This is the first few chapters of my movie script. The whole script runs 194 pages long.

Enjoy.  PKM

Templar Knight
Templar knight


A TEMPLAR SQUIRE’S TALE ACT 1 ONE- BATTLE OF ACRE 1 2 SCENE- EXT. DAY-THE CITY OF ACRE IN THE HOLY LAND 2 The opening scene begins in the midst of the battle for the City Of Acre in the Holy Land. On May 18, 1291, The Egyptian Mamluks are attacking. In this scene is the beautiful view of the wall surrounding Acre, and the ocean, and the harbor nearby. The mountains are in the distance, and as far as the eye can see are hundreds of thousands of the Mamluk armies shining in the sun. The Mamluks have breached the outer wall of the city of Acre by mining under the wall. Al Muzaffar Tagai Ad Din leads the army of Hama which is seen approaching the inner wall of the City of Acre toward the Templar Tower (See diagram in Resources page) The Templar Knights attempt to hold out to the last man to defend their tower. FADE IN: AL MUZAFFAR TAGAI AD DIN (40’S) Attack the inner wall of the Templar Tower. Send the Armies over the breached outer wall. The City is ours, Praise be to Allah. Our two giant siege machines the Victorious and the Furious have weakened the walls. MAMLUK GENERAL (60) I have sent our best soldiers to try, and take the Templar Tower your magnificence. We are charging over the breached wall of rubble to enter the city. We have already taken the Accursed Tower. Meanwhile, high on the Templar wall among hundreds of Templar knights is one knight Francois de Villiars who is slightly wounded from an arrow to his arm. TEMPLAR FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS (40’S) My arm is killing me. Jean get me some water and a cloth to tie off this bleeding. Are the Mamluks still coming over the wall? TEMPLAR JEAN GRAILLY Yes brother Francois the are coming like ants to a honey pot. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS Help me up so that I can defend the wall. Is the beauseant (Black and White Templar Banner) still flying? TEMPLAR JEAN GRAILLY Yes, it is still flying. Drink some water Francois. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS (Suddenly, realizing he was dying Francois thought back to his beginnings in France). FADE OUT. (Flash back in memory) I remember the little Cottage in Campaign, France where my son Geoffrey was born. My wife Marianne had a difficult time with the birth. Her father who was a rich merchant from Amiens very happy to have a grandson for the first time. I thought of my father who was a Templar Knight who died in the fifth Crusade in 1224. I can see Marianne now with her long brown hair that glistened in the sun coming through the cottage window. It was barely three years later when she succumbed to the plague. I buried her under the Oak in the back of the cottage. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS (CONT’D) My little Geoffrey what am I to do with you now that your mother has died? Perhaps my sister Teresa de Cottiers will take you in? She has never had children of her own. FADE OUT. 2. Francois travels with his son to a nearby town where his sister Teresa lives. FADE IN: TERESA DE COTTIERS (40) Francois how nice of you to visit me. Where is Marianne? Is this your son brother? He is beautiful. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS Teresa, Marianne has died of the plague and I have turned over my cottage and estate to the Templar Knight of which I intend to join. I would not ask you, except I have no one to turn to. Would you care for little Geoffrey for me while I am away at the Crusades? TERESA DE COTTIERS (40) Brother Francois I am at your disposal, and if it be God’s will, I can care for little Geoffrey. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS God Bless you Teresa. He is a good boy and he will make you proud. I must go now to the Crusades in the Holy Land. Francois goes outside Teresa’s cottage and mounts his horse and rides away into the distance. Teresa is left with a crying three old boy. TERESA DE COTTIERS You will be fine little Geoffrey. You will be like my own son. Aunt Teresa was a short and thin woman, with rosy cheeks, and a kind smile. Her hair was short with some grey in it. She was a very religious woman, who always prayed in the morning, and in the evening. She taught Geoffrey how to read the Bible, and how to take care of horses, and cows. TERESA DE COTTIERS (CONT’D) Father, I pray, watch over little Geoffrey and myself. Guide us and protect us that we might never go hungry and suffer disease. Watch over Francois and keep him safe. (MORE) 3. