Dr. Pelham Kenneth Mead III

Fulbright Scholar Senior Specialist

Graduate of Columbia University, NY

260 E. Bradley Ave., Space 3

El Cajon, Ca. 92021




Work Experience:

Author of five novels 2011-2016, Autumn Winds over Okinawa 1945; The Chinese Crystal Ball, Jesus and John, The 23rdPsalm, and the Junior High.

Author of twenty movie scripts: see http://www.inktip.com.

College Tutor- Online Tutor agency 2014-2018

College Tutor- Helped student from Miami University, Florida write her Master’s Thesis- “Birthplace Motels in Calif” 2016.

College Tutor- Volunteer instructor with Seniors, El Cajon, Ca.


College Teaching Experience (31 yrs. Secondary ed. Teacher, 12 years College Professor and Director. Author- 18 years.


Adjunct Professor- St. John’s Univ. -Freshman course- “Discovering New York 3 credits. Taught Fall of 2006.


Adjunct Professor- College of Mt. St. Vincent- “Computer Graphics-3 credits; Powerpoint Illustrated-3 credits; Adobe Photoshop course-3 credits (I wrote the Curriculum for Photoshop).


Books written and published

“Jesus and John,”(2013) A historical fiction novel about the early years of Jesus of

Nazareth, and his second cousin, John the Baptist. This story explains why Jesus

verbally attacked the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, but never the Essenes. The oral

and written tradition of the Coptic church of Egypt regarding where the Holy Family

fled in Egypt from Herod’s soldiers is included. Also explained is how Jesus got his

extensive medical, and healing knowledge, and how John came to use Baptism as the

basis for his ministry is researched and explained.

“The 23rd Psalm,”A science fiction novel that takes place in the year 3550. A comet

collides with the Earth causing the poles to melt and flooding the world to the height

of 6,000 feet above sea level. Only a few human groups survive, two of which happen

to be in North America near Lake Tahoe. One group is a fundamental Christian

church group and another group is a liberal Jewish Temple group. They all seek

higher ground to survive. This is a story of a six-year survival trek across the world on

oil drum rafts and how spiritual intervention takes place through a Jewish Cantor who

begins to have visions that all come true.


“Autumn Winds over Okinawa,”(2011) publication by Xlibris.com, 160 pgs. and a

non-fictional story mixed with a fiction account of my father Chief Ken Mead at the

end of WW II, when he got off the USS Antietam aircraft carrier on Okinawa Aug.

30, 1945 to transfer back to the States. He was trapped there with three other sailors

until October due to a naval oversight. He survived two typhoons in Sept. 1945,

Japanese snipers, and jungle diseases that made his teeth fall out, and a skin rash that

lasted all his life.


“The Chinese Crystal Ball,”(2012) publication by Author-house. Fictional mystery

story about the main character John who buys an ancient Chinese crystal ball that

Maria ends up in northern Mexico where she has some cousins living there. She

makes the mistake of telling them about the crystal ball and her Uncle while at a local

bar brags about the magical properties of the crystal ball to the bar tender. The story

eventually gets report to a local hoodlum called El Toro. He tracks Maria’s cousins

house down and burns it to the ground in order to get Maria’s cousins to tell where

the Chinese crystal ball was hidden. A chase occurs and Maria leaves for Mexico City

where John’s detective finds her. The Chinese crystal ball is recovered and returned

to John. Years later John seeks the skills of a gypsy woman to help him with his

crystal ball. On the way home, he accidently drives off the road and is killed and the

crystal ball flies out of the car on impact and is smashed into a million pieces.


The Junior High,” (2012) Published by Xlibris. The story of teaching in the 1960’s

and 1970’s, in New York State against the backdrop of the social movements of the

day: The Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War demonstrations, the Free Sex Era, the

and the Free Drug Era.


Scripts: (All Listed onwww.inktip.com)


Captain Retro Superhero– An autistic young man develops a formula to winning

the Super Powerball Lottery. He wins $370 million and when asked what he will do

with the money, he claims he wants to become a Super-Hero and everyone laughs at

him. In the end he proves everyone wrong and gets his dream.


The Cammerada Commanders– Hawkmen create a city in the sky over radiated Earth, and go on

to develop other winged bird men, The Angels of God, The Eaglemen, The

Falconmen, and the Vulturemen. They rein supreme in the skies over mutants living

on Earth in radiation and death.


