NY City Mayor wants to do away with the NYC high school entrance exams to limit Asian students.

As I was having my morning coffee and reading the news online, AOL, and NY Times I came across an article about the NY City major wanting to drop the NY city high school entrance exams which it seems Asian students dominate. Imagine penalizing an ethnic group for excellence?  It is no secret that ethnic […]

The Chinese Crystal ball by Dr. Pelham Mead

      The Chinese Crystal Ball Dr. Pelham K. Mead III Softcover: 6×9 | 9781477265062 | $13.95 Hardcover: 6×9 | 9781477265055 | $23.99 Ebook: 9781477265253 | $3.99 Pages: 102 http://www.authorhouse.com John Cardomen acquires an ancient Chinese crystal ball. The merchant warns John that the crystal ball had magical properties, but John doesn’t believe him. […]