen to the Kinross Gold Mines. What are your names? CARLOS DE PALLO JOSE’ Duarte De Praad, and Carlos De Pallo sir. ANTONIO CARLOS Good, I see you names on the list. Have you any experience in gold mining? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD No, we are both inexperienced, but willing to work hard to find gold. ANTONIO CARLOS I will assign both of you to pit bosses that have experienced gold miners that can show you how to mine for gold, and dig pits. Barriers have to be made of wood to prevent mud from washing into another miners barranco or gold panning pit. You will live in the barracks on any open bunk that you wish to use. You will be fed twice a day, morning, and evening. Each day you are to try, and meet a quota of gold found that day by panning for gold nuggets in your barranco. When you first start you will share with the other miners that are training you to encourage them to show you how to properly dig and pan for gold nuggets. I should warn you that if you are caught putting gold nuggets in your pocket you could be shot on the spot for this violation. Do you both understand this? 13. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes sir, we are both honest and hard workers, and we hope to earn our pit boss’ trust. ANTONIO CARLOS Put your bags in the bunk house, and meet me back here so I can introduce you to your pit bosses. CARLOS DE PALLO We will be right back. Ten minutes later. ANTONIO CARLOS Come let us take a walk to see the Kinross Gold mining pits. It is basically the side of a mountain that the gold vein runs through, and we dig small pits across the mountain, and fill the pits with water so that the gold can be panned out of the mud. Pit bosses are responsible for several pits, and their workers. They get a percentage of the gold taken out of these pits, and they share that with the miners that find the gold. If you produce nothing for the day, you will be sent to a new mining site as a punishment to dig your own new pits on untouched soil. CARLOS DE PALLO Wow, the mining field must be a half mile wide. Look how many pits are dug? There are men and women of all nationalities including maroons, half Indian and half negro, Chinese, posseiros, Portuguese and Brazilians all digging their own pits. It is truly a mud field which does not look anything like a gold mine. It is shocking how dirty and muddy everything is. I imagined rocky caves or tunnels in search o gold. 14. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Where do we get the shovels, pickaxes and gold pans from? I am eager to begin. ANTONIO CARLOS We will provide you with these tools and if you break them, you will pay for them out of your monthly pay. This is Juan De Villiar, and he is one of our pit bosses for the barrancos. Both of you will work for Juan De Villiar, and train with his miners to learn how to mine gold properly. Be careful not to flood another miners pit or there will be trouble. Juan will show you how to build a stick retaining wall to prevent your water and mud from seeping into another miners pit. JUAN DE VILLIAR (45) PITBOSS OK, here is a shovel and pickaxe, and a metal pan for each of you. I want you to observe Jesus, and Hernando while they dig pits, and flood their pit to pan for gold in the mud. Be careful not to fall into Jesus’ or Hernando’s barrancos. JESUS DE BACCA (30) PITBOSS You, (pointing to JOSE’) come with me to my barranco, and I will show you how to find gold. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD OK, I am coming. See you later Carlos. HERNANDO DE GINKO (40) I will take the other one (Pointing to Carlos) JESUS DE BACCA You will need rubber boots which you can buy from the company store. (MORE) 15. They help you from slipping and falling in your mud barranco. I have already dug a pit four feet deep, and carried a water bucket to fill the hole with. The lose soil I dug out is on the edge of the pit. Carefully, I slide the soil back into the water filled pit and sift the mud with my pan like this. It you do it right the gold is heavier than the dirt, and it will remain in your pan as you swish it around in the water in your pit. Here, watch me push the dirt back into the pit and pan through the dirt which turns to mud looking for gold nuggets. Your back will hurt the first day from bending over, but you will get used to it. As you work your pit you can make it wider and wider to allow you to pan more new dirt. Stay clear of the other miners pits most of all. Each pit boss is responsible for several miners and their barrancos and you do not want to make them angry, many carry shotguns. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I understand, and will try to learn as quickly as possible. Show me how to properly pan the mud and water and I will try to do the same. JESUS DE BACCA Technically we are mining on Government protected land set aside for the Awa’ Indians of the Amazon Rain Forest, however, we have a special permit from a politician in the capitol who was well paid, to work on Awa’ protected land. If you see any Awa’ Indians, warn your pit boss, because they are dangerous, and have been known to attack loggers and miners. That night Jose and Carlos reunite at the mess hall. JESUS DE BACCA (CONT’D) 16. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Carlos,, I can hardly stand up straight after bending over all day panning gold in my pit. I got kicked in the head many times by Jesus De Bacca, my pit boss. It is like working in a jail here Carlos. What have we gotten ourselves into here? CARLOS DE PALLO My day was just as bad. The other miners are very jealous of their barrancos. My back is killing me too from bending over all day. It is going to take some time to get used to this hard work. Did you find any gold JOSE’. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, one little gold nugget for hours of backbreaking work. I gave it to Jesus, and he did not seem impressed. I was excited to find some gold the first day, however. CARLOS DE PALLO Tomorrow is another day and we will have more luck I am sure. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, tomorrow is another day, Thank God. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- EXT. DAY- THE INGLORIOUS GOLD MINDS The sun rises the next day, and after coffee and bananas, Jose and Carlos head out into the gold mining pits to dig and pan for gold. FADE IN: CARLOS DE PALLO JOSE’ look at the size of this gold nugget. I just dug it up out of the mud in my barranco. Now I am getting excited. How are you doing over there? 17. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I managed to find several small gold nuggets in the mud. I have to get used to panning properly without losing nuggets by swirling the water to fast. I will see you tonight at dinner. JESUS DE BACCA You need to find more gold each day or you will make little money to survive on. Each month the Kinross company will deduct from your money what it cost them to feed you two times a day. Get your lazy posseiros asses to work. You are garimpeiros now, gold miners for the Kinross gold mine. Don’t look stupid at me. Get to work. And so the first month goes by, and both Carlos and JOSE’ have earned a large amount of gold based on the nuggets they found and shared with their pit bosses. FADE OUT. SCENE 3- EXT. DAY- THE PIT 11 BOSSES FROM HELL 11 All of the Pit Bosses are mean and abusive to the miners which Jose’ and Carlos soon find out. FADE IN: JESUS DE BACCA (Pit Boss) Jose’ what the hell is this mess? Your water is pouring into another miner’s hole. You need to put up a fence to hold the water bad you idiot. (Kicks Jose’ in the head). JUAN DE VILLIAR (Pit Boss) Carlos if you don’t find any gold today I am sending you to the other side of the mountain to start all over. You are a slow passeros, pick it up. (Hits Carlos on the head with a shovel). 18. ANTONIO CARLOS (Pit Boss) Jesus and Juan, your miners are falling behind in the gold quota. You need to push them harder. Once the rainy season starts it is going to get harder and harder to pan for gold with all the water running downhill. JESUS DE BACCA But Antonio, you give us these city men who have never mined in their lives and they are slow workers besides. Later that night during dinner. CARLOS DE PALLO Jose’ you have a swelling on your face. What happened? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Jesus my pit boss kicked me in the head. CARLOS DE PALLO Well Juan, my pit boss hit me with a shovel. Look at the cut in my scalp. These pit bosses are crazy. FADE OUT. ACT THREE- FUNAI HEADQUARTERS 12 IN SAO’ JOAO DE 12 CARU’ 13 SCENE 1- INT. DAY – OFFICE OF PETRIOLINO GARRETO (50) 13 FUNAI REPRESENTATIVE The FUNAI is the Brazilian governments agency that deals with the protection of the Awa’ Indian protected Amazon Rain forest land from settlers, loggers, Tazendeiros (rich ranchers), and illegal gold miners. FADE IN: 19. PETRIOLINO GARRETO (58) Jesus we have been ordered by the government to force the 400 plus settlers on Awa’ off protected land. Two hundred soldiers are coming into Sao’ Joao de Caru’ today to help us remove the settlers. Their sheds and homes are to be bulldozed and if they resist move they will be arrested. Tazendeiros are rich ranchers. JESUS DE LA ZUNI (40) Petriolino you know that the Tazendeiros will not allow us to move them off their land without a fight. They will go to their government friends, and use their money to bribe them to allow them to stay on Awa’ land. PETRIOLINO GARRETO I know, I know, but we have our orders, and we will have armed escorts provided by the Brazilian Army. There will not be any exceptions. JESUS DE LA ZUNI What about the illegal gold mines in Paracutu? PETRIOLINO GARRETO Technically they are illegally on Awa’ land, but they paid off some government official for a five year stay to allow them to grab all the gold they can with a percentage going to the government official. We cannot touch the Kinross Gold Mine for now. They are Canadian owned, and well connected with the Brazilian government with everyone receiving a portion of the gold proceeds amounting to millions. 20. JESUS DE LA ZUNI We have information that there is an Awa’ Indian village of 64 Indians less than five miles from the Paracutu mines. Do you think that is going to be a problem? PETRIOLINO GARRETO The Awa’ will stay away from the mines because they are afraid of catching White Man diseases which they have no resistance to, like mumps, measles and malaria. Inform the Army we are moving out in fifteen minutes to clear the 400 plus illegal settlers from the protected Awa’ land. JESUS DE LA ZUNI I will inform the commander to get the bulldozers ready, and all the soldiers will be provided with loaded rifles an shotguns in case there is any armed resistance. ARMY CORPORAL (35) Is Petriolino here? JESUS DE LA ZUNI He is busy right now Corporal. How can I help you? ARMY CORPORAL Can Petriolino speak Awa’? We don’t have any translators that can speak Awa’. JESUS DE LA ZUNI Petriolino does not speak Awa’. Os mitos deles so’ eles que sabem. ARMY CORPORAL I will tell my Commander that we do not have any Awa’ interpreters. The corporal leaves the FUNAI office to report to his commander who is 21. waiting outside. ARMY COMMANDER (60) Let’s move out. Follow my jeep. Each tazendeiros ranch that we come to we will inform them they have five minutes to evacuate the illegal site until the bulldozers flatten the buildings to a pile of rubble. The remains are to be burned. Any illegal madeireiros (loggers) found will be shot on the site with no warning. Ten minutes later 200 Army soldiers approach an illegal squatter’s ranch in the Amazon rain forest protected Awa’ land. ARMY COMMANDER (CONT’D) (Using a bull horn) Attencion’ you are squatting on Government protected Awa’ Indian land and you have five minutes to evacuate before we fatten your house into a pile of wood. A squatter comes running out of his house. SAMUEL SANDANISTA (40) SQUATTER Please, this is our house. We did not know this was protected land. Stop this immediately. Run Juanita and Maria or they will kill us all. Grab your bags. ARMY COMMANDER Corporal, give the orders to flatten that house immediately. If they refuse to leave have them all arrested and put in chains. CORPORAL (30) Yes, Sir. Move the bulldozers. Take the house down 22. A woman and three children inside the house flee into the nearby woods along with the father Samuel Sandanista. Fifteen minutes later the soldiers are burning the pile of wood that was once a small house and barn. ARMY COMMANDER Burn it all. We will break up into small companies with bull dozers with each company, so that we can evict all 400 settlers and ranchers. Loggers will be shot on the spot if found cutting down trees. CORPORAL It is going to take us several days to evict four hundred illegal settlers Commander. ARMY COMMANDER I know Corporal, but we have our orders. Next squatter’s house is a mile away from the first. ARMY COMMANDER (CONT’D) You are ordered to evacuate your illegal housing immediately. This is an order from the government of Brazil, and if you refuse to obey, we will have you arrested an placed in jail with your entire family. SQUATTER#2 (40) Please this is all we have. Do not wreck our home. My wife and children have no where else to live. ARMY COMMANDER Leave now or be arrested or shot for resisting arrest. Corporal order the bulldozers to flatten the house. SQUATTER#2 Please I beg you. I am not leaving. You will have to kill me first. 23. ARMY COMMANDER Sergeant, arrest that man and his family and put them in handcuffs. Drop the building now. SERGEANT (35) You are under arrest. If you resist you and your family will be shot to death. Put your arms behind your back. Corporal place this family in handcuffs including the two children and the wife along with the father. SQUATTER#2 Maria, run for your lives and take the children and the dog. CORPORAL Yes, sir. You are under arrest. Let the family run away and hide in the woods. Eventually, they will go back to the cities. After dropping twenty houses that day the Army comes across illegal loggers in the forest cutting down mahogany. The Army commander sends the Sergeant ahead with a small patrol to arrest the illegal loggers or shoot them. SERGEANT Quiet, do you hear the chain saws n the forest? Load your rifles men. PRIVATE (19) Sergeant, I see three men loading a cut tree into a truck over there the other side of the high bushes. SERGEANT Proceed quietly and with caution, they may be armed. Stop, put your hands in the air. You are illegally cutting down trees on government protected Awa’ land. Do not move or we will shoot. 24. CORPORAL Sergeant, they are running away. What should we do? SERGEANT Shoot to kill men. There are three of them. Let’s get them now. Use the trees for cover. PRIVATE I just hit one of them. He is on the ground. SERGEANT Corporal take two men, and flank them on the right. We will cover you with ground fire. CORPORAL Yes, sir, come on men. The Corporal flanks the loggers and comes up behind them hiding behind their logging truck. CORPORAL (CONT’D) Drop you guns or we will shoot. LOGGER #1 Go to hell. CORPORAL Shoot them men. All three loggers are shot and killed. SERGEANT Commander we had to shot all three of them. They refused to surrender. ARMY COMMANDER Good, throw the bodies into the back of one of our trucks, and set fire to their logging truck. At the end of the day back at the Army headquarters 25. ARMY GENERAL (60) How did it go today Commander? ARMY COMMANDER We had to shoot and kill three illegal loggers, and we flattened and evicted 24 illegal settlers. We should be able to finish the sweep tomorrow sir if we don’t run into any armed resistance. ARMY GENERAL Good job Commander. The FUNAI agency will be happy with the results. Until tomorrow Commander, get some food, and rest, and have one of your men gas up the bull dozers for tomorrow. FADE OUT. CHAPTER FOUR- THE 14 JURITI AWA’ MASSACRE 14 15 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- KINROSS GOLD MINE NEAR 15 PARACUTU After six month at the Kinross Gold mines JOSE’ and Carlos became part of the garimpeiros or gold miners, and were making good money each day finding gold nuggets in mud pits along the side of a mountain in the Amazon rain forests. FADE IN: PEDRO DE SLAVAS (22) JOSE’ have you see any of those malandros Indians around the mines lately. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD You mean the Awa’ Indians? PEDRO DE SLAVAS Yes, they are sneaky, lazy and good for nothing and they will steal anything they can find. (MORE) 26. Keep an eye out of them, and if you see them lurking around the mines or the bunk house tell your pit boss. