Destiny By Dr. Pelham Mead III     Chapter One It is the year 3750, Earth time in flight time, and all systems are running 100%. I am “Venturi Probe 5000” a robot ship created by the best scientists of earth in the year 3740. My mission is to repopulate other planets as Earth is slowly dying from an orbit change as a result of a comet hitting earth on May 1, 3739. The earth began to experience major earthquakes after May 1, 3739, and three-fourths of the world flooded as the poles melted. This orbital change brought Earth closer … Continue reading Destiny

Teaching Senior Faculty 60+ how to use Technology in their classrooms.

Teaching Senior Faculty how to use Technology in their classrooms. By Dr. Pelham Mead   My job listing at Colleges and Universities is called an Instructional Technologist. Originally, the job was called a Staff Developer in the 1990’s. The demand for more technology created a void of people to be able to both repair desktop and laptop computers and to be able to teach educators how to use the software.   Early on Universities learned that you cannot just buy new computers and drop them in Professors laps and expert them to learn how to use them and the software … Continue reading Teaching Senior Faculty 60+ how to use Technology in their classrooms.

Chapter 4 from the novel, The Junior High

  Chapter 4- Sex in the school            There three types of students in Junior High School, the oversexed, the undersexed and those that did not know the difference. Generally the 9th grade students had the most hormones pumping, and were of course the most physically mature compared to a 7th grader. A 7th grade girl had to really be physically well developed in the chest area in order for a 9th grade boy to notice them. 7th grade boys were still playing with yo yo’s, and masturbating at home with Playboy magazines. 8th grade boys were the freaks … Continue reading Chapter 4 from the novel, The Junior High

The Lion in the Carpet continued…

  This is the second installment of the Lion in the Carpet. The Bear in the Carpet., Yogi. Billy Alton is a ten year old boy in 1952 that has contracted polio and it has crippled him over two years to the point he has to use leg braces and crutches to walk. While in the bathroom sitting on the toilet one day he sees the image of a Lion head in the high pile carpet under his feet. Suddenly, a full grown lion appears whose name is Leo. Leo can talk to Billy with mental images rather than talk … Continue reading The Lion in the Carpet continued…

The Lion in the Carpet by Dr. Pelham Mead 2018

 In 1950 Billy Alton a typical 8 year old boy in Freeport, Long Island New York contracted polio. There was no cure for polio in the 1950’s, just some pain killer medicine. After two years, Billy’s condition got worse and he needed leg braces and crutches. One day while sitting on the toilet in his bathroom he was staring at the high pile piece of carpet under his feet next to the toilet. Suddenly, he thought he saw the head of a lion. How weird? After staring at the Lion, a Wolf head appeared, and a Bear all in different … Continue reading The Lion in the Carpet by Dr. Pelham Mead 2018

Starting a Gymnastic movement in the 1960’s

If there was any sport more backward in Public School in the 1960’s it was Gymnastics. The Physical Education teachers did not have the college training to properly teach gymnastics, nor did they understand the progressions for teaching skills. Most of all they did not purchase the proper landing mats, tumbling mats and equipment to make gymnastics possible. This was the situation I faced in 1967 when I began teaching at Kakiat Junior High school, East Ramapo Central School district in Spring Vally, New York. At that time the Physical Education teachers used gymnastic equipment for a fitness course with … Continue reading Starting a Gymnastic movement in the 1960’s

Researching a New Script

My newest script project is called, “The True Templar Knight.”  It is based on a real Templar knight named Stephen de Staplebrigge who was forced by the Pope and the King Edward II of England to become a Monk in 1319. His grave is located in the south cemetery at Christchurch Priory in Dorset, England. In 1908 the lid to his crypt was discovered during some renovation on the church property.  The lid was rediscovered in 1995 by the church historian. On the crypt lid was engraved a Templar sword in expensive marble. Stephen was both an ex-Templar and an … Continue reading Researching a New Script