The Abuses in Colleges Today

By Dr. Pelham Mead PENN STATE UNIVERSITY Scandal. Each and every College and University in the United States whether a Catholic College or Private or Public College always has something to hide. It seems to be standard procedure to sweep problems under the rug rather than deal with the problems in an honest and outright manner. Sadly, faculty and students suffer in the end from the indiscretions of the Presidents, and administrators. When monies are stolen from accounts and the person is caught, most Colleges and Universities deal with it internally so as not to let the story get into … Continue reading The Abuses in Colleges Today

Twitter this, twitter that.

I cannot help but comment that a President that lives by twittering his thoughts, may well die by the same twitters that come back to haunt him. Who ever taught him to do twitter should be sent to devils island to live alone. It seems an embarrassment the stupid self serving twitter comments our President makes on a daily basis. It is like having a teenager in the Whitehouse. Teenagers have a tendency to act first and worry about the responsibility later. Believe me, I know after being a Dean of Students at Kakiat Junior high school for six years … Continue reading Twitter this, twitter that.

The Diary of Doris Grace Mead

My Uncle Sonnie, my Mom, Doris and Aunt Lorraine when they were young.. 1 The Diary of Doris Mead 1923-2010 2 People are always saying to me that they remember back to when they were two. I find that hard to believe. I myself must have had a very dull, normal life because I can barely remember any thing until age six or so. I do have flashes her and there, but much of what I remember is what I pieced together later in life when I was tying so desperately to find myself. One of my earliest memories was … Continue reading The Diary of Doris Grace Mead

Don’t Be Square

Don’t Be Square was an expression PA announcer John Carucci used all the time at Kakiat Junior High in Spring Valley, New York in the 1960’s through the 1980’s. John was a Social Studies teacher, Football coach and Teen Center Director. He was a man of the people and loved by his students. Making announcements in the morning was like having his own radio show and John hammed it up everyday on the PA giving teachers funny nicknames and always exaggerating things beyond one’s imagination. Teaching in the 1960’s and 1970’s was no picnic. Black students were walking out of … Continue reading Don’t Be Square

Run Rebels Run

Run Rebels Run by Dr. Pelham Mead.   This story goes from the Texas Rangers not surrendering in North Carolina at the end of the Civil War and their epic journey back to Mississippi and Texas. Fifteen men from Company F of the Texas Rangers cross the Smokey Mountains with Federal troops on their heels. When the Texas Rangers finally get back to Texas they are treated as outlaws. With their land taken and their towns destroyed they contact a fellow Texan who is arranging for settlers from Texas to go to Brazil and grow cotton and crops there away … Continue reading Run Rebels Run