hawaii volcano


By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III (c) Western Writers Association

Summary: This is a science fiction story of men and women that modify their DNA in order to survive and grow wings to fly and create cities in the skies over radiated Earth.  All the politicians and rich left in space ships after the nuclear wars of 5005 leaving behind the less fortunate and poor on Earth. Fortunately, Scientists learned to modify the human DNA with that of birds of prey to save most of the people on Earth. Others became mutants from the radiation and millions died that could not survive.







AZUEL (45) VICE PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA President Tiego, President Bakomito of the Congo is threatening to wipe out the country of Botswana with his nuclear missiles.

TIEGO MUAGI, (60) PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA I’ll be dammed before I let that idiot Balomito of the Congo, blow up my country. Tell the Generals to ready the nuclear missiles aimed toward the Congo.

When I get done with them they will only be known as the hole in Africa.

AZUEL Yes, Mr. President. I will give the order immediately. The red button switch is next to your communicator sir.

TIEGO MUAGI, Yes I see it. Inform me when the missiles are ready.

FADE OUT. Meanwhile hundreds of miles away up the African coast north of Botswana at the Municipal building for the President of the Congo. 2.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO (55) CONGO Ikolo what have my generals determined regarding the Botswana nuclear missiles?

IKOLO, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE CONGO (45) VICE PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA Our satellites tell us that Botswana is arming it’s missiles, and aiming them toward the Congo as we speak President Balomito.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO That bastard. Who does Tiego Muagi think he is King of Africa of something? Tell the missile launchers to activate the nuclear missiles and aim them toward Botswana.

GENERAL TITO KABALA (60) CONGO President Bakomito the Botswana President Tiego Muagi has launched a dozen nuclear missiles toward the Congo. We must flee to the bunker Mr. President.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO I am pushing the red button now to fire 24 or our nuclear missiles toward Botswana’s major cities and utilities. Let’s get to the bunker underground quickly. How many minutes do we have?

GENERAL TITO KABALA Six minutes Mr. President. Hurray.

Back at Botswana in the President’s Palace.


President Tiego Muagi, I have bad news. The Congo President Bakomito has fired two dozen nuclear missiles at Botswana’s major cities, the palace and all the countries major utilities.

(MORE) 3.


We have to run to the underground bunker Mr. President. We have four minutes.

TIEGO MUAGI, PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA Damm, that fool. I thought he was all talk. Now see what he has done. Inform the Army to brace for a nuclear attack. Let’s get to the bunker fast.


Follow me Mr. President. We have just a few minutes left.

Five minutes later twelve nuclear clouds are seen over the Congo and twenty four nuclear clouds are seen over Botswana. The explosions are so violent that man, animal and plants are swept off the face of the Earth replaced by sand dunes of nuclear waste. Death is everywhere and not one survives even the Presidents in their bunkers. Radiated air seeps into their bunkers and they and their staff all die of radiation sickness with seared lungs. Black rain begins to fall and sweeps across the land. The black dust from the fallout rises as high as two miles above the land and the sun is completely blocked out.





PRESIDENT SOBA NGENDA (70) ANGOLA General Bagamba what is the emergency you called me to the Central command post for?

GENERAL ABDOURAHIME (55) BOTSWANA ARMY President Soba Ngenda I have extremely bad news.

(MORE) 4.


The President of the Congo has sent many missiles to wipe out Botswana and some of the missiles have veered off course and are headed toward Angola. We have 3-4 minutes to do something as a counter measure Mr. President.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO That monkey face Bakomito. What the hell has he done now? Ready 18 missiles to fire back at the Congo immediately. We will retreat to the Presidential bunker underground in the meantime. Keep me informed.

GENERAL ABDOURAHIME Yes, Mr. President. 18 nuclear missiles activated and directed toward major cities in the Congo and the Municipal Presidential building and all utilities.



The Congo receives not only the Nuclear missiles from Botswana, but after the first attack of nuclear missiles a second wave hits from Angola. The Congo as a country no longer exists. It is a desert waste-land and no one survives. A nuclear cloud head north toward all west coast countries in Africa and on very deadly cloud heads to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia military command headquarters a day later.