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thanks for the information Pedro. My friend Carlos, and I will be on the lookout. How long have you been here mining for gold Pedro? PEDRO DE SLAVAS I have been here almost two years now. It is hard work, but I am getting rich sending money home to my family. CARLOS DE PALLO JOSE’ and I have been here for about six months, and we have found a lot of gold nuggets in our barrancos. We are lucky to have two good pit bosses that are fair to us. Will we see you at dinner tonight Pedro? PEDRO DE SLAVAS Sure we will meet tonight and have some drinks afterward. Later that night at the mess hall Pit Boss Jesus De Bacca makes an announcement. JESUS DE BACCA, PIT BOSS Garimpeiros, we have a problem. Someone has been stealing food from the kitchen, and chickens in their pens have also disappeared. I have spoken with the other pit bosses, and we think it is the malandros Awa’ Indians. Has anyone seen any Awa’ Indians around the mine or camp area? PEDRO DE SLAVAS (CONT’D) 27. CARLOS SAN LAPEL (PIT BOSS) We need to stop these malandros indians. They are taking our food supplies. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Let us all be on the look-out for these sneaky Indians. Meanwhile, let’s all have a drink of whiskey to celebrate a good day of finding gold nuggets. ANTONIO ALBINO DE COSTA (PIT BOSS) Have another drink my garimperiros. We are gold miners now and rich. After several hours of heavy drinking, everyone is drunk. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (40) MAROON Another drink for me. I know where there is an Awa’ village near here. I saw them a week ago fishing on the river. Maroons are a mixed race of black slaves and Brazilian Indians. ANTONIO ALBINO DE COSTA Let’s get our shot guns, and machetes, and raid this Awa’ village to teach them a lesson not to steal from us gold miners. We are garimpeiros, and will not stand for the sneaky Awa’ Indians stealing from us. Garimpeiros, grab your shot guns, and machetes, and let’s raid that village in the middle of the night. CARLOS DE PALLO Yeah, we must stop these thieves now. Come on JOSE’ let’s grab our machetes and march together on the Awa’ village. JESUS DE BACCA, PIT BOSS Get your shot guns, and machetes, and we will teach these Awa’ Indians a lesson. (MORE) 28. Let’s go now. Let’s get in the trucks and drive to their village, and surprise them with a raid. So all the drunk gold miners armed with shot guns and machetes follow the Maroon, Philipe to the Awa’ village. They all load up the mining company trucks, and head for the Awa’ village four miles away from the mines. It is about 1:00 a.m. in the morning. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Quiet, we are approaching the Awa’ village. Be careful not to wake the dogs or they will bark and alert the village. The Awa’ arrows are poisonous, and they have blow guns that are also poisonous. Load your shot guns men. JESUS DE BACCA, PIT BOSS Let’s kill those malandros. Shoot to kill. Spare no one. Kill, kill…… Shot guns begin firing everywhere in the night and screams are heard from woman and children Awa’ Indians. CARLOS DE PALLO JOSE’ look out behind you, duck. There is an Awa’ Indian with a machete. I got him with a swift cut to the neck. Are you all right JOSE’. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, I am fine. Damm those Indians. They are dangerous. I killed ten Indians already. It is a real rush killing men, and women, and children. We are teaching them a good lesson not to steal from us. After all, they are just savages anyway. JESUS DE BACCA, PIT BOSS Take this you sneaky Indian. (Jesus fires his shot gun point blank range at a male Awa’ Indian cutting him in half). Oh, my god this is fun. JESUS DE BACCA, PIT BOSS (CONT’D) 29. PEDRO DE SLAVAS Reload your guns men. Keep shooting. They have wounded several of our men with arrows already. Run for the trucks. JESUS DE BACCA, PIT BOSS Back to the trucks fellow garimpeiros. We have done enough damage for one night. Run quickly. Set fire to their huts too. Hurray. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD An arrow went through my shirt, but missed hitting my arm Carlos. Run back to the trucks. These Awa’ are dangerous. CARLOS DE PALLO Come on JOSE’ get in the truck with me. We are heading back to the mines where we will be safe behind the barb wire fence. We did plenty of damage to the Awa’. Look at the bodies dead on the ground everywhere. What a slaughter? Gives me chills. As the miners return to the gold mine camp the wounded miners are carried off to the clinic. JESUS DE BACCA, PIT BOSS The wounded are in the clinic, and anyone with a poisonous arrow wound has already died. We lost nine miners already. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Did you hear that Carlos? Nine miners were killed by those Indian bastards. CARLOS DE PALLO I am afraid tomorrow we will sober up, and realize what we did this night, and that realization will be a frightening event. I am beginning to sober up, and I am shaking from the realization that I killed men, women, and children tonight. (MORE) 30. Look at me, I have blood all over my clothes and face. Am I a monster JOSE’? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD It is OK Carlos. We were drunk and things got out of control. It is not your fault. Now we are killers, and we must live with that. The corporation will cover this all up in the end anyway. It will be as if it never happened. The FUNAI will never learn what really happened. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- INT. DAY- THE DINING HALL OF KINROSS GOLD MINE The next morning all the pit bosses and miners realized what they had done the night before, but no one spoke about it. Somehow the word got out to the Kinross Gold Mine executives, and a Vice President was sent to the Gold mining camp to inquire what happened before the Brazilian government took action against the mine. FADE IN: JOHN MCSWAIN (50) KINROSS GOLD MINES CANADIAN VICE PRESIDENT Jesus, I have traveled almost a whole day to find out what happened last night at a nearby Awa’ protected Indian village. JESUS DE BACCA We were all drunk Mr. McSwain, and things got out of hand. Awa’ Indians were stealing our chickens and food, and we went to teach them a lesson. JOHN MCSWAIN You taught them a lesson all right. You killed 50 Awa’ men, women and children with shotguns and machetes. Some were reported beheaded. CARLOS DE PALLO (CONT’D) (MORE) 31. Have you lost your mind? If the Brazilian government’s FUNAI agency learns of this, they could close the mine down. JESUS DE BACCA I am sorry, we were drunk. JOHN MCSWAIN That isn’t going to cut it with the government officials. We are going to have to bribe a lot of officials to bury this story. We will blame it on another Amazon native tribe having a dispute with the Awa’ tribe. You are going to have to take a few trucks, and go back to the village, and burn all the bodies, and burn down the village. Then, take the bull dozers and flatten the entire site, and leave no trace of any Awa’ village. Do you understand me Jesus? JESUS DE BACCA Yes, Mr. McSwain. I will tell the other pit bosses what we need to do, and we will take twenty men, trucks and bulldozers to make the Awa’ village disappear as if it never existed to begin with. JOHN MCSWAIN That is right Jesus, and if any government officials show up keep them out of the mine and direct them to the Kinross Main Offices in Brasilia. Tell all the miners not to mention this incident to anyone, even amongst themselves. This never happened. JESUS DE BACCA I will get on it immediately Mr. McSwain. JOHN MCSWAIN I will be back in a month to make sure things are running smoothly. JOHN MCSWAIN (CONT’D) (MORE) 32. If not, you and all the other pit bosses will be replaced. Do you understand me Jesus? JESUS DE BACCA Yes, I understand completely. What about the dead miners Mr. McSwain? JOHN MCSWAIN We will notify miners families that they died in a mining accident, and send them a final check to cover funeral expenses and their loss. Back at the mines. JOSE DUARTE DE PRAAD Carlos did you hear that a VP from Kinross Mining company was here today? CARLOS DE PALLO We have been told not to ever mention the incident from last night to one another or anyone outside the mining camp. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD It sounds like a cover-up to me. CARLOS DE PALLO Maybe, but just the same keep your mouth shut or they might find your body floating down the local river face down. FADE OUT. 17 ACT FIVE- THE JAGUAR 17 JOHN MCSWAIN (CONT’D) 33. SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- TOCANTINS RIVER 18 NEAR THE KINROSS 18 GOLD MINE Jose’, on his day off from the mines is sifting for gold at a nearby river called the Tocantins river. Any gold he finds on his own is his to keep so long as it is not on Kinross mine land. FADE IN: CARLOS DE PALLO Where are you going on your day off Jose’? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am going panning for gold in the igarapes.(Little Streams). I will be back by dinner time. I have to walk upstream a few miles to find a smaller river to pan for gold. CARLOS DE PALLO Be careful Jose’ there are a lot of wild animals in the jungle, and Awa’ Indians looking for revenge. Several hours later near a local stream. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (Speaking out loud) I have been panning this river for over an hour now, and found not one single nugget of gold. The river’s current is too swift to be able to sift the sand. Perhaps I should quit, and go back to the mining camp, and just rest on my day off? What was that noise? A strange growling sound comes from the trees overhead along the banks of the river. Before Jose’ can react a Jaguar leaps out of the tree and attacks him. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Help. Someone help. A Jaguar is trying to kill me. 34. The Jaguar bites Jose on the arm and leg. He throws some stones at it to force it to go away but the Jaguar smells blood, and attacks Jose’ leg again. He tries to kick the animal off shouting in pain. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Help, get back. God save me. Nearby in the jungle an Awa’ Indian is hunting howler monkeys with his bow and arrows when he hears Jose’ screaming for help. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (Thinking to himself) I hear white man crying out. Should I look further? Ahhh it is the jaguar spirit taking revenge on the white man. Should I let the jaguar spirit kill the white man or should I kill the jaguar? I hate the white man, but I cannot let him die uselessly in the jungle. Give me strength, I will shoot the jaguar with my poison arrow. Maybe my aim will be true? Chief Awa’ Pray Amma Awa shoots his poisonous arrow straight into the neck of the jaguar, who falls backward, convulses and dies on the spot. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (60) (CONT’D) (Running over to Jose’) White man stay still. (The Awa’ Indian pulls the arrow out of the jaguars neck, and cuts his neck with his knife. ) You bleeding. I fix. Stay still white man. I wrap leg and arm with cloth. I pray to the Jaguar spirit for allowing me to take his life. Come, I take you to my canoe. We go. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I cannot stand up. Who are you? I think I am going to faint. My vision is blurring. It that my blood all over the ground? 35. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Come we go (Chief Awa’ Pray’ lifts Jose’ up and helps drag him to the canoe in the river) Thirty minutes later, the canoe with Jose’ bleeding badly, approaches the dock near the mining camp. Chief Awa’ Pray helps Jose’ to get out of the canoe and lays him on the dock, and then the Chief disappears back into the forest. Minutes later a miner notices Jose’ bleeding to death on the dock. MINER (30) (Seeing Jose’ bleeding to death by the side of the river he calls for help) HELP, I have someone here bleeding to death. Come quick. Four miners come running and help to pick up Jose’, and take him to the clinic. A Nurse there begins to wrap his wounds. NURSE (40) What happened? It looks like an animal attacked him. Did anyone see an animal? My God it is going to take a miracle to stop all this bleeding. Someone hold him on the table. Get me some water please, and towels. What is your name? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Name Jose’ (coughing up blood) . Jaguar. NURSE Do we have a miner named Jose’? He must have been attacked by a jaguar? Someone go to the pit bosses, and ask if they know of a miner named Jose’. I have got to stop all this bleeding. He will definitely need stitches too. These wounds are all open to the bone. An hour later Jose’ is sedated, and Carlos learns that Jose is in the clinic and comes to learn what happened. Jose’ is unconscious and under a sedative. 36. NURSE (CONT’D) Do your know this man? Is he a miner? CARLOS DE PALLO My name is Carlos de Pallo, and this is my friend, and fellow miner Jose’ Duarte De Praad. What happened to him? NURSE We think he was attacked by a Jaguar or some other animal. CARLOS DE PALLO He was supposed to be panning for gold a few miles from here. How did he get back to the camp? NURSE No one knows. He was found by a miner bleeding to death on the river dock. That is all I know. CARLOS DE PALLO Jose’ can you hear me? NURSE He is unconscious. We bandaged him as best we could, and stitched up his open wounds. I also gave him an antibiotic in case of infection. Now we just have to wait and see, if he recovers. He had some terrible bite wounds that were deep to the bone. CARLOS DE PALLO This is all my fault. I should have gone with him. NURSE Come back tomorrow to see if he is recovering. 37. CARLOS DE PALLO Thank you Nurse. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- INT. DAY KINROSS 19 GOLD MINE CLINIC 19 The next day Carlos returns to check on Jose’ condition. FADE IN: CARLOS DE PALLO Nurse, how is my friend Jose’ doing? NURSE Same as yesterday. He is still unconscious. You can visit him if you want. CARLOS DE PALLO Thank you Nurse. Jose’ can you hear me? It is Carlos your buddy. Come on buddy, wake up please. He is not responding. NURSE He may be like this for several days because his body is in extreme shock. CARLOS DE PALLO I will come back tomorrow, and everyday until he recovers. I was the one who talked him into becoming a gold miner. NURSE I am sorry. The next day Carlos returns. CARLOS DE PALLO Nurse, has Jose’ improved yet? 38. NURSE He has shown some improvement. His blood pressure has improved, and his heart beat is normal. He should regain consciousness soon. CARLOS DE PALLO Jose’ I am back. Speak to me Jose’. Wake up please. Come on buddy you can do it. Will he ever recover? I will be back again tomorrow. The third day Carlos returns. CARLOS DE PALLO (CONT’D) How is Jose’ doing today Nurse? NURSE His eye lids fluttered. He is trying to come out of the coma. CARLOS DE PALLO Jose’ it is me, Carlos. Can you hear me? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Carlos (spoken slowly and drawn out) CARLOS DE PALLO Nurse, he spoke my name. Squeeze my hand Jose’. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (Jose squeezes Carlos’ hand and smiles) CARLOS DE PALLO I think he is coming out of it. Thank you sweet Jesus. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Where am I? CARLOS DE PALLO You are in the mining camp clinic. 39. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD What happened? CARLOS DE PALLO You were attacked by a wild animal, like a jaguar. It almost killed you by the look of your deep wounds. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Now I remember, I was panning for gold and I heard a growling noise, and the next thing I know a jaguar was biting my leg. CARLOS DE PALLO Then it was a jaguar that attacked you. How did you manage to escape, and get back to the mining camp? You didn’t have a canoe, yet some miners found you on the boat dock. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I don’t remember. My mind is a complete blank. CARLOS DE PALLO You don’t remember. You must be kidding. You almost bled to death. Someone must have helped you. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD All I remember is the jaguar attacking me and the pain. I must have blacked out. I am confused Carlos, let me rest. CARLOS DE PALLO It is good that you have recovered my friend. I will come to see you everyday until you are released from the clinic. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I need to sleep now. I feel very tired. It is good to see you Carlos. 40. NURSE Let him rest for now, he is tired. Come back tomorrow and he will be better able to talk. CARLOS DE PALLO See you tomorrow my friend. FADE OUT. Jose’ remained in the hospital for a month before his deep wounds healed. FADE IN: CARLOS DE PALLO (CONT’D) Jose’ it is time for you to be released from the clinic. You have been here for a month and the Nurse feels you have healed well. Come I will wheel you out in a wheelchair. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Carlos. You have been a good friend. It will be good to get out in the open air. CARLOS DE PALLO Let’s go Jose’. I have a jeep waiting to take you to the barracks. You can sit up there, and relax as you recover from your wounds. Do you remember who saved your life yet? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD No Carlos. I have no memory other than the jaguar trying to kill me. My mind went blank. CARLOS DE PALLO It is OK. Maybe you will remember in time. FADE OUT. 20 ACT SIX- MAKING AMENDS 20 41. SCENE 1- EXT. DAY – 21 KINROSS GOLD MINES 21 After two months of recovery from the jaguar attack Jose’ returns to work at the gold mine. CARLOS DE PALLO Jose’ it is good to have you back in the gold pits. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, I have fallen behind in my payments to my mother. She must be worrying about me? I hope I find a lot of gold nuggets today. CARLOS DE PALLO Has you memory come back to you? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Not really my mind is a blank. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) I have to get back to mining. CARLOS DE PALLO See you tonight at the dining hall Jose’ A month later Jose’ returns to work at the mines. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Carlos, I have had a lot of dreams and they are all about something black like the jaguar stalking me. When ever I hear a strange sound. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Every night I think there is the black jaguar watching me. I cannot get the black symbol out of my mind. CARLOS DE PALLO You should have gone home instead of going back to mining. (MORE) 42. Try to fight the image of the black jaguar. Maybe in time it will fade away? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am going down to Paracutu to get some supplies Do you want to come Carlos? CARLOS DE PALLO No, I am too busy Jose’. Just be careful and take your shotgun, just in case. Jose’ takes a jeep ride with a miner to the local town. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am looking for a maroon named Phillipe De Canade to take me upriver. Are you Phillipe? PHILLIPE DE CANADE (44) Yes, Sir I can paddle you upriver. Where do you want to go? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD To the Awa’ village near here. Do you know where the Awa’ village is located? PHILLIPE DE CANADE I saw a village next to the river a month ago about five miles upriver. I can take you there for money. The Awa’ are not friendly to white men you know? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD How about a small gold nugget? I panned this myself on my day off. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Gold is good. Get in the boat miner. It is a big risk trying to talk with the Awa’. CARLOS DE PALLO (CONT’D) 43. Two hours later an Indian village appeared on the side of the river as they paddled around a bend in the river. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) That is the village over there miner. You must be careful for they do not allow white people into their villages for fear of white man’s disease. I will go and talk for you. What do you want to tell the chief? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Tell them I come in peace with gifts to thank the Awa’ warrior that saved my life from a jaguar. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Chief Awa’ Pray- Ama-Awa’, I am Phillipe and I come in peace on behalf of the white miner in my boat. He wishes to thank the Awa’ warrior that saved his life from a jaguar. He brings gifts to than the warrior and his family. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ No white man here in this village. He must go now. Jaguar is a great spirit to the Awa’. Go now. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’ the Chief says you cannot enter the village. They fear white man diseases. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Can I leave the gifts anyway? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Chief Away-Pray, can the white man leave the gifts he brought anyway? CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Leave gifts and go now. 44. PHILLIPE DE CANADE The Chief says you can leave the presents, but you must go now. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD OK, Phillipe here are the packages of gifts tobacco, and food for the village. Tell the Chief, thanks for one of his warriors saving my life. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Jaguar very sacred to the Awa’, and Awa’ never kill the Jaguar for his spirit will haunt the village forever. PHILLIPE DE CANADE It is time to leave they are getting impatient. Get in the canoe, and start paddling before they let loose with poisonous arrows. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Too bad we came all this way only to be turned away. FADE OUT. ACT SEVEN- WHITE MAN’S DISEASE 22 STRIKES THE AWA’. 22 23 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- THE KINROSS GOLD MINES. 23 Six months later Jose’ has forgotten about the Awa’, and is making lots of money panning gold in the Kinross gold mine pits. CARLOS DE PALLO Jose’ soon our first year will be over. Are you going to sign up for another year contract to pan gold or are you going home? 45. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I have decided to stay another year and save as much money as I can from gold panning. CARLOS DE PALLO Good, then I am going to do the same. ANTONIO CARLOS (PIT BOSS) Jose’ there is a maroon by the name of Phillipe here to see you. Do you want to see him? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, I know him. Let him in. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’ it has been a long time since I have seen you. I have come with a confidential message for you. It there somewhere where we can talk privately? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Sure, follow me back to the small room at the back of the barracks. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’, the Chief of the Awa’ tribe told me that his youngest daughter Kakware’ Awa’ is very ill from white man’s disease, and is dying. He would not ask for help because the Chief is proud, but I knew you might be able to help her. What I saw she seems to have malaria, and that is curable with quinine. Do you have quinine at the Gold mine clinic? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I believe so because many men come down with malaria working in the mud and water all the time with mosquitos biting them constantly. 46. PHILLIPE DE CANADE If you want to learn who really saved your life from the jaguar, this is your chance. If you can borrow some quinine I will take you to the village, no charge. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Come back in two days Phillipe, and I will see what I can do for the little Awa’ girl. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Thank you Jose’. I will return in two days. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you for coming Phillipe. The night Jose’s sneaks into the clinic and with a small pen knife he breaks into a medicine cabinet and steals several vials of quinine. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) This small pen knife should pick the medicine cabinet easily. Let me see, there it is. Suddenly a Nurse appears down the hall. NURSE Who’s there. Is there someone there? Hello. I guess I imagined hearing something. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I had better crawl out of here quietly so I don’t get caught. Back at the barracks Jose’ hides the quinine under his pillow. Two days later Phillipe returns. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’ are you there? 47. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, Phillipe I am behind the mess hall, back here. Be quiet. I have the quinine. Are you ready to take me to the village? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Yes, but we have to leave right away because we only have a few hours of daylight left. Come with me to my canoe down on the river. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD OK, you lead the way. PHILLIPE DE CANADE The Awa’ have moved further inland into the Amazon rain forest again, but I know where their village is located. Two hours later. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD How much further? PHILLIPE DE CANADE It should only be another mile or so up the river. There it is around the bend. They arrive at the Awa’ beach and pull their boat up on the sand. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) Chief Awa’ Pray, I have brought the white man miner with white man medicine to cure your youngest daughter who suffers from white man’s disease. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Welcome Phillipe. Have you brought the medicine? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Yes, the white man known as Jose’ has the medicine with him. (MORE) 48. Will you let him in the village to give the medicine to your youngest daughter? CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Yes, the white man is welcome with white man’s medicine. If he saves my daughter’s life we will be friends. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Hello Chief Awa Pray. My name is Jose’. I have medicine that will cure your daughter’s disease. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ You come now. See daughter. Kakware’Awa’. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Here Kakware take this, and drink slowly. She will need to take the quinine every eight hours the first two days and then once a day. Can you explain that to the Chief, Phillipe? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Sure, I can speak a little Awa’ language. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Good. Then we are done here. I recognize the Chief. Was he the one that saved my life from the jaguar? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Let me ask him. Yes, he says he had to take the life of the jaguar spirit to allow your spirit to live. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Tell him I am most grateful and I am sure his daughter will recover from white man’s disease called malaria. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) 49. PHILLIPE DE CANADE He wants you to have an Awa’ home made bow and some arrows to have for bringing the medicine for his daughter. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Tell the Chief, thank you. We need to get going back to the mining camp before dark and before the other miners realize that I am not at the mess hall. Good bye. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Let’s get in the canoe and paddle out of here. Two hours later Phillipe and Jose’ arrive back at the gold mining camp. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Phillipe’, now I know who saved my life and it was the Chief of the Awa’ tribe no less? Thank you for letting me know about the chief’s daughter getting sick. Now maybe we can visit more often? PHILLIPE DE CANADE You always know where to find me downtown. Take care Jose? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I have to run to make dinner or someone will realize I am missing. Bye for now. Jose’ returns to the mess hall just in time for dinner. CARLOS DE PALLO There you are. Where have you been all day? Your pit boss noticed you were missing. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I was feeling sick and went back to the bunk to take a nap. 50. CARLOS DE PALLO Hope you are not getting sick. Did you hear someone broke into the clinic medicine cabinet the other night? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD No, really? What would they do that for? Maybe someone is selling drugs on the black market? FADE OUT. ACT EIGHT- FROM MORTAL ENEMY 24 TO FRIEND OF THE 24 AWA’ 25 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- FISHING ON THE TOCANTINS RIVER 25 Jose’ returns to the Awa’ village with Phillipe the Maroon to interpret, and the men do him the honor of taking him fishing with them. Off in the distance a back woodpecker with a red headdress and white cheeks is making a loud drilling sound in the rain forest. FADE IN: JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Chief Awa’ Pray I have come back with my maroon friend Phillipe to spend time with my Awa’ friends. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Chief Awa’ Pray welcomes friend Jose’, and Phillipe. Awa’ men will do Jose’, and Phillipe’ the honor of taking them fishing with them. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Tell Chief Awa’ Pray that I am grateful for the honor of fishing with the Awa’ men. Jose’, Phillipe and Chief Awa’ Pray walk across the village to the dugout canoes on the river bend. 51. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Phillipe, I notice that many of the Awa’ women and children have animal pets of all kinds, monkeys, birds and even wild pigs. Why is that? PHILLIPE DE CANADE They like all animals as pets and they are young animals they are raised as one of the family. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD That is strange. I see they all sleep in hammocks in mud brick homes. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Yes, the ground is to wet to sleep on so they sleep in hammocks where it is dry. The homes are called Iraha’ and are made of bavacu fonds on the roofs to protect against the constant rain. Come let’s get into a canoe and go fishing with the Awa’ men. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD How do they fish Phillipe’? PHILLIPE DE CANADE They use nets and spears as you will see. The Awa’ men get into the dugout canoes and they travel up the river in search of good fishing areas. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) Quiet. One of the Awa’ men has signaled to stop. Watch as they throw out a net, and drag it across the width of the river. Once they catch some fish they will either spear them while in the water or pull the net into the boats, and then spear the fish to put them into the dugout canoes. 52. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Amazing. They really have it down to a science. How long do we have to wait to see if they catch any fish? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Not long as you can see the fish are already jumping out of the water as the net traps them from swimming down the river. Now the canoes will drag the net a little way upriver and then haul the net in. See the Awa’ men with the spears. They are going to spear the fish as they haul in the net to the canoes. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Wow, look at all those fish. There must be hundreds of them. What about piranha? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Fortunately, there are no piranha in this branch of the river. Look at all the fish they have speared. Do you want to try spearing one? Takwarenochia the Awa’ is offering you a spear. TAKWARENOCHIA (50) AWA’ (In sign language, holding the spear up in the air and pointing to Jose’) PHILLIPE DE CANADE He wants you to take the spear, and try spearing the fishing. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Tell him thank you, and I will try using the spear. How do you hold it, like this? Ahhhh I missed. PHILLIPE DE CANADE The Awa’ are all laughing at you Jose’. Try again. You can do it. 53. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I got one. It is not as easy as it looks. After the nets is hauled in the Awa’ paddle back toward the village. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Some of the younger Awa’ boys are getting off on the shore to go look for honey. Watch how they do it. They will look for a Sapopema tree with a bee nest at the top. They will climb up the tree, and bring down the nest with the honey in it. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD They are going to climb up that high sapopema tree? Not for me. How do they prevent the bees from stinging them? PHILLIPE DE CANADE I am not completely sure, but I think they rub some kind of material that repels the bees on all their body. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Really? That is amazing. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Another tree that has bees living in it is an Inari tree with Tibu Bees. The bees build their nest in the hollow of an Inari tree and it is easier to dig them out. We are back at the village now. Grab your fish, and let’s watch how the Awa’ smoke their fish so that it will not go bad. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Here comes Chief Awa’ Pray. PHILLIPE DE CANADE The Chief says you did well fishing, for a white man. 54. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD That sounds like a left handed compliment Phillipe. (Laughing) PHILLIPE DE CANADE Maybe so Jose? (Laughing). The Chief wants you to stay for some queixado that they caught yesterday and roasted all night over a fire. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD What is a queixado? PHILLIPE DE CANADE A queixado is a wild pig. They are really good eating when cooked slowly for hours. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Tell the Chief, I accept his invitation for both of us to stay for dinner of quexado. PHILLIPE DE CANADE He is glad his youngest daughter recovered from white man’s disease thanks to your white man’s medicine. KORAIN’ AWA’ (18) OLDEST DAUGHTER OF CHIEF (In sign language) You like queixado? PHILLIPE DE CANADE This is Korain’ Awa’ the oldest daughter of the Chief. She is offering you some cooked queixado, and asking if you like it? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Tell Korain’ Awa’ I like queixado very much. Thank you. She is beautiful woman Phillipe with firm young breasts that stick out and I have to keep looking away for fear she will see my lust. 55. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Tell Chief Awa’ Pray that I was glad to help and to repay him for saving my life from the jaguar. Phillipe’ what is the language the Awa’ people speak? PHILLIPE DE CANADE I think it is called Tupi-Kawahib. I first learned it from my mother who was an Awa’ native. My father was a runaway black slave. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD That explains why others call you a maroon. What else do the Awa’ eat in terms of animals? PHILLIPE DE CANADE They eat turtles, Howler monkeys, birds, and even alligators if they can kill one. The madeireiros or loggers chase a lot of the game away when they cut down trees illegally in the Awa’ protected land. This young Awa’ boy is named Piree’ Awa’. He wants to touch your white skin. Is that alright with you? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Of course. I guess they haven’t see many white man around here? PIREE’ AWA’ (15) (Reaches out to touch Jose’ skin) Tocar? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Takware has never seen a white man and that must seem strange to you. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, I guess. These Awa’ live a hidden life style away from the white man who destroys their forest and game. (MORE) 56. The wild pig is very tasty. Thank the Chief for me Phillipe. PHILLIPE DE CANADE I thanked the Chief for both of us, and told him we have to leave now to paddle back to the white man’s gold mines. We need to leave now or we will be paddling in the dark and I do not want to be on the river at night Jose’. I think Korain’ has an interest in you. Perhaps you can talk more with her on your next visit? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Well let’s get going Phillipe. Say good bye to the Awa’ for me. Jose’ and Phillip paddle back to the gold mine camp over 3 hours away. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- EXT. DAY KINROSS 26 GOLD MINE PITS 26 Jose’ and Carlos along with hundreds of other miners are digging pits and flooding them with water so they can pan for gold nuggets as they do everyday. FADE IN: JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Carlos how is your panning coming along? Did you find any gold nuggets today? CARLOS DE PALLO No, it has been slow today and pit boss Antonio is getting all over my back. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) 57. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yeah, Antonio is the pit boss from hell. He has a real temper too. He hit me with a shovel once when I was not digging fast enough for him. I have been considering not signing up for another year here at the mine fields. CARLOS DE PALLO I thought you and I agreed to sign up for another year? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Things have changed for me, and I am loosing interest in gold mining. CARLOS DE PALLO What will you do for a living? How will you make money to send to your mother Jose’? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am thinking of going out on my own, and panning for gold in the rivers further into the Amazon river forest. CARLOS DE PALLO But that is protected Awa’ land, Jose’. If the FUNAI officers catch you, you could be put in jail or shot on the spot. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I want to take my own chances at success without the FUNAI finding me. CARLOS DE PALLO You are crazy Jose’. No white man goes into the Amazon rain forest and comes back alive. 58. ANTONIO CARLOS (PIT BOSS) Stop talking you two, and start digging for nuggets. You are costing me money. Pick it up. CARLOS DE PALLO OK, OK Antonio, we are working faster. FADE OUT. 27 ACT NINE- RETURN TO THE AWA’ 27 28 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY-HUNTING THE HAKWA WITH THE AWA’ 28 AND LEARNING THE AWA’S WAYS. Over the period of six months, Jose’ returned many times with his maroon friend Phillipe, and began to become involved in the Awa’ tribe daily routine. FADE IN: JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Phillipe, the Awa’ have invited me to go hunting with them today. You are invited also to interpret what they say. I am learning a little of their language, but it is not easy. PHILLIPE DE CANADE The hunt is called the Hakwa by the Awa’. Their survival is dependent on what they can bring back from hunting and gathering. The howler monkey is a favorite animal the Awa’ like to hunt. The monkeys live high in the tree tops and are difficult to shoot down. The Awa’ us their blow guns with poison darts and their bows with poison arrows. The poison is not deadly to the Awa’ and only paralyzes the monkey causing it to fall out of the tree tops. (MORE) 59. The poison wears off in a few hours and is not dangerous to the Awa’ JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am excited about hunting with the Awa’. Chief Awa Pray has given me an Awa’ headdress, and two arm bands made of feathers. I almost look like an Awa’ Indian. (Laughing) PHILLIPE DE CANADE That you do Jose’. That headdress looks a little funny on your head. Did the Chief give you a blowgun too? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, but I cannot hit anything with it. He gave me a bag of darts too. Quiet one of the Awa’ Indians is signaling he hears something. Suddenly, out of the bushes a wild pig comes running toward the Awa’ making all kinds of squealing sounds. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Watch the Awa’ take aim, and bring that wild pig down. They are excellent hunters with their arrows. TAKWARE’ AWA’ (23) (In Awa’ language) I got it! Takware shoots the arrow that goes through the wild pig’s chest killing it. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD It looks like we will be having pig for dinner again. PHILLIPE DE CANADE The Awa’ will tie the pig to a pole and carry it back to the camp. We are still looking for some howler monkeys however. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) 60. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Look up there in the tree tops I hear some monkeys. The trees are awfully tall. Can the Awa’ hit the monkeys with a blowgun or arrow? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Hold your blowgun, and watch how they do it. The blowguns are accurate up to 100 feet or more to reach those monkeys up in the tree tops. Ooops, they just got one, and it fell to the ground. It has been a good day for hunting. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- INT. DAY- A YOUNG MALE 29 SURVIVOR OF THE 29 JURITI MASSACRE COMES FORWARD. Davi Kopen Awa’ an Awa’ warrior has a romantic interest in Korain’ the oldest daughter of the Chief as well as Jose’. Out of his jealousy Davi Kopen Awa bring forth a young Juriti Tribe Awa’ boy who was the only survivor of the massacre by the gold miners a year ago in which Jose’ participated. The timing seems strange, and the Chief is not sure whom to believe. Davi Kopen Awa’ accuses Jose’ of killing Juriti Awa’ Indians a year before. FADE IN: DAVI KOPEN AWA’ (In Awa’ sign Language) Korain’ will you come to my hut today and share my food today? KORAIN’ AWA’, Daughter of the Chief (In Awa’ Language) I am sorry Davi Kopen Awa’, but father has given me many tasks to complete this day, and I will be too busy to spend time with you. Maybe next time? 61. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ (In Awa’ Sign language) I do not understand why you have ignored me lately. Last month you told me I was the greatest warrior in the village. Now you ignore me. KORAIN’ AWA’ (In Awa’ Sign language) Things change Davi Kopen. Now leave me alone please? An hour later Korain is seen talking with Jose’ on the other side of the village, and Davi Kopen Awa’ can see them from across the village center. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (In Sign Language) Korain’ how are you today? Phillip can you ask her how she is today? I am not sure of my sign language. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Korain’, white man Jose’, wants to know if you are well today? KORAIN’ AWA’ Tell Jose’ I am fine today. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Phillipe, ask her if I can carry that container for water for her? It looks very heavy. PHILLIPE DE CANADE JOSE’ asks if he can help carry the water for you? KORAIN’ AWA’ Tell Jose’, I am strong enough to carry water. Tell him not to worry. Awa’ women are very strong. Over the next couple of months Jose’ spends more and more time with the Chief’s daughter Korain’ Awa’. A mutual relationship begins to develop and Davi Kopen Awa’ is left out in the cold. Davi Kopen Awa’ plans his revenge. 62. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Chief Awa’ Pray’ I want to introduce the sole survivor of the Juriti Awa’ village massacre last year by a group of gold miners from the Kinross gold mines. This is AURUT’ JURITI AWA’(13). Aurut’ claims he recognized Jose’ as one of the white men at the massacre. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ This is a serious accusation Davi Kopen Awa’. What reason do you have for bringing this story to me? Davi Kopen AWA’ I only want to make sure that you, and your daughter Korain, are not fooled by this Awa’ killer white man. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ I will ask Jose’ to come forward to answer these charges. Little boy is your name Aurut’, and are you of the Juriti Awa’ village that was massacred last year by miner white men? AURUT’ JURITI AWA’ (13) (In Awa’ Language) Yes, great Chief Awa’ Pray’. I was relieving myself in the bushes early in the morning when I heard gun shot sounds. I hid because I was afraid, and I saw many white men killing my family, and all of the other Awa’ Juriti village people. They burned down our huts too. The next day they took away the dead bodies, and burned them, and then buried them with a large yellow machine that pushed big piles of dirt. It scraped the ground, and left nothing standing in the village. It was as if we never existed. 63. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Did you see this white man Jose’ at the village shooting Awa’ men and women? AURUT’ JURITI AWA’ I think so great Chief. All white man look the same to me, but I think I recognize him. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Send for Jose’ immediately Takware’. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Yes, my Chief. Minutes later. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ (CONT’D) (In Awa’ Language) White man, Jose’ you come see Chief now. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Sure, what does the Chief want? DAVI KOPEN AWA’ You will see white man. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Jose’ this is AURUT’ the only survivor of the Juriti Awa’ village massacre a year ago. He says he saw you at the village killing Awa’ men, women and children. Is this true? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (A sudden look of terror comes over Jose’ face) (A long silence) Yes, Chief I beg you to understand. I was drunk at the time, and at the time all the gold miners hated Awa’ Indians. We blamed the Awa’ for stealing our food and chickens. I was sorry afterward for what I did. 64. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (In Awa’ language) This is very serious, however you could have lied, but you did not. I will confer with the council of elders what to do about this accusation. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD What did the Chief say Phillipe? He says he will talk with the council of elders and make a decision what to do with you and the boy. FADE OUT. SCENE 3- INT. DAY- CHIEF 30 AWA’ PRAY’S MUD HUT 30 The council of elders has assembled and Chief Awa’ Pray explains the accusation by the Awa’ boy regarding Jose’, and Jose’ admission that he was at the massacre a year ago when he was drunk. FADE IN: CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Elders, a Awa’ boy named Arutu Juriti’ has come to the attention of one of our warriors Davi Kopen Awa’. Jose’ confirms that the story is indeed true however, I have questions of my own. Why after a year did this boy suddenly show up and tell Davi Kopen Awa’, and no one else his story? The second question is the Jose’ from a year ago, is not the same Jose’ that we have adopted as a brother in our village. It was no accident that I took the life of the great spirit Jaguar, and saved a white man I did not know. The Spirit of the Jaguar seems to have changed Jose’ from a gold miner Awa’ hater, to one who is one of us. Do any of you feel the spirit of the Jaguar in Jose’ or is it just me? 65. PIREE’I MA’A AWA (50) ELDER The white man Jose’ has brought good luck to our village. He saved the Chief’s youngest daughter from death with white man medicine he took from white man gold mine. When he attends our hunts we catch more than we ever did before. I too believe the power of the Jaguar that attempted to take his life lives without the white man Jose’ and protects him. TIRAMUCUM AWA’ (60) ELDER I too agree, the great spirit of the Jaguar has changed this white man into a friend and warrior of the Awa’. He shows no hatred and has become one of the Awa’ in many ways. I think the spirit of the Jaguar wants us to forgive this white man who has realized his bad deeds and seeks to be forgiven. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Let’s us speak with the spirits tonight at the camp fire, and ask the great spirit of the Jaguar to tell us what to do. Later the night a campfire is lit and all the elders and the villagers gather around to call upon the spirit of the Gods of the jungle to talk to them. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (CONT’D) We come here tonight to look into the heart of our adopted brother Jose’ and to seek the guidance of the Gods of the Jungle and the great spirit of the Jaguar. TIRAMUCUM AWA’ The spirit of the Jaguar has spoken to me and said that our adopted brother Jose’ will bring much good fortune to our village and be protected by the great spirit of the Jaguar. 66. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Jose’ has saved my daughter’s life and I owe him a great debt. Am I to believe he is a changed man, I do not know. What I do know is that our paths have crossed with my killing the Jaguar who attacked Jose’. The Gods have brought our life lines together for some reason that only they seem to know. Let us vote now to keep or expel Jose’ from our village for killing Awa’ brothers from the Juriti tribe. I count many who nod yes to keep our adopted brother. It is decided then. Jose’ will stay in peace and remain protected by the Jaguar gods. FADE OUT. ACT TEN- SHOT BY A 31 CONSTRUCTION WORKER 31 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- AMAZON FOREST NEAR THE AWA’ VILLAGE Several months later, nearby the Awa’ village, in the forest, some white construction workers who were working on a new highway through the rain forest noticed the Awa’ Indians in the forest, and out of fear they shot their shotguns toward the Awa’. FADE IN: PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’ did you hear that? Someone has shotguns, and they are shooting at us. Duck down. 67. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (Jose’ is wearing a feather in his hair like the Awa’ warriors do) Phillipe, I’ve been hit. Help me. Aaah the pain. