The College

  (A story about Catholic schools and Colleges run by Nuns.) The College of St. George of Staten Island By Dr. Pelham Mead III Draft copy Outline Introduction Each and every College and University in the United States whether a Catholic College or Private or Public College always has something to hide. It seems to be standard procedure to sweep problems under the rug rather than deal with the problems in an honest and outright manner. Sadly, faculty and students suffer in the end from the indiscretions of the Presidents, and administrators. When monies are stolen from accounts and the … Continue reading The College

My Angel Buddies

by Dr. Pelham Mead A college student at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York becomes involved in a Car accident in a heavy downpour on Meadowbrook Parkway. He car crashes into another car that was spinning after hitting a deep puddle of water. While his car is upside down he hears a voice. Stephen crawl away from the car. Suddenly, the door of the car swings open and his seat belt releases. Again Stephen hears that voice. Stephen crawl away from the car faster for it is going to explode. Stephen crawls as instructed and suddenly he car explodes … Continue reading My Angel Buddies

My Current Resume’

Dr. Pelham Kenneth Mead III Author and Movie Script Writer, Ghost Writer, and Masters and Doctoral Thesis writer 2018. 260 E. Bradley Ave., Space 3 El Cajon, Ca. 92021 619-449-8716 Resume’ College Tutor- Online Tutor agency 2014-2018 College Tutor- Helped student from Miami University, Florida write her Master’s Thesis- “Birthplace Motels in Calif” 2016. College Tutor- Volunteer instructor with Seniors, El Cajon, Ca. College Teaching Experience (31 yrs. Secondary ed. Teacher, 12 years College Professor and Director. Author- 18 years. Adjunct Professor- St. John’s Univ. -Freshman course- “Discovering New York 3 credits. Taught Fall of 2006. Adjunct Professor- College … Continue reading My Current Resume’

The Night is a Child (Usiku Ni Mtoto)

The Night is a Child (Usiku Ni Mtoto) A story of Africa By Dr. Pelham Mead ED.D. 2 Chapter 1-The Massacre “(RNS) Three elderly Italian nuns murdered in Burundi were laid to rest Thursday (Sept. 11, 2014) in a Xaverian cemetery in the Democratic Republic of Congo amid heightened calls for action about their death. Sister Lucia Pulici, 75, Sister Olga Raschietti, 82, and Sister Bernadetta Boggian, 79, of the Xaverian Missionary Sisters of Mary were gruesomely murdered Sunday in their convent in the Kamenge area of Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura. The triple murders shocked Christians across the globe and ignited … Continue reading The Night is a Child (Usiku Ni Mtoto)


SKY MASTERS By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III (c) Western Writers Association Summary: This is a science fiction story of men and women that modify their DNA in order to survive and grow wings to fly and create cities in the skies over radiated Earth.  All the politicians and rich left in space ships after the nuclear wars of 5005 leaving behind the less fortunate and poor on Earth. Fortunately, Scientists learned to modify the human DNA with that of birds of prey to save most of the people on Earth. Others became mutants from the radiation and millions died … Continue reading Skymasters

My Five Reincarnations

  MY FIVE REINCARNATIONS By Dr. Pelham Mead III Movie Script   CHAPTER ONE- LIFE NUMBER ONE- ANTONIO H. CASTELANO SCENE 1- INT. DAY- MY EARLY CHILDHOOD AS AN ITALIAN PUNK IN HELL’S KITCHEN, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK. FADE IN: NARRATOR: MALE VOICE WITH ITALIAN ACCENT 30’S OR 40’S I was a small wiry kid with a crew cut hair style and dirty blonde hair with brown eyes and a cocky attitude. Maria was my mother was from the old country, Italy. She wore a flowery dress, and has her brunette hair back in a bun. She wore glasses, … Continue reading My Five Reincarnations