GENERAL ASWAMI (66) EGYPT Prime Minister Abarou we have detected a nuclear cloud headed our way at 5,000 feet above sea level. The best we can determine is that several African countries Angola, Congo, and Botswana have released their nuclear missiles at one another and completely wiped out their countries.

Animals, people, and plants are gone.

(MORE) 5.


Destroyed by multiple atomic explosions. What should we do Mr.Prime Minister?

PRIME MINISTER TOMAS KAWALLER (50) The best we can do is to warn everyone in our country to get gas masks and go indoors or hide underground in municipal buildings.

We cannot stop the cloud from descending on our country. Hurray we must prepare for this disaster.

In Jordan confusion exists.

GENERAL FRANCES GODARDO (55) JORDAN King Farouke the 40th, a nuclear missile is headed toward Jordan and it seems like it is coming from Egypt sir.

KING FAROUKE 40TH (35) JORDAN Egypt? What the hell are they doing? We have no quarrel with them. Call the Prime Minister of Egypt immediately.

GENERAL FRANCES GODARDO King Farouke, we do not have but 4 minutes or less to get to a protected area such as your bunker. If we do not hurray we may be all killed by the explosions by nuclear radiation. We need to run and maybe you can take the call from the Egypt Prime Minister there?

KING FAROUKE 40TH Inform my family and personal guard we are to flee to the King’s bunker.


Four minutes later two misguided missiles hit Jordan and the country becomes a desert waste-land unlike any seen before in the history of man kind. Sand storms of black dust and sand rip across all of Jordan killing everything in it’s path from radiation dust. 6.

Meanwhile in Italy, the Prime Minister is in a special meeting with his associates when the General In Chief of all Italian forces bursts into the room.


GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO (45) ITALY Prime Minister, Sir, Egypt and Jordan have disappear off the map according to our satellites. Several African Nations have also disappeared and Atomic clouds have risen into the air two and three miles above the Earth. Several clouds have crossed over the entire African continent already and may be headed toward Spain and Italy and or Greece.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO (60) ITALY What? What are you talking about General.

A nuclear war in Africa? What does that have to do with us?

GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO Sir, a cloud of black radiated dust is headed this way killing everything in it’s path, and causing black rain to fall on the Earth, and radiating everything in it’s path.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO Whose fault is this cloud?

GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO Egypt or maybe Jordan Sir. No one has survived the nuclear strike. We could send some nuclear missiles back at Jordan or Egypt, but we think they are all dead already.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO We must retaliate immediately, and then seek shelter underground.



Inform the Pope and our Nations leaders to seek cover underground in our subways or municipal buildings. Activate twenty nuclear missiles, and send ten against Jordan and ten against Egypt. Let me know when to push the red button.

One hour later.

GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO The missiles are activated now Mr. Prime minister. You can push the button at any time. Meanwhile, we have but a few hours to seek refuge from the radiated black cloud of dust coming our way. We must rush to open the dormant bunker from centuries before.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO Hurray them. Gather my family and the imperial guard. I believe the Vatican has it’s own underground caves to hid in during the cloud assault?


Six minutes later Egypt receives a second wave of atomic missiles that kills any survivors from the first attack. Jordan receives more missiles that destroy the Palace and all the cities of Jordan. Mountains become valley wastelands, and desert dunes become crystals of glass from the high heated explosions.







Vice President George Marshall is a career politician. He is short and overweight with a balding head and wears thin rimmed glasses.


5 8.

GEORGE MARSHALL (55) VICE PRESIDENT OF USA Mr. President we have a world-wide catastrophe in nuclear wars beginning in Africa, and spreading to Italy and Europe and even South America in Brazil. Errant nuclear missiles and bombs have landed in different countries everywhere. We have to protect ourselves and our population if Russia or China get involved. It is only a matter of time before they are attacked and our Generals tell me that Russia will blame us and China also.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND (66) USA George, We have known for centuries that one day some third world country with nuclear missiles or bombs would make a mistake and attack another country and then it would escalate from there. We cannot sit and wait to be attacked. Tell the Military to go to depcom 3 immediately. Prepare all bombers on stay-by and activate all missile cruisers and submarines. We can all least provide some counter-measures even if we cannot stop all the nuclear missiles and bombers from reaching the United States.