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Hold on let me bandage your wounds. It looks like you will live. The gunman must be white men who thought we were Awa’ Indians. The Awa’ shot back at the white men with poison arrows and wounded one white man. Come we have to get out of here fast. Can you walk? Let me help you up. Lean on me and follow the Awa’ into the forest. An hour later back at the Awa’ village. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) Chief Awa’ Pray, come quick. Jose has been hit by a shot gun fired by white men. Call the shaman to help Jose’ please. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Shaman come.. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ (40) SHAMAN White man shot gun? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Yes, some white men thought Jose’ was a Awa’ Indian, and shot their guns at him, and other Awa’ Indians who were hunting for howler monkeys. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Wrap in leaves to stop bleeding. Later, I dig out pellets in arm and leg. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Thank you Shaman. 68. The Awa’ shaman wraps some leaves around Jose’ wounds to stop the bleeding. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Here, you Jose’, drink Guarana’, good for you. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’ the shaman wants you to drink the guarana. It will make you feel better. How is the pain? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD The leaves seem to be stopping the bleeding and numbing the pain. Amazing medicine these Awa’ have. PHILLIPE DE CANADE You are going to have to stay here in the Awa’ village for a while until you heal. I will tell the pit bosses back at the mine that you were accidentally shot by some white men in the jungle. They will not be happy, but at least they will not fire you for disappearing. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Phillipe. I am feeling a little dizzy now. That drink had a fizz in it like soda. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Yes Guarana’ is ground from roasted seeds into a powder and then water is added which makes it fizz up. The Shaman will take care of you. I have to go back to the mining camp and tell them about you being shot by other white men in the jungle. I will be back in a few days. You will be safe here. FADE OUT. 69. ACT ELEVEN- ROMANCE SPRINGS 32 ANEW IN THE JUNGLE 32 SCENE 1- INT. DAY- JOSE’ MUD HUT IN THE AWA’ VILLAGE. For many weeks Jose’ struggles to recover from the shot gun wounds under the guidance of Davi Kopen Awa’, the village Shaman. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ (Shaman) You, better white man. Wounds healing good. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Shaman. KAKWARE’ AWA (16) DAUGHTER OF CHIEF I bring water for white man. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Call me Jose’ please. KAKWARE’ AWA You, name Jose’, OK. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD You are the Chief’s youngest daughter that I saved with white man medicine, aren’t you? KAKWARE’ AWA Yes, you save me when I was very sick. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD You are very beautiful Kakware’ Awa’. Will you bring me water often? Thank your father, the Chief, for me. FADE OUT. Days pass and slowly Jose’ recovers. FADE IN: DAVI KOPEN AWA’ You better today white man. Leaves heal wounds fast. Strong medicine for Shaman. 70. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Davi Kopen, you saved my life. How can I ever repay you? DAVI KOPEN AWA’ No need. You save Chief’s daughter Kakware’ and I save white man from dying. FADE OUT. Jose’ dreams while sleeping. FADE IN: JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD A black shadow is moving in the trees above. A Jaguar lies crouched in a tree above the camp. A purring sound is heard. Suddenly, the black animal leaps from the tree, and chases Jose’ around the forest. FADE OUT. 33 ACT TWELVE- RECOVERY 33 34 SCENE 1- INT. DAY- SHAMAN’S HUT 34 Jose’ remained for many weeks under the care of the Awa’ shaman until he was completely healed. FADE IN: PHILLIPE DE CANADE It has been weeks since I have seen you Jose’. You wounds seem to be healing. I think they fired you at the mine for disappearing and not notifying anyone. Do you want me to tell your friend Carlos you are healing from a gun shot wound? 71. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Not right now Phillipe’, it will only worry him as to where I am living. He does not know that I am friends with the local Awa’ tribe. PHILLIPE DE CANADE When do you think you will be well enough to leave Jose’? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am not sure Phillipe. My wounds are beginning to scar up and completely close thanks to the jungle medicine the shaman gave me. Maybe another week or so and I can return to the mining camp? PHILLIPE DE CANADE You are not going to be welcome Jose’. Your pit boss Jesus had to get another miner to replace you since you did not return. The mining company sent men out to look for you but no one knew where you were. Your disappearance is a big mystery at the mining camp I hear. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I can explain I was shot by a bunch of construction workers, but I can not tell anyone, I was hunting with Awa’ Indians, or that I recovered from my wounds at an Awa’ village. PHILLIPE DE CANADE I will return next week in my boat and will take you back to the mining camp to get what money they owe you and your personal effects. 72. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Phillipe tell the Shaman that I am most grateful for him taking out the pellets from the shot gun shells, and for treating the wounds. Maybe I will be strong enough to return to the mining camp next week? I appreciate you taking the time to come and visit me Phillipe. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Do not rush your recovery Jose’. I will take you in the canoe back to the mining camp next week if you are ready. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank Chief Awa’ Pray for me and the Shaman. I should be ready to go back to the mining camp next week. PHILLIPE DE CANADE You take care buddy. See you next week. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- EXT. DAY- RETURN TO THE 35 KINROSS GOLD MINE 35 The next week Jose’ says goodbye to Davi the Shaman, Kakware the daughter of the Chief, Chief Awa’ Pray and other Awa’ friends that helped him recover. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Good bye for now my friends. I must return to the white man’s mining camp to get my salary and belongings and settle a score. I will return soon. Kakware I look forward to spending more time with you. Davi you saved my life and I will always be grateful, and Chief Awa’ Pray, you have been my best friend. I leave you now. 73. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Come Jose’ we have many miles to paddle to return to the mining camp. Later in the day four hours later. ANTONIO CARLOS (PIT BOSS) Well little Jose’ has returned from his vacation. I heard you were shot by white men in the jungle. It that true? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, I was accidentally shot by white men who thought I was an Awa’ Indian. ANTONIO CARLOS We have been talking about letting you go Jose’. You have been absent more, and more. We decided after you did not return in a week to fire you. You can pick up your pay at the central office. You are no longer a garimperiros. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, I understand. There was nothing I could do but try to heal. ANTONIO CARLOS Where the hell were you all this time? Why didn’t you come back to the mining clinic and get treated for your shotgun wounds? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I was too weak to do so and I stayed with a friendly maroon called Phillip. He treated me in his shack by the river many hours upriver from here. I understand your concern. I will grab my personal stuff and depart today. FADE OUT. 74. SCENE 3- EXT. DAY- 36 SEEKING REVENGE 36 Later that day. CARLOS DE PALLO Where have you been Jose’. Everyone said you were dead. Some road workers shot you with a shot gun we heard? It this true? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yes, yes, I was accidentally shot by some white men who were road workers. They must have thought I was an Awa’ Indian. CARLOS DE PALLO Your pit boss Antonio is real mad, and he says that you are fired for not notifying them where you were. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I Jesus that I was sorry, but I was too weak to return to the mining camp. Phillipe the old maroon took care of me in his shack up river many hours. Do you have any idea where these road workers live? CARLOS DE PALLO They are building a highway through the rain forest, and I think they have an encampment a few miles from here. You need to stay away from them. They are heavily armed. Don’t even think about revenge Jose’. They outnumber you. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I was just wondering. I want to thank you Carlos for helping me to get this job as a gold miner, but it is time for me to move on. CARLOS DE PALLO Jose’ where are you going to stay? 75. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I will find a room I can rent in Paracutu, until I can book a river boat passage back to Sao’ Joao de Caru. The Kinross mining company is giving me my back pay that they owe me. I will have enough money to pay for my return home to Brasilia. Good bye my friend and I hope to see you in Brasilia in Santa Luzia once again. CARLOS DE PALLO Good by my friend. I will miss you greatly. Stay safe my friend. Jose’ leaves the mining camp after getting his back pay and he and Phillipe the Maroon paddle to the camp where the construction workers that shot Jose’ live. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’ you need to stay away from those construction men. They are all heavily armed with shotguns, and rifles. Taking your revenge will only get you killed. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I know, I know, but it is eating at me that these men can just kill Awa’ Indians when ever they want, and they ended up shooting me instead. I will leave it alone for now, but in time, I will find out who shot me. One month later Jose’ is at a local bar in Paracutu. PHILLIPE DE CANADE It is good to have a break once in a while and spend time having a great beer or whiskey drink. 76. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Yeah, the whiskey helps me to forget I was shot by another white man. You are the only friend I have left Phillipe. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Jose’ here comes trouble in the door, it is the work crew from the road gang building the highway. We had better leave now. RONDO DE VILLA (30) HIGHWAY WORKER Well, here is a beer to all you guys today that shot two more Awa’ malandros. Overhearing the highway workers boasting, Jose’ approaches them at the bar. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD What is your name Posseiros? RONDO DE VILLA I am no posseiros, I am Rondo de Villa highway worker. Who are you punk? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am Jose’ Duarte De Praad, the man you shot several months ago in the jungle thinking I was an Awa’ Indian. RONDO DE VILLA Really? I don’t remember shooting a gold miner or an Awa’ in the jungle. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I remember your face posseiros. RONDO DE VILLA You’ve got the wrong man compadre. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Come on Jose’ let’s get out of here before you get into trouble with these highway workers. 77. Jose’ pushes Rondo away from the bar, and a fight breaks out. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Take that you snake. RONDO DE VILLA I am going to break your neck gold man. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I just happen to have a revolver on me. Can you stop a bullet posseiros? Jose’ fires the hand gun, and hits Rondo straight in the head. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Run, Jose’ we have to get out of her. You shot that guy dead. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Anyone else want a piece of this? (Holding his gun up in the air) PHILLIPE DE CANADE Come on Jose’ they are going to gang up on us. Run. Jose’ and Carlos get into their jeep and drive back to Jose’ rented room. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) Jose’ you know the policia will come for you for killing that road worker. What are you going to do? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am going to run away tonight Phillipe. You stay here so you aren’t involved, and I will disappear into the Amazon rain forest. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Where will you go? Back to the Awa’ tribe? They are four hours of river paddling from here and you cannot do it alone. (MORE) 78. I will help you escape and together we will both flee to the Awa’ village where no one will think to look for us. We must be careful Jose’, for now they will kill you on sight. You will be a hunted man. We cannot wait until tonight. We must leave now. So in a heavy Amazon rainfall, Jose’ and Phillipe get his canoe, and begin paddling a day’s journey up river to the last place they saw the Awa’ village. FADE OUT. 39 ACT THIRTEEN- MAN ON THE RUN 39 40 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- PHILLIPE AND JOSE RETURNS TO THE 40 AWA’ VILLAGE DEEP IN THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST. Jose’ flees to the Awa’ village to seek refuge along with his friend Phillipe. FADE IN: PHILLIPE DE CANADE Well Jose’ now your are a wanted man and you must forever flee the Policia. Will you feel comfortable living with the Awa’ Indians? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Do I have a choice Phillipe? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Chief Awa’ Pray I killed the man who shot me with a shot gun. Now the white men are chasing me. Will you help me? CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Jose’ friend of Awa’. Awa’ friend of Jose’. Come we talk to leaders. Chief Awa’ Pray and Jose’ go into a mud hut where the elders of the village are assembled. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) 79. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (CONT’D) Elders, Jose’ is being hunted by white men for killing the white man who shot him with a shot gun. How can we help our friend Jose’? TIRAMUCUM AWA’ (60) ELDER Jose’ has saved an Awa’ girl’s life, therefore we should save his life. I vote that we move our village further up river far away from the white man. PIREE’I MA’A AWA (50) ELDER I too agree. We need to move further away from the white man. Let us leave today for the forbidden zone. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Then it is settled. We leave our campsite today. Tell the women and children to pack up. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I don’t want to be the reason you have to move your village. I just need you to hide me. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ The council has spoken and it is so. In one day’s time the entire village of 63 Awa’ Indians pack up their village and load up their canoes with their animal pets, and all their belongings, and paddle deep into the Amazon Rain Forest. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (CONT’D) We will travel many days up this river to better fishing grounds, and find a new site where no white man can find us. We will enter the No Contact Zone where no white man is allowed to visit with any Awa’ Tribe in that zone. We call it the forbidden zone. 80. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Chief Awa’ Pray. SCENE 2- INT. DAY- KINROSS 41 MINING OFFICES 41 POLICIA CAPTAIN (40) I am looking for one of your miners that may have killed a construction worker in Paracutu recently. Do you have a miner named Jose’ Duarte De Praad? JESUS DE LA ZUNI Yes, he was one of my miners. I shared him with pit boss Antonio Carlos. Perhaps you should ask Antonio if he knows where Jose’ can be found? POLICIA CAPTAIN Antonio one of the other pit bosses Jesus De La Zuni says you might know where one of your miners Jose’ Duarte De Praad can be found? He is wanted on suspicion of murdering a construction worker in Paracutu. ANTONIO CARLOS We fired Jose’ a week ago for not reporting to work for almost a month. I think he sought out the construction worker for shooting him earlier with a shot gun. Perhaps his friend Carlos De Pallo knows what happened to Jose’? POLICIA CAPTAIN Is your name Carlos De Pallo? CARLOS DE PALLO Yes, El Capitan. 