The Role of the Teacher has Changed in 2018.

This photo shows how industry trains their employees in small groups with powerpoint presentations or pre-set lectures. This technique does not work with the student of 2018 because that student has been playing with handheld electronic games and the world of cartoon fantasy is more real than reality itself. If we allow our students to become programmed to kill Nazis or monsters everyday for satisfaction than we missed the point. Consider the ultimate goal of school or education, getting a job. The final word is JOB. If we do not train students how to read, summarize and put information to … Continue reading The Role of the Teacher has Changed in 2018.

Don’t Be Square, A TV Pilot

DON’T BE SQUARE Written by Pelham K. Mead III Based on the novel, “The Junior High.” TV Pilot Script for, Do not Be Square.     MAIN OFFICE OF CUCAMONGA JUNIOR HIGH-DAY. It is the typical start to a Junior high school day in upstate New York in 1967. The speaker on the intercom during homeroom is John Cardone, Social Studies teacher. John is a one of a kind character and one of the three main characters of this story. He is married with one infant daughter, and he just graduated from College the spring before. John should have been … Continue reading Don’t Be Square, A TV Pilot

My Political Commentary for today

It seems every morning I awake, President Trump has sent another childish tweet to attack someone like Harley Davidson or the diner that threw out his Communications secretary. ¬†It is hard to keep track of all the different law suits surrounding President Trump and his associates. Take Paul Maniford for instance who attempted to bribe a witness and got caught. He tried to avoid taxes on the millions he received from foreign countries and he seemed to have broken ever law in existence except murder. The saying, “birds of a feather, flock together is certainly true of President Trump’s colleagues. … Continue reading My Political Commentary for today

The Confession of Stephen de Staplebrigge, Templar Commander 1311.

In 1308, January, King Edward II buckled to the pressure from the Pope to arrest all the Templars in England and put them on trial for heresy. At the time Stephen de Staplebrigge was a 25 year old Templar Commander at Dinsley Manor in England. When the arrests began he received word from Templar officials to flee to Ireland to assist the Templar Grand Master there. Four years later Stephen returned to England only to be eventually caught in Salisbury. He was taken to the Newgate Prison and tortured on the rack to get a confession from him regarding the … Continue reading The Confession of Stephen de Staplebrigge, Templar Commander 1311.

Teachers of Tomorrow

Will teachers be packing guns in the future to protect themselves and their students. I rather doubt it. Without sounding sexist the majority of the teaching faculty are woman and most woman hate guns and have no desire to use them. Stopping guns in the schools is the job of the security guards. The problem is the quality of security jobs isn’t the greatest. They are paid low and usually retirees take the job. In these days and times someone needs to keep in touch with students and hear what they are saying. Perhaps the best enforcers of security are … Continue reading Teachers of Tomorrow

The New Generation Teacher

by Dr. Pelham Mead III I was a secondary school teacher for 31 years until my school closed and I retired in 1998. I then went on to become an Instructional Technologist on the college and University level for 12 more years. That is 43 years total of teaching. So, I think that qualifies me to speak about teaching and teachers. Teachers teach because they love teaching and the feedback from children. ¬†Salaries make a teacher’s life easier and removes the stress of paying bills. I started at $7100. dollars a year in East Ramapo Central school district in Spring … Continue reading The New Generation Teacher

The Curse of the Samurai Kabuto.

The Curse of the Kabuto of Samurai Taira no Masakado. By Dr. Pelham Mead My newest movie script in novel format before converting it to dialogue. Jimmy Devesto son of millionaire John Devesto of Rye, New York is 13 years of age. His father purchases the original first century Kabuto and armor of an immortal samurai Taira no Masakado. John Devesto pays five million for the kabuto with elk horns and reddish style armor. John is warned when he purchases the kabuto and armor that there is a curse on the kabuto and armor from the beheaded Taira no Masakado. … Continue reading The Curse of the Samurai Kabuto.