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Yes, Mr. President. I will alert the Joint Chiefs of Staff immediately. You had better gather up your wife and family and head down to the White House bunker.


Several hours later in the White House bunker.



(CONT’D) Mr. President several nuclear missiles struck Los Angeles and San Francisco and another batch struck Virginia near the CIA headquarters. It is possible Washington, D.C., will be hit next.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What about the counter-measures we took?

GEORGE MARSHALL Yes, they worked but the missiles and bombers kept coming like ants to honey. We don’t even know where half of the missiles are coming from sir. All hell has broken loose and our defenses are in ruins.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What are our options George?

GEORGE MARSHALL Well sir, we are defenseless after all our nuclear missiles and bombs are gone. American and all of the other countries will be nuclear desert wastelands where no human can survive, or plant or animal.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What the hell are we going to do?

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Mr. President, do you remember Operation Star Bound? It was a scenario when all hope to saving the country was lost and our country’s scientists and leaders needed to survive.


Remember you set into motion four years ago the development of reserve interspaceships to evacuate a small number of leaders, military and civilians?









MAJOR VADIMIR POTESKI (50) KREMLIN President Trevenko we are being attacked in all our major cities by atomic warhead missiles. We think they are coming from the United States but we cannot be sure. They are coming from every direction and our estimate is their are thousands of nuclear missiles in the air now. What should be do Mr. President.


Those sons of bitches. We will not let the USA bury us under nuclear waste. Order the military to release everything we have to counter the Americans. Inform Admiral Boganiski to send the launch signal to all our submarines around the world and to air their nuclear missiles at all the major USA cities, especially Washington,D.C., and New York City. 11.

MAJOR VADIMIR POTESKI As you command President Trevenko. I advise you to inform your wife and seek refuge in the Presidential bunker ten stories below this building.

PRESIDENT BORIS TREVENKO Make sure all the Generals meet me in the bunker planning room immediately.

Thirty minutes later the first nuclear missile hits Moscow, and then another, and another until the city remained a pile of rocks and the river Moskva ran red with blood.






PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Does anyone have any reports regarding our country? What the hell do we do know that the whole world is radiated?

SCIENTIST WILLIAM LAWRENCE (60) Mr. President we have several options.

Saving the USA is not one of them. This nuclear radiation has killed millions around the USA, not to mention around the world.

Operation Star Bound is up and running.

Another option is our DNA research in modifying the human body to withstand radiation. We also experimented with creating cities in the sky far away from the radiation on the Earth.



(MORE) 12.


Genetically, we have been able to create wings in the shoulder and back muscles of a human so that at high altitudes where the air is thin, a human DNA modification could fly.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Men with wings, cities in the sky, bullshit.

Let’s get real here. Having wings and living in the clouds seems like science fiction, however taking space ships aimed toward inhabitable planets out in space seems more realistic. Only a select few will be able to make the trip. Those that can afford to pay for it and the Scientists and rich leaders that are needed to establish a new society out in space. How soon can we leave George?

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA The spaceships are loaded with fuel and food, and ready to blast off for outer space now Mr. President. They are located at hidden sites away from the major cities in America. Boulder Colorado is one major space ship site and another is found in a corn field in Indiana. We have about 200 space ships ready to take our people into space to seek a new planet to seek a new life.


Mr. President, I need to inform you that the CIA approved the list or who is eligible to go on the Space ships and who is not eligible.

(MORE) 13.


Many Scientists involved with the Cities in the Sky project and DNA manipulation involving winged humans are staying at an underground lab in Canada and in Mexico which did not suffer as much nuclear damage. The black rain which is full of radiation however, is not able to be controlled and is blown around the world in the jet stream killing people, plants and animals on contact.

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA We expect there will be rioting of our civilians and military when they find out that they are not going on the space ships to other worlds. We have prepared for that eventuality, and have send specially coded messages to those that have been selected by the council. Any rioters will be shot on the spot by the military. We have several divisions standing by to protect the space ship take-off platforms around the USA.

God protect us in this last ditch mission to save American.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What about Russia and China?