The Bodie Bandit– inspired by a true story about a bad man who held up stage

coaches and was caught and sent to jail, only to escape and seek refuge in Bodie,



Saving Lincoln– Movie Script.  Based on a true story about the first female Pinkerton agent in 1856 who

helped save President elect Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated in February

1861 along with Alan Pinkerton.


My Five Reincarnations– A humorous story about an Italian Don who is

reincarnated five times.


A Teacher Goes to War-The True story of Colonel Joshua Chamberlain and how he

saved the Battle of Gettysburg from being won by the Confederates by defending

Little Round top and preventing the Confederates from flanking the Union line.


“Don’t Be Square,” (2014) TV Pilot script based on the book, “The Junior High,”

which takes place in the 1960’s and 1970’s in a Junior High school in New York

State. Based on a real story of a teacher who taught for 31 years in the same Junior



Act II” (2014) the sequel to “Don’t Be Square,” continues the story started in the

TV pilot with the emphasis on three male teachers who struggle to survive against the

administration and the politics of a Junior High School.


“The Night is a Child, (Usiku Ni Mtoto)The Adventures of Sister Angelina, CIA

Nun,” (2015) This is a story about how the CIA and the Vatican Holy See hire an ex-nun

to help them investigate the murder of three Nuns in Burundi, Africa.


“A Templar Squire’s Tale,” (2015) This is a script that tells the inside story about

Jacques de Molay of the Templar Knights in the late 1200’s and early 1307-1314 and

thereafter. It begins in France in 1288 and continues until 1314 when Jacques de

Molay is burned at the stake and the Templar Knights that escaped are in Spain and

Scotland. An epic story 294 pages long.


“The Fairytale Adventures of Tom Wolf,”(2015) This is a script based on several

classic nursery tales that tells the story of a man named Tom Wolf who is arrested for

being drunk in London in 1855 and eventually is thrown into Bedlam Mental Hospital

in London for telling everyone that he was a wolf. The Doctor Von Hess interviews

Tom Wolf many times and each time Tom tells him a story from his past. The first

story is about Tom Wolf and three rich children from the Swine family. The second

story is about a little girl whom Tom fell in love with called little Red Riding Hood.

The third story is about a little boy in Russia whom is warned by his grandfather not

to go into the meadow and leave the gate unlocked. After each story the Doctor sends

Tom back to his cell with more medicine and more torture with cold-water tanks,

chaining to the wall, and hanging upside down in a straight jacket. In the end Tom

Surprised the Doctor.


“Solar Sailing Pirates,” (2015) A Science Fiction movie or TV script about a rich

young man who accidently shoots a fellow cadet and is expelled from the Sky Hawk

Academy as a result. The main character Jake Johnson is the son of a millionaire who

uses his connects to prevent Jake from being arrested for accidently shooting his best

friend at the academy. Jake goes on to become a well-known Solar Sailing Pilot with

his new friend Arrundi Buel. Together they build a new space solar sailing vessel

called the Iron Butterfly and win race after race in space against many challengers.

A competitors ship called “The Black Dragon,” belonging to pilots Desmonde Adar

and Ron Blue is stolen after a solar space race. A five million dollar reward is offered

and Jake and Arrundi decide to seek the reward. They revamp their solar sailing ship

with laser cannons and other weapons that they can use in tracking down the pirates

that stole the “Black Dragon,” Solar sailing ship.


Eventually, Jake and Arrundi catch up to the pirates whom are Count Von Wertz and

Shaolin Sun Cho after the pirates intercepted a Mars Cargo space ship loaded with

gold and uranium. A chase ensues and Jake and Arrundi chase the Black Dragon into

an asteroid belt that is fatal to any solar sailing vessel’s solar collecting wings. Jake

attacks the Black Dragon from behind a large meteor and manages to destroy on of

the ships solar wings rendering it useless. Count Von Wertz is killed, but Shaolin Sun

Cho escapes in an escape pod headed to the moon.


Jake reunites with an old girlfriend on Earth from his academy days and claims the 5

million dollar reward for returning the Black Dragon to its owners. Jake teams up

with his girlfriend Veronica, whom is now a Lieutenant in the Sky Hawk squadron.

They plan together to capture Shaolin Sun Cho. Shaolin Sun Cho survives and lands

on the moon where he connects with old friends and plots revenge against Jake and

Arrundi. The plot thickens and Jake and Shaolin Sun Cho meet on Mars where

Shaolin has been hiding. Veronica helps Jake find Shaolin only to be wounded herself

in a laser gun battle. Jake tricks Shaolin into believing he is dead and shoots him

when he approaches. Jake and Veronica go on to become husband and wife.