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. FADE OUT. SCENE 2-EXT. DAY- RETURNING 3 TO REALITY 3 FADE IN Francois slowly returns to reality to realize that Mamluks are scaling the tower walls to gain entry to the Templar Tower. The whistling sound of hundreds of arrows are overhead and the constant pounding of stones pounding the Tower of the Templars is heard. Screaming and voices of the dying are everywhere. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS Get back you heathens.(Pushing a ladder back off the wall) A Mamluk soldier has come of the wall and is swing his sword at Francois) Take this (as he slashes his sword through the side of the Mamluk soldier) The Mamluk drops to the ground bleeding and dead. GUILLAUME DE VILLARET (40) Francois are you alright? You are bleeding brother. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS I am alright Grand Master, just a superficial wound. I bandaged it up. GUILLAUME DE VILLARET Good. Al-Muzaffar Taqai ad Din’s soldiers are trying to get inside the Templar Tower to open the gate. We must push them back. Duck incoming arrows. Keep the Mamluks off the ramparts of the tower.(Shouting To other Templars on the wall) The Templars bright white tunics with the red cross on it shine bright in the sunlight among the black uniforms of the Mamluks. Meanwhile, in this battle scene, the Egyptian army stretch out from the end of the wall of Montmusard up to the Gulf of Acre. TERESA DE COTTIERS (CONT’D) 4. In the distance can be seen the Dihliz (red tent of the Sultan and the Headquarters) on a small hill near the shore on the front of the Tower of the Legate. AL MUZAFFAR TAGAI AD DIN Sultan the battle for control of the city goes well, but the Tower of the Templars is difficult to capture. Use the Carabohas (Rapid fire siege machines) Day and night until their walls crumble. MAMLUK GENERAL Yes, Sultan I will instruct the army to move up closer and pound the Templar Tower. AL MUZAFFAR TAGAI AD DIN General tell the Chages to fill up the ditch near the Tower of St. Anthony To allow our cavalry access. The Chages, sectaries to the Mamluks, and known for self immolation in the name of Islam, followed the order with their living bridge over which the Muslim cavalry advanced and gained the foot of the walls. (Note: this is a horrific scene with humans beings lying face down while horses charge across their backs killing the face down muslim fanatic Chages in the process. FADE TO BLACK. SCENE 3-EXT. NIGHT 4 -THE COUNTER ATTACK 4 On April 15 under moonlight the templars launched a counterattack led by Jean Grailly, and Otto de Grandison against the camp of the Hama, but their horses got their legs tangled in the ropes of the Muslim’s tents and were caught, and many were killed including Francois de Villiars, his horse trips on a tent rope, and he falls from his horse. A fight ensues with a Muslim warrior. Francois is cut down and dies. FADE IN: TEMPLAR JEAN GRAILLY (40’S) Come brother Templars we shall attack the Muslims under the cover of darkness. There is little moon light this night. We have 300 men to make a Counter-attack when the Mamluks least expect it. 5. TEMPLAR OTTO DE GRANDISON (40’S) Templars mount up. Prepare your lances. Charge. The Gates of Acre open and the Templar knights ride into the darkness headed toward the camp of the Hama Muslims. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS Follow me brothers. We will surprise them as we sleep in their tents. Charge. As the Templar knights charge the Hama Muslim campsite in the darkness their horses begin to trip and fall as their legs get tangled in the ropes of the Muslim’s tents. TEMPLAR JEAN GRAILLY Look out for the tent ropes. Oh, no we cannot see the ropes in the darkness. My horse’s legs are tangled in the ropes. Help, I am falling. FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS It is so dark we cannot see. We are upon the Muslims. Spare no one. Oh, my God my horse is going down. (Hitting the ground) Damm the tent ropes tripped my horse. A Muslim warrior suddenly comes our of his tent when he hears the noise from Francois shouting. MUSLIM WARRIOR (30’S) Die infidel. (Swinging his curved sword) FRANCOIS DE VILLIARS (Getting up from his fall he draws his sword) Not so quick my Muslim friend. God is on my side. MUSLIM WARRIOR You will die anyway. Take this (Swinging his sword) Francois blocks the Muslim warrior’s sword many times, but a slash cuts him in the leg. He falls to the ground, and the Muslim Warrior stabs him in the chest. Francois dies that night as a true Templar Knight. FADE OUT. 6. 