Let me share some of my personal experiences with you regarding marketing your book. Beware the publishing companies go through the steps in marketing for which they charge you but never follow up on the venture. Many small book promoters are beginning to appear that scam you into listing or showing your book at International book fairs, only to cancel the listing and keeping your money. Beware of these frauds.

Another rip off is the Twitter promotion companies who want to be paid for listing your book online, when you could do the same thing for free. Do not give them one penny for this promotion. It is a scam. You will never get your money back.

My royalties from Xlibris amount to nothing because I am selling my five books through Amazon and getting only 10% of the profit. Because of that I set up my own website to try and sell books directly to the public at reduced prices but a higher profit for me than Amazon. So far I have received not one request online.

I have used CROWDFIRE a free software which puts out twitter output everyday for you to build up a following. Eventually, the program gets smaller and smaller while pushing for you to pay for the higher service. I dropped them after a month.

My website is http://www.drpelhammead.com if you want to see a good commercial site for ordering my books.

My WordPress blog site is http://www.meadnovels.com

Drop in and check our my sites.


Dr. Pelham Mead

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