Technical Booklets and Manuals Written


NY College of Osteopathic Medicine,  Faculty Workshop Handbook July 2009

Class and Faculty Assessment Manual for Students at NYCOM-18 pages

A Learning Outcome Assessment Plan for NYCOM(submitted to COCA Feb.

2009 for accreditation) 180 pages.


Podcasting Manual– 8 pages for St. John’s university faculty.

St. Johns Univ. –Faculty Pedagogy Guide in Technology in the Classroom

Author, “A Simplified Guide to PowerPoint for Faculty,” (2001, updated 2005),

65 pages, published for all College of Mount Saint Vincent Faculty.


Author, “A Simplified Guide to Adobe Photoshop for Faculty,” (2001, 2002, 2003,

2004, and updated 2005) 80 pages, published for all College of Mount Saint

Vincent Faculty.


Author, “A Simplified Guide to Web Publishing,” (2001, 2003, 2005), 77 pages,

published for all College of Mount Saint Vincent Faculty.

Teaching Experience:

  • Health Education Teacher, Physical Education Teacher, Black and White Darkroom Photography instructor-4 yrs. And Dean of Students-6 yrs.,Kakiat Jr. High School, East Ramapo Central School District, Spring Valley, N.Y.- 31 years with a permanent Teaching license in Hygiene and Physical Education in New York

State, 1967-1998. Retired


  • Online Instructor at the College of Mount Saint Vincent- Adobe Photoshop all

assignments online using Blackboard with automatic grading and discussion


  • Online Instructor for “Smoking Cessation Unit, “ Nurse student introductory

course at the College of Mount Saint Vincent- two years. Co-wrote the curriculum

for the online course with Professor –Dr. Kathleen Flaherty 2002-03


  • Online Instructor at St. Johns University. Certified Online Instructor for

Discover New York and Scientific Inquiry CORE courses. Certified by St. Johns

Univ. after taking two semesters in Online Teaching for WEBct and Blackboard


  • Certified Blackboard Administrator 12 years experience, recertified at St.

Johns Univ. and in Jan./2009 at NYIT as Blackboard Administrator


  • Adjunct Professor -Introduction To Computer Information systems (CIS) 2-

yrs.at SUNY Westchester and SUNY Rockland using some online usage of



  • Adjunct Professor of Nurse Supervisory Course at the College of Mount Saint

Vincent, teaching instructional technology and medial in the Nursing setting.


  • Adjunct professor in Adobe Photoshop- 3 yrs.
  • Adjunct professor in Computer Graphics 4 yrs.
  • Adjunct Professor in MS Word, Excel, Publish, Access, Frontpage, and


  • Adjunct Professor in Frontpage Web Development 10 years, NYU, Pace, SUNY
  • Adjunct Professor at SUNY Rockland Community College in MAC workshop in

Illustrator, Pagemaker, and Photoshop.


Administrative Work Positions in Colleges and Universities:


Senior Educational Technology Specialist for Title III– Title III Grant Educational

Technology Specialist for St. Johns University, April 2006-Aug. 2008

  • Wrote and helped redesign SJU CORE courses “Core Discover NY,” and

“Core Scientific Inquiry.” Taught Online Freshman courses.

  • Wrote the Curriculum online for instructional technology for faculty
  • Designed a new Faculty Learning Lab with all wireless equipment including
  • Designed a new Online training Course for Faculty
  • Installed 10 Polyvision electronic white boards on Queens and Staten Island


  • Adopted Apreso automatic podcasting for 110 classrooms.
  • Installed two walk and talk TV modules from Polyvision,
  • Planned and provided iPod training for all SJU faculty,
  • Provided instruction in advanced Powerpoint training.
  • Completed all financial worksheets on Excel for Grant expenditures.
  • Develop an online portal http://www.t3portal.org.
  • Provide Faculty DVD-R Support disks for software programs,
  • Created 1,000 Powerpoint templates and clipart animation.
  • Contribute to monthly T3 Newsletter for T3 Faculty.

Director of the Teacher Learning Lab and Faculty Course Designer at the College

of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, N.Y.- 2001-2005- Title V grant administrator.

  • Trained 80 full time and adjunct professors in technology relating to instruction

over five years.