5 5 SCENE 4- INT. DAY 6 -THE TOWERS FALL 6 FADE IN: On May 8, 1291, the Acre towers begin to cave in one after another from the mining underneath the Acre towers walls by the Muslims. FADE IN: TEMPLAR KNIGHT Commander, sound the alarm the west wall is crumbling. The Muslims must have mined under it. Defend the wall at all costs. Charge. Meanwhile back at the Muslim line. SULTAN AL-ASHRAF KHALIL (50’S) Today May 18, 1291, we shall attack the city of Acre again for the walls have fallen. Sound the trumpets and drums. (300 trumpets and drums were carried on camels). The sound is deafening. MUSLIM WARRIOR 2 Charge. The Sultan has commanded that we attack the crumbled portion in the wall of Acre. Allah is great. 300 camels lead the attack with trumpets blasting and drums pounding, the Muslims charge the breech in the crumbling Acre wall as arrows flying through the air everywhere, and Templar knights stand behind the crumbled wall ready to defend the city at all costs. The Muslims advance toward a great tower called the Accursed Tower (the Accursed Tower was in the inner wall, situated between the Tower of King Henri II and the Tower of the Teutonic Knights) TEMPLAR KNIGHT 6 Commander the Muslims have reached the Accursed tower. What should we do? 7. KING HENRY II (50’S) All is lost. Saddle my horse squire. I am leaving by the secret gate. Master of the Hospitallers are you coming with me? MASTER OF THE HOSPITALLERS (50’S) I am right behind you your majesty. We must flee to our galleys off the coast. Follow me and I will show you the secret gate leading away from the city to the ocean. THIBAULD DE GAUDIN (60’S Since the walls have fallen it is only a matter of time before we surround the Templar fort within the city. I must flee with all the Templar treasure. KING HENRY II Can you take some of the women along with you? THIBAULD DE GAUDIN Yes, as many as I can pack in our longboats which are waiting up the coast for us to board. I have a dozen trusted Templar Knights to help me carry the treasure out at night and up the coast in wagons. My galley is waiting off the coast of Acre out of range of the Muslims. KING HENRY II Hurray then we must load the treasure before the Muslims assault the Templar walls. We have several million in gold and silver to remove. Move quickly. FADE OUT. SCENE 5- EXT. DAY -THE 7 GRAND MASTER FALLS 7 FADE IN: Guilaume, aka William of Beaujeu, is hit with an arrow, and is severely bleeding. In middle of the siege by the Mamluks he drops his sword, and walks away from the walls of Acre. His Templar knights are most upset, and he responds saying. 8. WILLIAM OF BEAUJEU, GRAND MASTER OF TEMPLAR KNIGHTS (50’S)’S) Je ne m”enfuis pas: je suis mort. Voici le coup. (I’m not running away; I am dead. Here is the blow)(Showing an arrow that hit him under his armor where massive bleeding is happening) TEMPLAR KNIGHT 7 Out Master is mortally wounded. TEMPLAR KNIGHT 8 Where is he going? Is he fleeing from the battle? TEMPLAR KNIGHT 7 No, I think he just collapsed on the wall and he looks like he is dead. All is doomed. God protect us. Let’s carry him to safety. I think our Grand Master has died. The Mamluks overrun the city that day killing everyone. Acre is lost forever. FADE TO BLACK. ACT 3-SUMMER OF 1291- AUNT 8 TERESA’S COTTAGE 8 SCENE 1- INT. DAY -AUNT TERESA’S COTTAGE FADE IN: News of the death of Templar Knight Francois de Villiars at the Battle of Acre reaches his sister Teresa Cottiers. At the small cottage of Aunt Teresa in Troyes, France. The cottage has a thatched roof, and is built of stone and mud. There is only one room inside with a fireplace. Cots are against the wall on one side of the room. On the other side is the cooking area. Straw and dirt are on the floor with no wood boards. A fire is burning brightly, warming the cottage.

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