wolf-clip-art-wolf-clip-art-8 In 1950 Billy Alton a typical 8 year old boy in Freeport, Long Island New York contracted polio. There was no cure for polio in the 1950’s, just some pain killer medicine. After two years, Billy’s condition got worse and he needed leg braces and crutches. One day while sitting on the toilet in his bathroom he was staring at the high pile piece of carpet under his feet next to the toilet. Suddenly, he thought he saw the head of a lion. How weird? After staring at the Lion, a Wolf head appeared, and a Bear all in different poses in the carpet. Billy was amused. Suddenly, the Lion appeared in Billy’s bathroom scaring Billy into falling off the toilet. The lion had a full male main and took up a lot of room in the bathroom. Billy thought he was dreaming but the Lion actually talked, not with his mouth but with his thoughts and Billy seemed to understand what the Lion was thinking. Once Billy got over the shock of reality versa fantasy, the Lion spoke. “Well little human I am finally free of that dirty carpet. Come with me and we will go through the wall out into the yard. Hold my tail and follow me.”

Billy held the large hairless tail of the lion and they walked through the wall without disturbing anything. They were outside where Billy had not been for a year. It was hot and humid that day. “Where are we going Lion?”  “My name is Leo, said the Lion.”

“Come we are going to the Zoo to visit some of my friends,” the lion said. “But I cannot walk,” said Billy. “No problem, we are going to fly, so hold onto my tail and we are off.”

Minutes later Billy and Leo landed next to the Lion cage. Leo called out his friends who were in the cage. They were surprised to see him.

and so the story goes on until Billy awakes sitting on the toilet. He tells no one about his encounter with Leo, yet he is looking forward to seeing Leo again.

Instead the next time he stares at the carpet he sees the head of a brown wolf that comes alive and shows Billy how to run with the pack, despite his polio.

to be continued….

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