My new movie script is called “Capt. Retro,” and it is about an autistic teenager who develops a formula to win the Powerball Lottery for 200 million dollars. When asked what he is going to do with the money, he responds, “become a Super-hero,” and everyone laughs. The main character Evan Rivers is an 18 year old High school senior in Danbury, High School, Conn who is like the character in the movie “Rainmaker,” in which he has a super high level of mathematical ability. After winning the lottery everyone he knows wants to borrow money including his own parents, pastor, principal and all his high school friends. Money grubbers are everywhere and privacy is lost. Evan’s parents begin overspending using his money because they are his legal guardians. They buy a new house and a new car, new boat and on and on. Holly, Evan’s sister helps Evan stop his parents from overspending by consulting a lawyer who seeks to protect Evan’s fortune. A few thugs follow Evan while walking to the local supermarket and grab him and throw him into a white van in hopes of holding him for ransom. As luck would have it the van hits a giant pot hole and the back doors of the van fly open and Evan is thrown out of the van from the impact. He lands on his back, gets up and runs all the way home to his parents house. From that point forward Evan becomes paranoid. Holly helps him to channel his abilities to creating a fully secure farm house with 100 acres surrounding it. He builds a house more secure than Bill Gates home in Washington. In the barn Evan creates a factory to build a new invention he created called a Capt. Retro Cube. This is a cube slightly smaller than the Rubix cube the is designed for autistic children and adults to figet it with and as a release when they are having a melt down. The cube features two squeeze buttons the record the stress level of the holder in a digital level 1-10. It has a built in CPU like a computer and the ability to communicate wirelessly. On one side is a tiny abacus which works. On another side of the cube is a satellite locator so that the owner’s presence can always be tracked for their safety. On another side is a memory builder similar to the electronic game hit the ground hog where a light comes on and the player must match the light to first light and so on. A reward music theme plays when the player gets more than 60% right. Evan eventually manufactures the Capt. Retro Cube by hiring other autistic people to make and assemble it in his barn. The cube sells millions of copies and Evan becomes a millionaire again. He soon learns the becoming a Super-hero is not about running around in a Superman outfit, but what you can help people with disabilites to live a normal  and happy life. THE END.


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