Camarilla Commanders of the Sky

by Dr. Pelham Mead III (2016) Camarilla Commanders of the Sky By Dr. Pelham Mead III Preface- Here is the outline to my movie script epic of the Camarilla Commanders of the sky. The story is about everyone political and rich abandoning the Earth for the stars after hundreds of nuclear explosion destroyed the Earth. Left behind are scientists that have been working on developing a new breed of mankind that can live in the clouds with wings to stay away from the Earth’s radiation.     The Five Societies of Bird Men in the year 5530.   Society Leader … Continue reading Camarilla Commanders of the Sky

The True Templar

Stephen de Staplebrigge was a monk and past Templar when he was sent by the Bishop of Chincester to Chistchurch Priory in Dorset in the south of England. In 1319, Stephen a past Templar Commander of Lydley manor was 33 years of age. He had just spent five years rotting away in Newgate prison in London for escaping from St. Mary’s monastery in Surrey, England.  He had his first tenure or monk style puddling bowl haircut at Christchurch priory in 1319 and he was considered a Novice for life as penance for violating the rules of the Catholic Church.  Stephen … Continue reading The True Templar

Happy New Year 2018

Well I planned to go out and party for New Year’s Even but nature had other plans. I got sick and had to go to the emergency room. Six hours later they tell me I have the flu. But, I got the flu injection last fall? What happened? Well the CDC did a crappy job with an anti-flu shot that was only 20% effective.  I wouldn’t even place a bet on a roulette wheel at 20% odds. Imagine our nations Number one flu agency cannot do better than 20% and yet they still market it to seniors? Duh, what is … Continue reading Happy New Year 2018