  • Podcasting for Faculty, Laptop Loaner system created
  • Installed 26 smart classrooms, some including podcasting and electronic


  • Curriculum Design and Instructional Technologist Specialist for Title V

Federal Grant

  • Wrote Curriculum for Instructional Development

Director of Communications and Technology at New York University, Professional

Development Lab 1998-1999.

  • Established the first 120 page web site for the PDL.
  • Trained all field supervisors in Instructional Design and Technology applications.
  • Organized and taught clinics at 8 NYC school districts in Technology integration into

classroom teaching.

  • Educational Design Specialist position in setting up tutorials, lesson guides for

technology usage, faculty HELP manuals, online resources and web development.

Grant Writer and Research skills

  • Course Designer 12 yrs. Experience
  • Corporation and Academic Trainer 18 years Experience
  • Grant and Proposal Writer 16 yrs. Experience

o Wrote $200,000 tech grant in 1992, awarded

o Co-Wrote Federal Title V “Cooperative Grant for $600,000”, awarded

o Fine Tuned Title III Grant for St. John’s University $1.5 million

  • Blackboard Campus Administrator-5 years -e-learning Web Site, trained

faculty how to use Blackboard, helped setup Tests online, Documents, Digital

Lock boxes, and Conferences.

  • Expert Web Master with 16 years Experience using Frontpage,

Dreamweaver, Flash, Java, JavaScript, CSS, html coding, Adobe Photoshop

and Camtashia.

  • Dreamweaver e-learning Plug-in program writer.
  • Expert Graphic Artist -12 years experience using and teaching Adobe

Photoshop CS2 and CS3.

  • Expert in MS Office 2003, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, and

Frontpage (taught this in 240 blocks at BOCES, 3-credit course at SUNY.

  • Digital movie editor using iMovie and Final Cut Pro- 5 yrs. MAC
  • Digital photographerand 35 mm SLR photographer-20+yrs




1992 Doctoral Degree in Education, Educational Administration,

Columbia University Teachers College,New York -Minor in

Computer Systems Management. * (Kappa Delta Pi National

Honor Society)


1983-1987 6th Level Administrative Certificate program at SUNY New

Paltz,26 credits, not competed, transferred to Columbia



1967 M.Ed., Education, Springfield College, Springfield,

Mass.(Completed Field work in the L.A. School District

School Camp program the summer of 1967).


1966 B.S., Physical Education and Health Education, Springfield

College, Springfield, Mass.

* Doctoral Dissertation: “In search of equity in educational funding.”




1975-Teacher of the Year, Kakiat Junior High PTA

1980- Superintendent Special Recognition Award

1991- Inducted into Kappa Delta Phi, National Ed. Honor Society

2005-Feb. – Fulbright Scholar Senior Specialty program Instructional trainer

2009- Selected by Stamford’s Who’s Who Blackboard of Leaders in American





Self-Employed Author -2010-present- wrote and published five novels, and numerous

Movie and TV scripts (see above) Five novels published and 15 movie Scripts.

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury, NY

  • Director of Faculty Development and Assessment
  • Member of the Department of Academic Affairs
  • Instructional designer for new Medical ONLINE courses
  • Reported directly to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Instituted a new student volunteer evaluation team approach to

course evaluation

  • Instituted and installed WEAVEonline as an online all college

assessment system

  • Tutored MDs and Dos in instructional technology for their lectures
  • Provided Assessment data from all departments and compiled that data

for reports to the Assoc. Dean

  • Developed a test database from the past five years of tests

St. John’s University, Queens, NY

  • Senior Course Designer Instructional Technologist for a Title III

2.5 million dollar Federal grant

  • WEBct and Blackboard administrator
  • Wrote the Faculty Online Training Course for all Title III participants

to use and contribute their individual success stories. See portal:

  • http://www.t3portal.org
  • Did the annual grant assessment and compiled the financial records
  • Tutored 52 faculties over 3 years in instructional technology

techniques in the classroom and lecture hall.

