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Camarilla Commanders of the Sky

by Dr. Pelham Mead III (2016)

Camarilla Commanders of the Sky

By Dr. Pelham Mead III

Preface- Here is the outline to my movie script epic of the Camarilla Commanders of the sky. The story is about everyone political and rich abandoning the Earth for the stars after hundreds of nuclear explosion destroyed the Earth. Left behind are scientists that have been working on developing a new breed of mankind that can live in the clouds with wings to stay away from the Earth’s radiation.




The Five Societies of Bird Men in the year 5530.


Society Leader Queen City Characteristics
Hawk men Lord Thor   Aesir First DNA modification for wings and feathers on human backs, modification of body size (smaller-150 or less pounds) change in bone structure and brown feathers on wings. Viking tradition revived. Men all bearded.
Angels of God Michael the Archangel Queen Mary Alta Last DNA society with modified wings that were all white. Separated from other four societies last. Large white wings. Christian society that believes they are the true ones. Hate all other bird men.
Vulture men Lord Vendo Queen Zina Sky reach All men bald, large brown wings, white collar of feathers. Scavengers and cannibals. Will eat anything.
Falcon men Lord Kyte Queen Isabelle Avalon Fastest
Eagle men Lord Garth Queen Adelia Sky bright Largest of the bird men other than the Vulture men. White feathers mixed with brown feathers. Largest wind span. Excellent fishers.


Terrans, Mutants, and Aquines (Gill People)
Earth Bound society Leaders Variations of mutations and DNA variations other than wings. Food sources Comments
Aquaines-Live under the Ocean Lord Neptune Developed gills for breathing under the ocean.

Live in bubble shelters under the ocean. Spend their entire life underwater. Cannot walk on land due to fin feet modification.

Fish and seaweed, Shell fish. Hunters with spear guns and nets.


Never kill Whales or Dolphins which are mammals and brothers to the Aquaines and can understand one another’s sounds.

Brothers to the Whales and Dolphins mammals. Enemy to the Sharks.
Mutants, Primitives and Birdmen hybrid defectives No Leader, live in small separate colonies in caves or below the earth due to radiation. Live in caves and earth dug dwellings deep in the Earth beyond the radiation zone. Mutants lost their fingers to stumps. Birdman hybrids have no wings or malformed ones.

Primitives lost their intelligence and adaptive skills due to radiation. Most die young.

All scavengers. No animals left on earth to eat.

Fish available in the oceans. Lakes and rivers contaminated.

Mushrooms and plants grown underground.

Seaweed from Oceans and cannibals

The Mutants, Primitives and hybrid birdmen trade minerals dug out of the earth such as Zinc, Iron, Copper, calcium, etc. with Sky masters in exchange for food.



Comparison of Sky Masters societies and Terrans
Sky Masters All winged societies Guns of any kind are banned. Gun power is banned. Nuclear weapons of any kind and bombs or any kind are forbidden on pain of death.


Killing is strictly forbidden and the penalty is expulsion to Earth where radiation will eventually kill any bird man.


The only weapons permitted are cross bows, bows and arrows, swords, spears and any non-black power weapon or nuclear weapon.

Because the destruction of the Earth from Nuclear bombs and missiles, guns and bombs are forever forbidden. This law is true for all five Sky Master societies.

The First Society to morph by DNA manipulation to avoid the radiation death on Earth was the Hawk Men. Second society to branch out from the Hawk men were the Eagle men. Third branching out was the Falcon Men. 4th to branch out was the Vulture men and last was the Angels of God. Angels of God are both Christian and superior in nature. Exclusive white wing society that try to imitate the old Christian society Angels.

They hate all other Sky Masters because of their belief that they are superior in DNA and intelligence.

Sky Masters live in Cities floating in the sky above the Earth’s equator using the magnetic north as a repulse power


to stay up in the air without crashing to Earth.


Giant fans run by sun solar polar also help to provide life for the cities.


Gravity is maintained by a slight rotation 24 hours a day and night with thrusters from solar power and stored energy power.


The height of the Cities of the Sky Masters are around 40,000 feet above sea level or 7.5 miles above the Earth.


The Cities had to be far away from radiation so as not to be affected. They also had to be higher than the highest mountain on Earth.


Adjustments over the century for Sky Masters was the thin air because of the altitude. Increased Sun ray exposure making eye sight difficult in flying and clothing to protect the body from the Sun’ radiation and rays.

Winds such as the Jet Stream and storms are another problem for sky cities.



Aesir City named after the Viking Heaven. All of the Hawk men have full beards and use much of the died out ancient society of the Norse Vikings from centuries before. They have no boats however or beer to drink, but they wear winged helmets when going to war.


Dwellings for all Sky Masters had to be light in weight, tough in structure to withstand the Sun’s rays, Wind, storms, rain moving sideways and rare meteors entering the Earth’s atmosphere.


A sub-base had to be built to support a city of people and air-lifted into the air and then anchored at a specific altitude using magnetic forces, giant downward solar powered fans, and solar powered thrusting engines to assist with 24/7 lift.

Alta the city of the Angels of God.

Alta has many cathedrals after the Christian religion developed centuries before. They feel because they have developed white wings from DNA manipulation that they are the superior society. They hate all the other Sky Masters and will not trade or meet in council. They believe in Holy Wars in the name of Christianity which died out centuries before, but was revived by the Angels of God.

