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My Political Commentary for today

It seems every morning I awake, President Trump has sent another childish tweet to attack someone like Harley Davidson or the diner that threw out his Communications secretary.  It is hard to keep track of all the different law suits surrounding President Trump and his associates. Take Paul Maniford for instance who attempted to bribe a witness and got caught. He tried to avoid taxes on the millions he received from foreign countries and he seemed to have broken ever law in existence except murder.

The saying, “birds of a feather, flock together is certainly true of President Trump’s colleagues. Even his son and son in law are suspects in money laundering and illegal influence peddling. Image charging foreign countries to see President Trump or influence his opinion? That is what his son in law did along with his daughter.

What about the cases by women against Trump? I feel sorry for Melania for seeing the story about the Porn Star that had an affair with Mr. Trump before he was President and how she was paid by Trump’s lawyer Mr. Cohen to be silent during the   Presidential primaries. What a horror show?

Now the border problem. Here is a President who married two foreigners turning against foreigners fleeing countries that are killing them and their families. Next the stupid idea to separate children from their parents while awaiting a hearing. Another dumb move by President Trump which caused an uproar across the country to the point the President Trump had to sign an executive order to stop separating children from their parents. Did it work? No. Only 6 were returned to their parents and nearly 2,000 still remain separate from their parents. Who is paying the bill to house these children? Why are they sent to different States? We are paying the bill through out taxes. We have a bible toting Attorney General that misquotes the Bible in trying to justify the disaster he and President Trump created. Meanwhile, the real criminals are sneaking into the country, not stopping at the border check points to ask for asylum. Common sense says we do not have enough Judges or lawyers to handle 4,000 cases of adults and children at the border.

What about the fence? Forget about it as the it as the Italians say. Dig under it or buy a ladder and climb over it. Fences and walls are a waste of money. Any smart criminal will fly into the country in a small plane and land on a road in the wilderness. Sneaking through million dollar tunnels is for drug smugglers not for the  cartels. They use submarines and boats or planes, not stupid trucks or cars to come across the border. If you really want to get across the border take a plane to Canada and come across that border in a boat or walk across.

Democrats and Republicans have become a joke in American because they no longer care about morality or fair play  in American. Everything is about money and influence. Yes, time limits would get rid of politicians in their seventies and eighties that cannot remember anything. Two terms should be the maximum for the Senate or Congress. Bring in some fresh young blood and women too and see things get stirred up.

So are there any solutions in American? I rather doubt quick solutions are there, but the Trump trade war against China is going to backfire and kill off all our farmers and companies that deal with China. President Trump’s daughter Evanka has 60 copyright patents in China. How will she ship her goods back to America with high tariffs?  Please daddy let my stuff come in duty free.  Now that President Trump has pissed off the European market, they too will raise their taxes to counter out taxes and tariffs on imported and exported goods. It will cause a depression soon and the stock market will tank out with everyone selling off stocks and running for cover.

Maybe in time President Trump will be removed from office long after all the damage is done to our image and reputation around the world. Why are we sending Millions to South American countries to help them out? Got me. Has Venezula ever done anything for us lately? How about Mexico? No way they are going to pay for any wall which Trump promised. So much for promises by politicians. Never trust them. Money spent on the border walls could go into border patrols, planes, and radar devices that work better. How about using dogs at the border? No one is going to mess with trained attack dogs.

I pray peace will return and President Trump will go back to New York city and stay there and be forgotten after many decades.


The end.

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The Confession of Stephen de Staplebrigge, Templar Commander 1311.

In 1308, January, King Edward II buckled to the pressure from the Pope to arrest all the Templars in England and put them on trial for heresy. At the time Stephen de Staplebrigge was a 25 year old Templar Commander at Dinsley Manor in England. When the arrests began he received word from Templar officials to flee to Ireland to assist the Templar Grand Master there. Four years later Stephen returned to England only to be eventually caught in Salisbury. He was taken to the Newgate Prison and tortured on the rack to get a confession from him regarding the Templar treasure and the inner circle of the Templar order. Stephen never told the torturers that the treasure was in Ireland hidden on an island off the coast. He did however, tell them about being inducted into the inner circle by England Grand Master Brian de Jay and how he threatened by six Templars with swords drawn to spit on the cross and deny Christ. Here is one resource I used for my script below. See the citation after the article since I did not write this piece.

After his capture by the king’s officials, Stephen of Stappelbregge was interrogated and confessed to a second, blasphemous reception that took place following his first, licit one. This second reception included spitting on the cross and denying Christ, both of which were demanded of him at sword-point by the receiving brothers, one of whom, he said, was Thomas Totty. Additionally he confessed to being told that “Jesus Christ was not true God and true man…[and that] he should not believe in the sacrament of the altar.”149 He also confessed that sexual relations amongst the brothers were not frowned upon, but that he himself had never participated in such relations. All other allegations, he denied.

Thomas Totty’s confession paints a fascinating picture. Totty, “calling on God as his witness,” categorically denied the charges of having been received blasphemously and of denying Christ or God,150 though he confessed to having met “four brothers of the Temple received in overseas parts by Brother Humbert Blank [Himbert Blanc, Commander of the Auvergne] whom he had received with denial of Christ and spitting over the Cross…”151 He likewise denied having illicit sexual relations, believing that the Grand Master or other lay Templar could absolve sin, and any charges about idolatry. Rather bizarrely, when asked whether or not he believed that the French Templars had stood before the pontiff and confessed to the myriad heinous charges against them, he responded that he did believe it, because he had been there to witness it:

he replied that what is contained in the charges was true, and he knows this well because the witness was present in the Roman court and heart the aforesaid confessions, and

149 Nicholson, Proceedings: vol. 2, 398. 150 Ibid., 401.

Templar Knight
Templar knight