  • Developed faculty workshops each semester
  • Installed automatic podcasting in 5 campuses
  • Installed electronic whiteboards in Queens and Staten Island


  • Planned faculty training lab, designed and purchased all furniture and

technology equipment


College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, NY


  • Director of the Teacher Learner Center and Title V Grant Coordinator
  • (Course Designer and Educational Technology Specialist),
  • Blackboard Systems Manager-5 yrs., e-Learning Manager,
  • Adjunct Professor of Communications, College of Mount Saint Vincent,

Riverdale, NY. (Taught Photoshop, Multimedia, and Computer Graphics

Undergraduate courses at night)

  • Worked directly with the President and the VP of Academic Affairs
  • Taught 80 professors how to use technology over 5 years.
  • Established a new TLC Ambassador program to get faculty to continue

ongoing training for 5 years.

  • Installed 26 Smart Classrooms.
  • Converted an Old Communications lab into state of art.
  • Planned and installed New Communication lab in newly constructed

Maryvale building 2004.

  • Supervised two staff members and 3 student workers
  • Supervised a 1.1 million dollar federal grant.
  • Started and finished the Title V grant with each year for five years having

balanced the grant budget. The Grant was successfully completed in Dec.


BOCES of Nyack, NY Adjunct

2000-2001 April Adjunct Instructor for Advanced Office Skills

Training, BOCES of Nyack, Nyack, NY- Developed web e learning back

up site for adults taking BOCES courses. Worked with adults of foreign

countries in 240 hr. block of MS Office program training for job

placement. Also taught evening classes in Photoshop and Web



SUNY Community Colleges of Rockland and Westchester Adjunct

o 1999-2000 Aug. Adjunct Professor of Computer Studies, SUNY

Rockland, Suffern, NY- Used Blackboard, Website with e learning.

  • 1998-2000 Aug. Adjunct Professor of Computer Studies, SUNY


Pace University, Valhalla, NY– Used Blackboard.com, Class website with e learning.

  • 2000 Sept.-Dec. Adjunct Professor of Web Development, Purchase

University,Pace University Adjunct Pleasantville, NY- Taught basic web site, e-commerce, e-learning,


Assumption Academy Catholic School

  • 1999 Aug.-2000 June- Director of Technology, Assumption Academy,

Emerson, NJ


New York University

1998 Aug. -1999- Director Technology for the Professional

Development Lab, College of Education, New York University, NY

(Course Designer and Instructional Technology Specialist for 7 NYC

school districts)

Wrote and created a 120 page web site for the PDL

Became a full Professor of Research at NYU

Directed and managed all financial records for an AT&T grant for $500,00

for one year.

Wrote Teacher Manuals how to integrated technology into the classroom

for eight New York City school districts.

Ran technology clinics for Harlem District 5, Manhattan District 2,

Brooklyn districts 15 and 18, and Queens Districts 26 and 27

Supervised a staff of 4 and 6 graduate students



http://www.drpelhammead.com-mead novels

http://www.meadnovels.com    wordpress Blog 2013-2018.

http://www.profweb.ws Online faculty workshops 2001-present

http://www.profweb.ws/~muriel.kneeshaw Student Nurse “antismoking”

Interactive training site.

http://www.profweb.ws a student teacher observation form site with

Interactive forms to fill out the report.

http://www.profweb.ws the Teacher Education Department Web

Site done with Prof. Arlene Moliterno.

http://www.t3portal.org – Title 3 Portal site posted 2007.

http://facpub.stjohns.edu/meadp – Draft site for Title 3 information

http://www.blogger.com/facultyswamp – Blogger Site serves as a demo-training

site for T3 faculty.




Matthew Melee- fellow local board member at Anchor-down mhp, El Cajon, Ca. mrmrsv@gmail.com 


Dr. John McCarthy, worked as a colleague at NYCOM, now at SUNY Oswego

University in NY jmccarthyjr@oswego.edu or john4warner@yahoo.com


Bonnie Granat, Director of Assessment, NYCOM, bgranat@nyit.edu


Dr. Brad Shope, Title III Coordinator at St. Johns University, now at N. Texas Univ.

at Denton; bshope@ntexas.edu


Dr. Qi Lu,Physics Professor, luq@stjohns.edu, 718-990-6437


Dr. Pat Grove, Biology Professor, 718-405-3242,

patricia.grove@mountsaintvincent.edu (A colleague and student of mine and leader

of the college, and supporter of instructional technology)


Dr. Kathy Flaherty– Nursing Professor, kfrnn@aol.com, 718-405-3780


Prof. Richard Barnet- Professor of Fine Arts, Richard.barnet@mountsaintvincent.edu,

718-405-3400 (Working as Assistant in Color Photography and Black and White

Photography course last spring 05 and Fall 2005 semester)

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