Sky reach is the city of the Vulture men.

The Vulture Men are all bald from DNA mixing. They have a small white feather collar around their necks. They are scavengers and sometimes cannibals.


The Vulture men are clean shaven and bald. They are natural scavengers and have the worst diet of all the Sky Masters. They are also cannibals when short of food.

Avalon is the city of the Falcon men.

Falcon men are the smallest but the fastest fliers of the Sky Masters.

The Falcon men are small and white or brown skin and capable of a 200 mph dive while flying. They are the fastest of the Sky Masters societies. They are also the smallest in size under 100 pounds on average.

Sky Bright is the city of the Eagles. The Eagles are the largest of the Sky Masters in wing span 10-12 feet.        





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Stephen de Staplebrigge, Templar

Stephen de Stabplebrigge was a Templar Commander at age 21 at Lydley manor in 1307.Beginning in January 1308, King Edward II finally issued the order to his Sheriffs to

arrest all the Templars in England and take inventories of their properties and wealth.arn_the_knight_templar_by_patrike-d48wqcr
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The True Templar

Stephen de Staplebrigge was a monk and past Templar when he was sent by the Bishop of Chincester to Chistchurch Priory in Dorset in the south of England. In 1319, Stephen a past Templar Commander of Lydley manor was 33 years of age. He had just spent five years rotting away in Newgate prison in London for escaping from St. Mary’s monastery in Surrey, England.  He had his first tenure or monk style puddling bowl haircut at Christchurch priory in 1319 and he was considered a Novice for life as penance for violating the rules of the Catholic Church.  Stephen lived until 1338 when he died at age 60 and was buried in the sw corner of the Cemetery at Christchurch Priory with the other monks buried there. His lid to his crypt was discovered in 1908 with a Templar two handed sword carved into the purbeck marble lid. Christchurch prior was doing some maintenance and selling off some marble grave stones found in the undercroft of the church. Stephen’s grave was violated because something was hidden in his expensive marble crypt which was hallowed out of a sold piece of purbeck marble which was very expensive and normal used for rich members of the church. My movie script describes some of the reasons for Stephen’s grave being robbed in 1908. Later in 1995 the marble lid re-appeared and was placed in the room over the lady chapel which later became a museum. Who really knows what was hidden in Stephen’s crypt and how did he manage to afford an engraved marble lid?

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Happy New Year 2018

cropped-1.jpgWell I planned to go out and party for New Year’s Even but nature had other plans. I got sick and had to go to the emergency room. Six hours later they tell me I have the flu. But, I got the flu injection last fall? What happened? Well the CDC did a crappy job with an anti-flu shot that was only 20% effective.  I wouldn’t even place a bet on a roulette wheel at 20% odds. Imagine our nations Number one flu agency cannot do better than 20% and yet they still market it to seniors? Duh, what is going on?

Every year the flu strains differ. Each year a new strain develops. Why is it we cannot prevent new flu strains from happening each year. How about a long term shot against all flu viruses for ten years? Time to give the people a break. The hospitals make money and the pharmacy makes money. Everyone does well except the patient. It is almost as if the CDC doesn’t care.

Well my two new scripts are, “Lion in the Carpet,” a story back in the 1950’s about a young boy who catches polio and how an imaginary Lion, bear, wolf and Eagle help him recover. The second script is based on the life of a real Templar Knight in England in the 1300’s. His grave was discovered with the crypt lid that was engraved with a Templar sword in 1908 in the Christchurch Priory cemetery. The lid was found separate from the coffin. When the sexton searched for the right coffin he discovered an empty coffin with a huge skeleton of a man around 6 feet five inches. Something was missing from the coffin but the sexton could not figure out what. Shortly thereafter the lid to the crypt disappeared until 1995 when cracked in two it was rediscovered in the undercroft of the old Saxon church at Christchurch Priory. These are real historical facts. The church historical researched the crypt head stone with the Templar cross and found out it belonged to a Templar turned Monk named Stephen de Stapplebrigge.  In 1308 when the King of England sent his sheriffs to arrest all Templars in England, Steven fled to Hopesay, Ireland and remained there for four years. When he returned he was arrested and tortured until he told the inquisitors what they wanted to hear. Steven was the Commander of Dinsley Manor where many retired Templars lived. It was believed that Dinsley manor has a huge treasure hidden in the caves under the manor, but no treasure was every found and Steven would not tell either. After a year Stephen was released to a monastery in Surrey to serve as a novice monk for the rest of his life. A year after that in 1313, Stephen escaped or rather walked out of the monastery and was on the run for a few years. When captured again he was thrown in Newgate prison to rot for five years. The Pope decided to allow all Templars to be forgiven their sins if they renounced their evil ways and join a monastic order of their choosing as a novice for life. Stephen was released. These are all true facts. He was sent to Christchurch Priory which tended to a community hospital which cared for patients with leprosy. Steven always remained connected to the members of the Temple all his life. He learned to become a secret Templar and to support the Templar activities no matter what.

I fill in the story between the lines about the treasure and the inner circle in the Temple.

Stay tuned for , “The True Templar Knight.”


Templar Knight
Templar knight