Run Rebel Run

  The Confederate 8th cavalry Texas Rangers in the Civil War 1865. Surrender if General Joe Johnson’s confederate troops on April 7th at Durham, North Carolina. Generals Johnson and General Sherman met at James Bennett’s farmhouse to arrange for surrender terms with amnesty for all troops. Unfortunately, on April 15 President Lincoln was assassinated by actor John Wilkes Booth. The north blamed the assassination on the south and President Jefferson Davis and they wanted the south to pay for the war and losses. When Secretary of War Stanton saw the terms of sure   surrender he rejected them and told … Continue reading Run Rebel Run

The Lion in the Carpet

The Lion in the Carpet By Dr. Pelham Mead III (c) Western Writers Assoc. Logline: In the 1950’s, while sitting on the toilet, a young boy with polio sees images of animals, especially a large headed Lion. The Lion, named Leo, frees the young boy from his leg crutches and takes him on journeys where they can walk through walls, fly the air, and appear invisible to people. Summary: Billy Alton is 8 years of age when he is struck with polio. He is confined to leg braces and on occasion an iron lung to help his breathing.   ACT … Continue reading The Lion in the Carpet