81. POLICIA CAPTAIN I am looking for a miner named Jose’ Duarte De Praad. He is suspected of killing a construction worker in Paracutu. CARLOS DE PALLO He fled into the jungle, and did not tell me where he was going. I begged him not to go looking for the construction worker that shot him with a shot gun in the jungle, but he would not listen. After his gun shot injury he was not himself. POLICIA CAPTAIN (40) We will find him some day. He cannot hide in the jungle forever. ANTONIO CARLOS He is fired as far as I am concerned. This is the final straw. He is no longer a miner here. POLICIA CAPTAIN If he comes back to the camp, will you have someone come, and tell me please? ANTONIO CARLOS Yes, Captain I will. FADE OUT. CHAPTER FOURTEEN- THE 42 FORBIDDEN ZONE-NO 42 CONTACT AREA. 43 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- ONE HUNDRED MILES UP RIVER AT 43 THE NEW AWA’ VILLAGE Many days later the entire Awa’ tribe relocates up the tributary of an unknown river deep in the heart of the no-contact area of the Amazon Rain Forest. Jose’ has become an adopted member of the Awa’ tribe. FADE IN: 82. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Jose’ because you are an adopted brother of the Awa’ tribe the elders and I have decided to move the village beyond the reach of the white man who seek you. We are going to enter the forbidden zone or the no-contact zone set up by the Brazilian government. It will be a few days journey but there will be more fish to catch and game to hunt in this untouched forest area. The Awa’ village packs up all its belongs, pets, woman and children and paddles many miles up the river to the forbidden zone. A week later. KORAIN’ AWA’ (18) DAUGHTER OF CHIEF Father, I think we are in the forbidden zone now. There are Awa’ warning markers on the trees along the river edge. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Yes, daughter you are right. Tell the warriors to find a flat area to place our new village site and unload all the canoes. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (CONT’D) (Using sign language) Jose’ we are going fishing. Would you like to come? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Nodding his head, Yes, I want to go. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Take fish spear. Come. (Pointing to a canoe) In canoe, you. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I got it, you mean, “get in the canoe.” 83. TIRAMUCUM AWA’ I will paddle with you white man. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Call me Jose’, Tiramucum, for now I am adopted brother of the Awa’ tribe. Several Awa’ canoes head up river in search of fish. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Are we going to use the fish nets? Dumb question, of course they are going to use nets. That is how they round up the fish in the river for spearing. I hope I can spear a fish without missing. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Aim high for fish. TIRAMUCUM AWA’ I will help Jose’ our adopted brother to catch fish. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD OK, I will aim high over the fish to spear it because the water bends the image. A good Awa’ spearing trick. Oh, there is one. Look at the size of it, huge. There I got it hurray. Finally, I speared a fish on first try. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Catch fish, many today. (Smiles) After several hours of fishing the Awa’ Indians, and Jose’ return to the village where the woman clean, and prepare the fish for dinner. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (CONT’D) My daughter Kakware have gift for you Jose’. 84. KORAIN’ AWA’ (18) DAUGHTER OF CHIEF Jose’ you saved my younger sister’s life with white man medicine. I want to give you gift for saving her life. Here is a baby pet monkey for you, I call him Baba. You like Baba? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Why Baba is very cute. Thank you Kakware’ Awa’. What do I feed him besides bananas? KORAIN’ AWA Leaves and some of our food. Monkeys eat almost anything. Keep his collar and chain on or he will run away. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD How did you get this baby monkey? KORAIN’ AWA Awa’ braves kill mother for dinner, and baby left with no mother. Awa’ climb tree and bring baby home, and feed it for pet. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Kakware’ what is the name of you youngest sister again? KORAIN’ AWA Her name Kakware’ Awa’. She is the youngest daughter of Chief Awa’ Pray. You like Kakware’? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I just noticed how pretty she is, but you are far more beautiful Korain’.. KORAIN’ AWA Oh, really? White man? (Smiling). Jose’ you speak with many tongues. (Laughing) 85. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Well, maybe just a little.(Laughing) FADE OUT. SCENE 2- EXT. DAY- THE HEAVY 44 AMAZON RAIN SEASON 44 It was the beginning of the Amazon rain season, and the rains came down heavily for days in the Awa’ village. Everything was wet, and puddles in the village turned into lakes, and dampness set in with dark skies overhead. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD The rain has really been heavy the past week. When is the sun going to come out. The Awa’ don’t seem to mind being wet. It drives me crazy being wet all the time. TAKWARE’ AWA’ (24) Chief say show Jose’ how to make bow and arrows. Come and see. Take irapa tree and strip bark off and bend. Tie to tree with bow bend around tree until tree stays that way. Then we wrap bow with tree roots for handle. For arrows we take bird feathers and but short to put on arrows. Bamboo make good point for arrow or sharp stone. We go to river and look for sharp stones we can chip and make better. Come, now. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD OK. I am ready now with a hat to protect me from the heavy rain. I don’t know how you do it Takware’, naked with nothing but a breechcloth? TAKWARE’ AWA’ See rocks that flake when hit with another rock becomes sharp for arrow. We need many of these. For fishing we use bamboo which we split into three pieces to hold fish on arrow and not slip off. (MORE) 86. Take small piece of bamboo and split one end and put notch in each end. You try. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Lucky I have a sharp knife. Cutting these young bamboo shoots is not easy. I will need to practice more. I wish this rain would stop. I noticed Chief’s daughter Korain’ Awa’ this morning. Suddenly her dark skin and dark hair with green eyes have caught my attention. She was bringing water jugs to the chief’s hut. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Jose’ how is your life today? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Good. I am learning to be a good Awa’ brave, Chief Awa’ Pray’. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ How is your pet monkey? JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD He is good. I call him Baba. Your daughter Korain’ gave him that name. He is sleeping in my hammock now. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ You come eat at my IRAHA tonight. We have much fish to eat. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Chief. I would be happy to join you and your family for dinner tonight. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Good, then it is done. FADE OUT. TAKWARE’ AWA’ (CONT’D) 87. SCENE 3- INT. NIGHT- CHIEF AWA’ PRAY- AMMA45 – 45 AWA’S IRAHA. That night Jose’ gets to know Chief Awa’ Pray’s family especially his daughters Kakware age 16, and his oldest daughter Korain’ age 18. Chief Awa’ wife’s name was Kawahiva’ and he had no sons since his only son was killed by an alligator when he was hunting at age ten. FADE IN: CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ It is good to have our adopted brother Jose’ with us tonight. Our life paths crosses when I took the spirit of a great Jaguar away with my arrow to save an unknown white man, I came to know as Jose’. The Gods had a plan, and when my youngest daughter Kakware became ill with the white man’s disease, you saved her life with white man’s medicine. For each of us a life is owed, and the black symbol of the great spirit of the jaguar always watches over Jose’. KAWAHIVA (40) WIFE OF CHIEF Welcome to our Iraha, Jose’ the spirits of the Jungle seem to smile over you, and protect you. You bring good luck to our iraha and you are most welcome to share our meal this evening. KAKWARE’ AWA I too am grateful for you saving my life Jose’. KORAIN’ AWA’ I shared a monkey pet with Jose’, our adopted tribe brother, and I am glad you are with out family this night. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I am overwhelmed at your generosity. I hope I will learn to speak your language better as time goes along. (MORE) 88. For now I have to use sign language and Portuguese, and hope you understand what I am saying. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Enough talk, eat, eat, we have much food. Drink some more guarana’ Jose’, tomorrow Davi Kopenawa our Shaman will show Jose’ how to prepare our poisons for arrows and darts. We have manioc plant that works on fish and animals. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Thank you Chief Awa’ Pray. I have always wondered how the Awa’ prepares the poison for arrows and darts. It will be an important skill for me as an Awa’ warrior. SCENE 4- EXT. DAY- THE AWA’ 46 HUNT FOR ANIMALS 46 After a week of training with the Shaman Davi, Jose’ joins the other Awa’ warriors in a hunt for animal meat to feed the village. He takes with him his new bow and poison arrows. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ We are hunting for wild pig today, but Howler monkeys will do just as well. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD How are we going to kill Howler monkeys that are so high up in the tree tops? DAVI KOPEN AWA’ For them we use a blowgun with poison darts. We can shoot the darts over 300 feet in the air, whereas our arrows are affected by the wind and branches. Look our braves have spotted some howler monkeys now. Watch how we bring some of these monkeys down to earth. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) 89. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD It is amazing how accurate the blowguns are. The howler monkeys make easy targets for the blowguns. I think we got two monkeys. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Jose’ quiet, I hear the growl of a Jaguar up in one of the trees. Be careful brother. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD After having wrestled with a Jaguar in the past, I have a healthy respect for their killing ability. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Braves prepare your bows and blowguns. We may be attacked. I think I see a jaguar up in that tree, and it is not happy. It may be a mother jaguar protecting a young cub. We do not want to get in her way, so we will retreat. Everyone, stand still, and then walk slowly backward. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Chief, duck the jaguar is about to leap from the tree on our warriors. Be ready to shoot brothers. A jaguar springs from a branch high above the Awa’ warriors and threatens two cornered Awa’ men. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Shoot the jaguar now. Hurray before it kills our warriors. I think I got an arrow into it’s neck. Jose’ shoot now, and aim for the neck or head. AWA’ WARRIOR Help. The jaguar slashed me with it’s claws. I am bleeding badly. 90. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Drop back and put some leaves on the wound, and I will tend to it right after we kill this jaguar. The entire village of Awa’ men surround the jaguar who is striking out in all directions. Several poisoned arrows are sticking out of it’s neck. Finally, the jaguar drops to the ground unable to move. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD The Jaguar is dead. Thank God. ChieF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ It is bad luck to kill the great jaguar, but it would have killed us instead. I pray the Gods will forgive us for taking this jaguar’s life. The meat cannot be eaten by us because the jaguar is sacred to the Awa’. We will bury the jaguar instead and hold a ceremony to pray for it’s spirit. This is the second time in my life that a jaguar has crossed my path. Somehow you are part of this life path Jose’ and the Gods seemed to have blessed you. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ I will take the spirit of this jaguar Chief so that the Gods do not turn against you for taking another great Jaguar spirit. I will pray for the Jaguar’s spirit and ask forgiveness. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Wow, that is an impressive creature. It scares the hell out of me. I can feel my heart beating loudly in my chest. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ I hear something in the hollow of that tree over there. Davi go over and investigate. 91. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Chief Awa’ Pray, it is a jaguar cub not much older than a few weeks hiding in the hollow of the tree. What should I do with it? CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Give it to our adopted brother Jose’ for he is protected by the great jaguar spirit. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD No, I cannot accept the kind offer Chief Awa’ Prey, I already have a pet monkey. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ This is no accident. The Gods want you to rear this jaguar cub, and protect it from harm. It is your pay back for having another jaguar killed. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD In that case I do not want to bring bad luck on the tribe by not protecting a jaguar cub. How do I carry it without being clawed? DAVI KOPEN AWA’ Wrap the Jaguar cub in this cloth until we get back to the village. I will build a cage and a collar for you to use in keeping the jaguar cub. Now you are truly blessed. When the Awa’ warriors return to the village all the men are shouting, Jose’ the White Jaguar brings home the cub of a dangerous Jaguar we killed. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ (CONT’D) Hail the White man also known as the White Jaguar, having escaped the claws of two jaguars, and accepted the adoption of a jaguar cub into his life. 92. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ The warriors have given you a new name Jose’. From now on you will no longer be called the White Man Jose’, instead we will call you the White Leopard because you have a leopard cub as a pet and you have escaped being killed by a jaguar two times. All Awa’ Indians of the Amazon and other Amazon tribes will know of your bravery and special powers given by the Gods. KAKWARE’ AWA Welcome White Jaguar, you are famous throughout our village. (Slapping Jose’ on the back) Look at the jaguar cub you have, a symbol of the power of the jungle Gods that bless you. I am so proud of you White Jaguar. From that day forward the Awa’ tribe called Jose’ The White Jaguar as his nickname. JOSE’, THE WHITE JAGUAR I am overwhelmed at the reaction of all the Awa’ villagers over the dead jaguar, and my adopted cub. The Jaguar cub brings great medicine, I guess, in the Awa’ culture. Davi had given me a leash to put around my cub’s neck and a cage to keep him in. I will call him SPIRIT, because as a jaguar this small cub represents the power of the jungle, and the good fortune that has smiled on me in avoiding being killed by not one jaguar, but two jaguars. FADE OUT. ACT FIFTEEN- THE LEGEND 47 OF THE WHITE JAGUAR 47 93. SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- THE GOLD PEBBLES 48 IN THE STREAM 48 After a while Jose’, The White Jaguar, began to get used to his nickname and he developed a special fondness for his jaguar cub, called Spirit, whom he had to feed with a gourd shaped like a baby bottle full of monkey milk. FADE IN: JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR Kakware’ Awa, I am going fishing in the stream today. Do you want to come? KAKWARE’ AWA Yes, I would like that White Jaguar. Shall I bring Spirit on a leash too? JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR Sure why not. He likes fish ground up in his milk, and I think he can eat whole food by now instead of just drinking monkey milk. Later that day. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Kakware’ look at those shining pebbles in the stream. They look like gold. KAKWARE’ AWA What is gold White Jaguar? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR It is a stone that the White man fight over and think that it has great value in the white man’s world. Look I am gathering up these little pebbles. Yes, they are gold nuggets just sitting on the bottom of this stream. If white men miners could see all this gold just sitting on the stream bottom, they would go crazy. Kakware help me pick up these pebbles to bring back to our village. Upon returning to the village Jose’ shows the gold nuggets to Davi. 94. