cropped-1.jpgWell I planned to go out and party for New Year’s Even but nature had other plans. I got sick and had to go to the emergency room. Six hours later they tell me I have the flu. But, I got the flu injection last fall? What happened? Well the CDC did a crappy job with an anti-flu shot that was only 20% effective.  I wouldn’t even place a bet on a roulette wheel at 20% odds. Imagine our nations Number one flu agency cannot do better than 20% and yet they still market it to seniors? Duh, what is going on?

Every year the flu strains differ. Each year a new strain develops. Why is it we cannot prevent new flu strains from happening each year. How about a long term shot against all flu viruses for ten years? Time to give the people a break. The hospitals make money and the pharmacy makes money. Everyone does well except the patient. It is almost as if the CDC doesn’t care.

Well my two new scripts are, “Lion in the Carpet,” a story back in the 1950’s about a young boy who catches polio and how an imaginary Lion, bear, wolf and Eagle help him recover. The second script is based on the life of a real Templar Knight in England in the 1300’s. His grave was discovered with the crypt lid that was engraved with a Templar sword in 1908 in the Christchurch Priory cemetery. The lid was found separate from the coffin. When the sexton searched for the right coffin he discovered an empty coffin with a huge skeleton of a man around 6 feet five inches. Something was missing from the coffin but the sexton could not figure out what. Shortly thereafter the lid to the crypt disappeared until 1995 when cracked in two it was rediscovered in the undercroft of the old Saxon church at Christchurch Priory. These are real historical facts. The church historical researched the crypt head stone with the Templar cross and found out it belonged to a Templar turned Monk named Stephen de Stapplebrigge.  In 1308 when the King of England sent his sheriffs to arrest all Templars in England, Steven fled to Hopesay, Ireland and remained there for four years. When he returned he was arrested and tortured until he told the inquisitors what they wanted to hear. Steven was the Commander of Dinsley Manor where many retired Templars lived. It was believed that Dinsley manor has a huge treasure hidden in the caves under the manor, but no treasure was every found and Steven would not tell either. After a year Stephen was released to a monastery in Surrey to serve as a novice monk for the rest of his life. A year after that in 1313, Stephen escaped or rather walked out of the monastery and was on the run for a few years. When captured again he was thrown in Newgate prison to rot for five years. The Pope decided to allow all Templars to be forgiven their sins if they renounced their evil ways and join a monastic order of their choosing as a novice for life. Stephen was released. These are all true facts. He was sent to Christchurch Priory which tended to a community hospital which cared for patients with leprosy. Steven always remained connected to the members of the Temple all his life. He learned to become a secret Templar and to support the Templar activities no matter what.

I fill in the story between the lines about the treasure and the inner circle in the Temple.

Stay tuned for , “The True Templar Knight.”


Templar Knight
Templar knight

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