I cannot help but comment that a President that lives by twittering his thoughts, may well die by the same twitters that come back to haunt him. Who ever taught him to do twitter should be sent to devils island to live alone.

It seems an embarrassment the stupid self serving twitter comments our President makes on a daily basis. It is like having a teenager in the Whitehouse. Teenagers have a tendency to act first and worry about the responsibility later. Believe me, I know after being a Dean of Students at Kakiat Junior high school for six years 1985-1991.  Every time a student would bring in a gun, knife, drugs, or whatever they would never think in advance, “what if I got caught?” What would my parents say?

I wish twitter would shut down President’s Trumps account and do us all a favor. Here is an example of technology out of control.

That’s all folks,


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