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ What are these bright little pebbles White Jaguar? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR The white man call these gold nuggets and they are worth many hundreds of white man dollars. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ What are you going to do with these gold pebbles White Jaguar? JOSE’ ,THE WHITE JAGUAR I am going to collect as many gold nuggets as I can, and then find someone I can trust to sell these gold pebbles back to the white man so that the Awa’ can buy their own shotguns, and shells to protect themselves. Perhaps my old friend Phillipe can assist me? Kakware will you help me tomorrow in collecting these little shiny pebbles? KAKWARE’ AWA Of course I would be happy to help you collect the little gold pebbles. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR I will ask Korain Awa’ if she and some of the other single women would like to help us. An hour later. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Korain I have been looking for you. Would you do me a favor and help me collect little yellow pebbles in the nearby stream. I want to use these yellow pebbles called gold to buy guns and medicine from the white man. Will you help? 95. KORAIN’ AWA’ For you White Jaguar I would do anything. You are a powerful spirit in our village and to help you is to bring good luck to our people. Yes, show me what to do. I will bring my sister and other women to also help. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR That is great Korain. I was hoping you would help. We will make our village rich thanks to the white man’s greed for gold. All that week Jose’, The White Jaguar, and Korain, and Kakware’ Awa collected pound after pound of gold nuggets in prime condition from the stream in the No Contact Zone. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ White Jaguar, what will you do with the white man’s gold? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR I intend to get a third party to work out the negotiations for selling all these gold nuggets to the white man. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ What are you going to do with the white man’s money. It has no value here in our village. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Yes, but I can have someone buy shotguns and medicine and other supplies from the white man for our Awa’ tribe. I have collected many hundreds of dollars in gold nuggets in just one week. If I had six helpers we could collect a fortune in gold nuggets to sell to the white man through a maroon like Phillipe. 96. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ How do you prevent the white men from following Phillipe back to our village here and killing us for gold? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR I am working on that by disguising the guns and medicine under a boat loaded with wood. Oh, my pet jaguar, Spirit ate some raw fish the other day and loved it. He is growing up so fast. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ The Gods are watching over you White Jaguar in protecting this spirit of the jungle. Take care my friend not to let any harm come to the cub you call Spirit. FADE OUT. ACT SIXTEEN- 49 GOLD FOR GUNS AND MEDICINE 49 50 SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- THE RETURN OF PHILLIPE THE MAROO5N0. Jose’, The White Jaguar, gets a message to his old friend Phillipe the Maroon, hundreds of miles down river from the No Contact Zone. The message is cryptic hoping Phillipe recognizes what Jose’ is trying to say. FADE IN: PHILLIPE DE CANADE So I hear that the villagers call you the White Jaguar, and that you have a baby cub jaguar as a pet? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Welcome Phillipe’, yes all that is true but it is a long story. How are you? Did you figure what the message meant? The sun sets gold in the jungle. 97. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Yes, I figured that it had something to do with gold, so I left in the night so that no one could follow me these many river miles to your village. What have you found? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Gold nuggets Phillipe, millions of them sitting on the bottom of a clear stream. I have collected dozens of bags of gold nuggets so far, and I need help selling the gold to the miners without them knowing where the gold came from. I want to buy shot guns, and shells along with medicine for the Awa’ to protect themselves. PHILLIPE DE CANADE How will you disguise where all the gold nuggets were found? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR I have a plan. I want you to take a few bags of gold nuggets and spread them around a stream near where you live. When they ask where you found the gold nuggets, tell them about the stream nearby them. Don’t tell them you dumped a few bags on nuggets and seeded the stream to fool them. It will start a gold rush on that stream and take their mind off your gold being sold. Sell the nuggets to several different gold mines so that they do not realize that you have a fortune in gold nuggets to sell. Afterward, I want you to pay a friend to buy 40 shotguns and 40 boxes of shells, and basic medicine to cure infections and diseases. Bring these guns to me when it is safe, and I will reward you with several thousand gold nuggets. You will become a rich man overnight. Do we have a deal? 98. PHILLIPE DE CANADE That much gold is hard to turn down. I have a friend I can trust who will buy the guns without attracting attention. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Stay for a while and relax and when you are ready I will give you the gold nugget bags to take with you. Be careful my friend because you have a fortune in gold in your canoe. Come and have some dinner with my and my cook Kakware’ Awa. She is the daughter of the Chief. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Are you serious about her Jose’. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Kind of, but around here just moving into another/s hut and sleeping in a hammock is enough to be married. They don’t have big ceremonies like white people do for weddings. PHILLIPE DE CANADE I understand. She is a beautiful woman Jose’ or shall I call you White Jaguar. Show me your jaguar cub. What is it’s name. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR I call him, Spirit, because it is the spirit of the Mother Jaguar that watches over him and I. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Spirit, that is a great name. What a little rascal he is. Does he bite? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR No, but he plays rough. I may have to clip his claws which are very sharp. I walk him around the village often, and the villagers treat him and I, like Gods. 99. PHILLIPE DE CANADE The wild boar is very good. KAKWARE’ AWA How are you Phillipe? We have not seen you in a long time. Are you surprised the villagers call Jose’, The White Jaguar? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Nothing surprises me anymore with Jose’ or The White Jaguar. You are truly protected by the Jaguar spirits, and to find gold nuggets sitting on the bottom of a stream is great fortune or perhaps The White Jaguar’s destiny? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Eat up. We have white boar, bananas, and jungle fruit. I will put Spirit back in his cage so he does’t bother you while you are eating wild hog. He is beginning to take a liking to meat now, and less Monkey milk. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- EXT. DAY- PHILLIPE 51 LEAVES FOR HOME 51 The next day Jose’ The white jaguar gives Phillip a small fortune in gold nuggets that he and Kakware’ Awa collected off the stream bed. FADE IN: JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Remember Phillipe do not let the white men follow you back to our village and remember our ploy to misdirect their interests by spreading some gold nuggets around a local stream. This will distract them when you tell the mine owners where you found the gold nuggets. Wait a few days after you sell the gold to have your friend buy the shotguns and shells and medicine. Be very careful my friend. (MORE) 100. I trust you and I do not want you to get killed over gold nuggets. We will see you in a few weeks. Go in Peace. PHILLIPE DE CANADE I will take special care to carry out our plan and seed some gold in a local stream. My friend and I will buy guns out of town by different merchants and tell them we are buying the guns for the miners and construction workers. Tell your jungle Gods to watch over me and protect me from white man rage over gold. Good bye my friend. So Phillipe paddles away back toward his home and the mining companies in the area by him hundreds of miles from the Awa’ village in the Protected No Contact Zone. FADE OUT. SCENE 3- INT. DAY- KINROSS GOLD 52 MINE NEAR PARACUTU52 Phillipe executes the plan devised by Jose’, The White Jaguar, by seeding the stream locally with gold nuggets, and then going to the gold mine to sell his nuggets. When the local miners learn the nuggets were found in a local stream, they all rush to the site to pan for gold nuggets. PHILLIPE DE CANADE I have several bags of gold nuggets I found in a local stream a few miles from here. Would you weigh them for me so I can sell the nuggets. MINER (35) OK, let me see four pounds, five pounds, nine pounds, nine pounds, that is a small fortune Phillipe. Are you sure you did not kidnap or kill anyone for this much gold? PHILLIPE DE CANADE I was just lucky to see the gold pebbles shining in the bright sunlight. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR (CONT’D) 101. MINER There is a small transaction fee but after the fee you have $800,650 in American Dollars for the gold you found. Sign here that this gold is entirely yours. Do you want this in cash or a Certified Bankers check? PHILLIPE DE CANADE I will take it all in certified cash check. I want to deposit it in a National bank so that I don’t get robbed. MINER We will provide security guards for you to take you to the National Bank to deposit the Mining Check in your account. Is that alright Mr. Canade? PHILLIPE DE CANADE That will be fine. Thank you. Phillipe leaves the mine office and had the security guards take him straight to the National Bank where he cashes the certified check for $800,650 in American dollars. The next day Phillipe contacts his friend Allepe. ALLEPE RODRIQUES (40) Phillipe how good to see you. What have you been doing with yourself? PHILLIPE DE CANADE Odd jobs here, and there Allepe. Where are you working now? ALLEPE RODRIQUES I am unemployed presently Phillipe. Why do you ask? PHILLIPE DE CANADE I have a job for you that pays very well if you ask no questions. I want you to buy 30- 40 12 gauge shotguns from the gun dealers and an equal amount of shotgun shells. (MORE) 102. Tell the seller you are buying them to resale to the gold miners. For this service I will pay you $500 American dollars. Are you interested? PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) I wouldn’t ask what you are going to do with all the shot guns. Just pay me up front, and I will buy all the shot guns you need from several gun dealers. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) Good, when you buy the guns bring them to my canoe on the dock. I have an extra canoe I am towing with wood piled up in it. Take out the wood, and put the guns under the pile of wood, and then put the wood back on top. I have to buy some medicine also, but that will not arose attention as much as the sale of 30-40 shot guns will bring. Be very careful you are not followed. GUN DEALER (55) I only have 22 shot guns, but I can get eight more from a fellow dealer in a day. Can you wait to buy all 30 shot guns? ALLEPE RODRIQUES I can wait a day if you can promise thirty 12 gauge shot guns, and 30 boxes of shot gun shells. GUN DEALER Come in tomorrow before noon, and I will have the guns and shells waiting. You are paying in cash right? ALLEPE RODRIQUES I will drop by tomorrow with the cash for the guns and ammo then. Thanks. FADE OUT. PHILLIPE DE CANADE (CONT’D) 103. The next day Allepe bought 30 shot guns and ammo shell boxes from the gun dealer in cash. FADE IN: PHILLIPE DE CANADE Allepe did you get the shot guns and shells for me? ALLEPE RODRIQUES Yes, my friend they are all in bags in my horse cart. Give me a hand, and we can put the guns and shells under your wood supply in the canoe, and second boat. PHILLIPE DE CANADE I must get on the river before anyone suspects anything. Here are your cash or would you rather have gold nuggets Allepe? You are a rich man now. Do not tell anyone where you got the gold or what happened to the guns. You life may be in danger unless you go back to Brazilia or some other city. Good bye my friend, and thank you. Phillip cranks up the small gas motor on his canoe, and pulls the boat behind him up the river toward the deepest part of the Amazon jungle, The Protected No Contact Zone. FADE OUT. SCENE 4- EXT. DAY- THE WHITE JAGUAR 53 ARMS THE AWA’ 53 TRIBE Several days later Phillipe delivers thirty brand new 12 gauge shot guns to the White Jaguar (Jose’). JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Welcome my friend, how was your journey? 104. PHILLIPE DE CANADE Our plan worked perfectly, and I avoided being trailed by any white men. I have 30 12 gauge shot guns for you and many medicines for infections and diseases. I even have extra gold from your $800,650 American dollars for the gold nuggets. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Excellent, come into my hut and we will celebrate with some Awa’ alcohol. I will have some of the Awa’ men unload your boats. Davi have a few warriors unload the boats, and bring the boxes to my hut. PhiLLIPE DE CANADE My old friend Allepo helped me buy the guns and shells without suspicion. I paid him for his services from your small fortune. JoSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Ah, Gold what good is gold in an Awa’ village. They have no need for it and do not wear gold jewelry. PhiLLIPE DE CANADE You have enough shot guns for an army. Now all you have to do is train the Awa’ men how to shoot and care for a shot gun. They can use the shot guns for protection and for hunting game too. These 12 gauge shot guns will kill anything except an elephant. JoSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Will you help me teach the Awa’ how to shoot a shot gun tomorrow Phillipe? Knowing the warriors they will probably shoot their heads off looking down the barrel. (MORE) 105. The blast and the kick back from the powerful rifles is going to scare them at first. PhiLLIPE DE CANADE For you White Jaguar I would do anything. You have been most generous in sharing your wealth and I greatly appreciate it. I would be glad to help you show the Awa’ men how to load and shoot a shot gun. JoSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Great, then we will start tomorrow first thing in showing the Awa’ men how to load and shoot the shot guns. A few men have seen a shot gun but never fired one. FADE OUT. SCENE 5- EXT. DAY- TRAINING THE 54 AWA’ WARRIORS TO 54 SHOOT SHOT GUNS. FADE IN: JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Men of the Awa’, fellow brothers. Today my friend Phillipe and I will show you how to shoot the white man’s weapon called a shot gun. First we will show you how to load and fire your shot gun. Each of you will have one shot gun each to keep as your own for hunting and for defense if ever we are attacked by white men or other tribes. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ The white jaguar brings us luck. He has found little gold pebbles which the white man treasures, and he has sold them to the white man for guns and medicine. We are fortunate to have the white jaguar blessed by the Gods and a member of our village. JoSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR (CONT’D) (MORE) 106. Listen carefully what the white jaguar has to say about these white man weapons. They are not toys and you must learn to use them carefully as you would with poison arrows or darts. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR What my brothers as I load one shell into the white man’s gun and aim the gun toward the melon handing from the tree. I pull back the trigger and (the gun goes off with a loud sound). All of the Awa’ men drop to the ground when they hear the loud sound of the shot gun. Fear is etched on all their faces. TIRAMUCUM AWA’ Perhaps we should leave the white man’s weapons to the white man? TAKWARENOCHIA As an elder I have seen and heard the white man’s weapon and it still scares me, but we will be equal to the white man if he tries to attack us. Now we can scare the white man instead of the other way around. