cartoon version of Dr. Pel Mead

Ghengis Khan has many rules of law and personal techniques that helped him conquer half the known Asian world at the time.

Rule Number One-  Never underestimate your enemies.  Never give your enemies the benefit of doubt. Always expect the worse scenario . When a War Lord challenges you in front of your troops cut his head off and hang it on a spear outside your dwelling.

Rule Number Two- Put your country first and your family second when it comes to priorities. Do not let personal spats in your family interfere with your control and loyalty to your country.  Family disputes come and go. Country disputes could last for years if not decades unless attended to.

Rule Number three- Never assume anything for it makes an ass-out OF U and Me.

Rule Number four- If a bird can fly faster than a man on a horse use a bird to communicate, however if face to face communication is possible then meet your opponent face to face so they he fully understands you message. If he does not listen cut off his ears.

Rule Number five- Like Alexander the Great, have your Generals marry the local Princess to hold family bonds with that country to prevent uprisings in the future. Never leave your supply line unguarded. Secure all countries with marriage bonds.

Rule Number six- Only a fool thinks he is invincible. We are all of human flesh subject to human weaknesses. Never show your troops you have any weaknesses.

Rule Number seven- The chinese have more numbers of troops than the Mongols and a greater society, however, the Mongols still defeated them because the Chinese though the great wall would protect them. Ghengis rode around the wall and invaded China.

Rule Number eight- A MAN who walks with one leg walks slowly, a Fool walks with two legs never looking down at the trap hidden in the ground in front of him.




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