My Political Commentary for today

It seems every morning I awake, President Trump has sent another childish tweet to attack someone like Harley Davidson or the diner that threw out his Communications secretary. ┬áIt is hard to keep track of all the different law suits surrounding President Trump and his associates. Take Paul Maniford for instance who attempted to bribeContinue reading “My Political Commentary for today”

The Confession of Stephen de Staplebrigge, Templar Commander 1311.

In 1308, January, King Edward II buckled to the pressure from the Pope to arrest all the Templars in England and put them on trial for heresy. At the time Stephen de Staplebrigge was a 25 year old Templar Commander at Dinsley Manor in England. When the arrests began he received word from Templar officialsContinue reading “The Confession of Stephen de Staplebrigge, Templar Commander 1311.”