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR All of you speak the truth. Yes, the white man’s weapon is loud and frightening, but you will get used to the sound and you will see that it can kill any animal in the jungle at great distances. As your white jaguar I want you men to be able to defend your family and the village from white men who have no understanding of the Awa’. All that day the Awa’ practiced shooting shot guns and completely ripping targets to pieces. The Awa’ men felt that now they had little to fear from the white men. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ (CONT’D) 107. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR (CONT’D) Men of the Awa’ tribe, you have done well today. Now take your shot guns and shells to your hut and keep them there until we go hunting or if we are attacked. Do not leave a shell in your gun when you are not using it and tell your family not to play or touch the guns for their safety. Tell them the guns are cursed by the white men. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Thank you great white jaguar. You have found a way for our people to protect themselves from the white man. Word will spread to other Amazon tribes of your deeds here and some will send representatives to see and talk with the great white jaguar. They may even ask for guns in exchange for pledges of loyalty to our tribe. FADE OUT. SCENE 6- EXT. DAY- HUNTING 55 WHITE MAN STYLE 55 A week later Jose and Phillipe took the men of the Awa’ tribe hunting with their new white man’s shot guns. FADE IN: JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Remember my brothers do not load your gun until I tell you to. We do not want anyone to fall or drop their gun, and have it go off accidentally killing someone nearby. Chief you lead the way, and I will follow you on the hunt. An hour later. 108. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Look wild boar! Quiet everyone. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Load your guns brothers. Remember aim your gun toward the boar using the little bead on the end of the barrel. Pull the trigger and you should kill the wild boar immediately. Ready four of you can shoot now. The rest of you wait to see how many we kill. Suddenly a loud burst of shot guns goes off and two wild pigs fall. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Amazing, we killed two pigs just like that. The roar of the white man’s guns is really loud and must have sent all the other animals in the region running away. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Good job my brother Awa’. You have killed two pigs on our first try. Let us see what other animals we can find in our hunt today? Suddenly as the sound of the guns abated a strange roar appeared above the forest canopy. It was a helicopter from the FUNAI governmental agency searching for unconnected tribes in the Amazon rain forest just to record their existence in the Indians in the non-contact zone. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR (CONT’D) Stay quiet my brothers and hide under the bushes. It is not a big bird above, it is the white man in one of their flying machines. Suddenly a shot gun went off. The pellets bounced off the helicopter above causing it to veer off and fly away. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR (CONT’D) What the hell? Who shot that gun at the white man’s flying machine? 109. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ I think it was Tiramucum Awa’. TIRAMUCUM AWA’ I am sorry White Jaguar, I was nervous and my hand was on the gun trigger, and I accidentally pulled it and it went off. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD Chief Awa’, that may bring big white man and a lot of trouble for our village.. Now the FUNAI know we are here, and that we have shot guns. They will send agents to find us and to determine why we shot at their flying machine. This could be big, big trouble. We may have to move the village to avoid these white man Chief. Let’s return to the village to talk about this. Everyone back to the village quickly. Jose The White Leopard and the other Awa’ warriors return to the village with their two killed pigs. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD (CONT’D) Chief there are two reasons why we must move the village. The FUNAI will come soon to investigate why someone with a white man’s shot gun took a shot at their flying machine. Secondly, If they find out we have gold and guns it could mean big trouble for all of us. I am a wanted man by the white man and gold can always bring white men to the jungle in their greed to find riches. I hate to ask this of you but can you talk with the elders and discuss moving our village as soon as possible? Later that day the Chief returns to The White Jaguar’s hut. 110. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ I have spoken with the elders and they agree that the White Jaguar speaks with the voice of the jungle and it is best for us to avoid the white man, should he come. We are packing up and leaving today. My warriors will look for another site several miles upriver further into the no contact zone. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR This is a good decision Chief Awa’ Pray. Thank you for listening to me. As the village woman and men pack up and take down their huts and hammocks and cage up their pets one of the Chief’s daughters comes to Jose’. TAKWARE’ AWA’ White Jaguar, I wish to come and live in your hut when we move to our new village site. Would that please you? I will care for your pet monkey and your jaguar cub, Spirit. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Thank you I am grateful and attracted to you Takware’, come help me pack up my things and pets. Watch out for Spirit, he likes to bite when playing. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Let us pack up our canoes and head deep into the Amazon jungle to seek a new village sight and to flee the white man. And so the Awa’ tribe disappeared into the forest once again seeking peace and a tranquil life. FADE OUT. ACT SEVENTEEN-THE FUNAI RESPONDS 111. SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- FUNAI OFFICE OF PETRIOLINO GARRETO Jesus De La Zuni was in the helicopter that was shot by a shot gun while flying over the No Contact Zone of the Amazon Jungle. Returning in the helicopter with scratches on the side of the helicopter, Jesus reports to his superior Petriolino. FADE IN: JESUS DE LA ZUNI Petriolino I have bad news for you. We were surveying the non-contact tribes in the No Contact Zone and we were fired upon by someone with a shot gun. Fortunately, the pellets bounced off the helicopter. PETRIOLINO GARRETO, FUNAi supervisor Did you see who shot at you? JeSUS DE LA ZUNI No Sir, we could not see through the trees on the ground who was shooting at us. It could have been illegal loggers, white men or possibly Awa’ Indians. However, we do not know of any Awa’ tribes in the No Contact Zone that have shot guns. PETRIOLINO GARRETO We need to follow up on this report. Perhaps there are illegal loggers in the No Contact Zone stealing precious trees? I cannot imagine that any Awa’ Indians in the No Contact Zone would have shot guns because they would have had to get them from white men who are forbidden to go into the No Contact Zone by the government. Take another helicopter and search the area again for evidence of white men or an Awa’ village in the area. We must find these dangerous men. 112. JESUS DE LA ZUNI Yes Sir. We will fuel up another helicopter and fly back to where we were shot at. I will bring binoculars this time. PETRIOLINO GARRETO Keep me informed on the radio if you are shot at again and I will send a patrol with a power motor boat to investigate. FADE OUT. SCENE 2- EXT. DAY- THE NEW AWA’ VILLAGE DEEP IN THE NO CONTACT ZONE IN THE AMAZON FOREST. FADE IN: JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Chief, for now we must not make a clearing that will show our huts from the air for the white man’s flying machines. For now we need the protection of the forest to hide us from the air. Our canoes must also be covered by palm leaves so that they cannot be seen from the air also. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ That is a wise suggestion White Jaguar. FADE OUT. Six months later no immediate response to the shooting of the helicopter is made by the FUNAI government agency because they cannot find any white men or Awa’ in the area. Things begin to settle down in the Awa’ village and everything returns to the normal routine. FADE IN: KORAIN’ AWA’ Spirit is getting much bigger now after six months. (MORE) 113. She must weight around 40 pounds. I had to cut her nails to prevent her from scratching me. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Well, she is after all a wild female jaguar, and it will be hard training her to be a pet and not want to hunt as other Jaguars do. KORAIN’ AWA’ When I walk her on her leash all the villagers run and hide. She scares everyone even though she is still small. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR She may grow to around 70 or 80 pounds you know. We have to give her plenty of fresh meat and fish everyday to keep her lazy and dependent on us for food. She still reminds me of a house cat, only much larger. She thinks I am her mother after feeding her milk for the first few months of her life. KORAIN’ AWA’ Your pet monkey Mooglee is afraid of Spirit. He gets all excited when Spirit comes into the hut. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR The Jaguar is a natural enemy of the Howler Monkey. KORAIN’ AWA’ Are you happy with me White Jaguar? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Of course Korain’, you are the love of my life. I am so glad that we are living together as husband and wife. Perhaps some day we will have children? KORAIN’ AWA’ (CONT’D) 114. KORAIN’ AWA’ You seek a lot White Jaguar. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR Sit next to me Korain’ so that we can feel the warmth of our bodies. Get down Spirit. Do we have something to feed this hungry jaguar? Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter flying over head is heard breaking the sounds of the jungle. Jose’ runs out of his hut to see if he can see the helicopter and whether everyone is safely hidden from sight. JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR (CONT’D) Stay in your huts everyone until the white man’s flying machine goes away. Hide under the bushes and stay still. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ Have the white men returned White Jaguar? JOSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR I think so Chief Awa’, but we are well covered by the trees, and bushes, and our canoes are hidden by palm leaves. They are searching for something, maybe not us? After several minutes the helicopter disappears and the FUNAI do not spot the Awa’ village hidden below them. FADE OUT. SCENE 3-EXT. DAY MOVING AGAIN TO A NEW CAMP SITE IN THE AMAZON JUNGLE. FADE IN: CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ White Jaguar what will the white man do next? Will they come and kill our people? 115. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD It is my fault Chief Awa’ Pray. I brought this down upon the Awa’ people by taking vengeance for the construction worker that shot me in the forest. I must think of a way to undo this mess. I am sorry but moving the village is unsettling but necessary to make it impossible for the white man to find us. CHIEF AWA’-PRAY-AMMA-AWA’ My daughter has chosen you as her husband and your have saved my younger daughter from dying of the white man’s disease and you are blessed by the spirit of the Jaguar, so we must protect you and benefit from your good fortune. I will take some of our warriors and go ahead to seek a new village site on another river. JOSE’ DUARTE DE PRAAD I will make it up to you soon Chief Awa’ Pray. Meanwhile, I will have Korain’ Awa’ and Kakware’ Awa help me pack up our household and pets. Everyone is afraid of Spirit, so I will transport Spirit myself. She is a little over six months and growing fast. In a matter of just one day the Awa’ had packed up their village, loaded up their canoes and laid dead branches to cover up the ground to hide their existence. SCENE 4- EXT. DAY- SPIRIT BEGINS TO ACT LIKE A WILD JAGUAR KORAIN’ AWA’ White Jaguar come quick, Spirit has your pet monkey around the neck with her mouth. Hurray of Spirit will kill your monkey Boo boo. 116. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR I am coming as fast as I can run Korain’ Awa. How did this happen? KoRAIN’ AWA’ I don’t know. One minute they were playing together and the next minute Spirit had Boo boo around the neck scaring the monkey. I could not get her to release Boo boo from her mouth. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR Spirit, Spirit, it is me Jose’, stop, come here girl. Come on, leave Boo Boo alone. Spirit release she had done something wrong released the monkey from her mouth and sulked over to Jose’. JoSE’ THE WHITE JAGUAR You see Korain’ Awa’ she is still trained and listens to me. I am worried some of the wildness in her is developing naturally. I have never seen a Jaguar in captivity or as a pet. We will have to be more careful in the future. I will have to spend more time with her training in the future. KORAIN’ AWA’ Spirit scares me Jose’. She is only six months old and look how big she has gotten. She must weight over 50 pounds already. Lucky she is a female because male jaguars can weight up to 200 pounds sometimes. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR Here Spirit take this meat. Stay, good girl. Here is your dinner. Wow, she swallowed that huge chunk of boar bone and all in one gulp? 117. KAKWARE’ AWA’ White Jaguar can I walk Spirit today? She behaves when she is with me. See she is purring like a little kitten when I rub her ears. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR Kakware’ Awa’ you must always remember that Spirit is still a wild Jaguar even though we have her as a pet. Her natural instinct is to hunt her prey and kill them. Be on your guard and do not let Spirit go near any of the children of the village. KAKWARE’ AWA’ Yes, White Jaguar. I understand. Korain’ AWA’ White Jaguar I will bandage Boo Boo’s neck, it is bleeding from Spirit’s sharp teeth. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR Put Boo Boo back in his cage after you bandage him and keep him away from Spirit from now on. Jaguars are natural enemies of Howler Monkeys. CHILDREN OF THE VILLAGE Look, look it is the Jaguar pet of the White Jaguar. I think he calls this Jaguar Spirit. Run, run away, the pet jaguar scares us. When the children see Kakware’ Awa’ walking Spirit on a leash they scream and run away. KAKWARE’ AWA Come on Spirit, let’s go to the river and see if you want to swim. Wow, you like the water. Good girl. Don’t swim to far Spirit, the leash is not that long and I cannot go too deep. You are a good swimmer I see. (MORE) 118. That is amazing. Come on girl let’s go back to the village it is getting late. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR How did Spirit behave on the walk Kakware’ Awa’? KAKWARE’ AWA I took her for a swim in the river. She loves the water and swims very fast. It is amazing to see how she loves the water naturally. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR That is good Kakware’ Awa’, now put her back in her cage for now and make sure she has some water and food. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ White Jaguar how are you and Spirit today? As shaman of the village I must warn you that the wildness of Spirit will grow more, and more every month until eventually you may have to let her return to the wild. When she enters mating season she may run away anyway. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR I am beginning to realize that. Spirit almost killed my monkey Boo Boo recently while they were playing by grabbing the monkey around the throat with her teeth. DAVI KOPEN AWA’ The spirit of the Jaguar is the most powerful spirit in the Amazon my friend. Be careful. That is my warning. JOSE THE WHITE JAGUAR We will see how Spirit reacts when she becomes a year old. Perhaps I will have to follow your advice and let her return to the wild. Hopefully, she will look after us in the forest against other dangers? KAKWARE’ AWA (CONT’D) 119. ACT EIGHTEEN- THE GREAT PLAN OF THE WHITE JAGUAR SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- AWA’ VILLAGE DEEP IN THE NO CONTACT ZONE OF THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST. 120.

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