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA They have similar programs with Space Ships ready to take their leaders, scientists and politicians that have money into outer space seeking habitual planets. Those that remain behind will have to live underground until Scientists figure how to create cities in the sky high above Earth, far from the radiation.


DNA modifications have successfully created humans with wings and new muscles needed to have enough strength in the back muscles and shoulder muscles to allow a human to fly with wings. Creation of the first city in the sky will begin immediately while the DNA reproduction of a new form of human with wings, smaller body frame and the inner brain balance to fly and glide through the air.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND That is truly amazing, but I have more faith in outer space, then I do with a new species of bird men living in a city up in the clouds. Let’s get the hell out of here now. Have the Secret Service get the helicopter ready for us to fly out of here. Are you coming George?

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Yes, Mr. President. I will be there right along side of you and your family and my family. We are part of the privileged few.

The Helicopters are ready now to fly to the space ship departure platform. Good bye Washington, D.C.

GENERAL JOHN SWEENY (60) Mr. President, the rioting and radiation infected population is like watching a zombie movie. We have to take special precautions to get you to the space ship blast off area. You will all have disguises when you leave the building to take you security transport vehicles to the space ship port. We may have to shoot some civilians in order to clear them out of the way of the vehicles.

(MORE) 15.



I advise you and your family not to watch this carnage. We have no choice Mr. President.


The President and his family and the Vice President and his family embark on the helicopters for the space ships waiting to blast off.


PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Look at the damage the atomic blasts did to Washington? Not one building standing.

Half the city is under water with the Potomac river over-flooding it’s banks.

Look at that the Washington’s monument is under water. Amazing and disgusting at the same time.

GENERAL JOHN SWEENY Shoot those civilians that are blocking the road out of Washington, D.C. Everyone get down they are shooting back. This will be a difficult journey until we can get out of D.C.. Sit back everyone and keep your heads down until we get over the Potomac river. Does everyone understand? This limo is bulletproof but not bomb proof, so remain calm.


Later at the space port.


GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Mr. President we are cleared to enter the Space Ship. As you know everyone will be placed in a frozen state to protect them over the many light years of travel. Good luck.


I will be joining you after all the passengers are checked out.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Thank you George. This has truly been a nightmare. I feel so guilty about leaving millions of Americans behind. God, I hope they survive long enough to implement the DNA bird man alternative with a city in the sky. I am without words with my sadness.

Oh, well time to board the space ship.

MRS. ELIZABETH BACKRAND (40) PRESIDENT’S WIFE Mark I cannot stop crying for the people we are leaving behind. This is so sad, I will never be able to sleep at night knowing these people we are leaving behind face certain death. Oh, God, forgive us.

FADE TO BLACK. Minutes later the first of thousands of space ships blast off toward the stars. Millions of humans are left behind to die of radiation disease, starvation, and murder.








500 years after the great space ship escape from Earth, three miles up in the sky lies the city of Aesir (Viking Heaven), where 10,000 Hawkmen and Hawkwomen live, far from the radiated wastelands of Earth.

MARIE (9) DAUGHTER OF GODAR THE FIERCE Grandpa Golin please tell us the stories about the history of the Hawk-people, please. 17.

DILLEN (10) SON OF GODAR THE FIERCE Yeah, poppa tell us how we built the city in the sky, Aesir.

SHARP (12) OLDEST SON OF GODAR THE FIERCE Yes, poppa Golin, tells how the rich people of the Earth left everyone behind, and flew off into space never to return. I love that story.

GOLIN BANDAR (70) RETIRED HAWKMAN GENERAL Gather around me my beloved grandchildren and I will tell you the stories from 500 years ago. Remember before I told you had the President of the United States and other wealthy politicians and Generals fled the radiated sand dunes of Earth to find life on another habited planet in space. They left behind millions to die of radiation sickness with no remorse. Fortunately, deep in the bowls of the Earth the Scientists who began fifty years before on DNA modification in humans to allow them to fly like a Hawk.

The scientists had for centuries figured out the complete DNA and gene map of the human body. Over hundreds of years they figured out how to manipulate human DNA with HAWK DNA and slowly change the overall skeletal size of humans to 100 pounds and to add muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back that could be powerful to fly wings growing out of the back of the new hawk men DNA modification. When the Presidents of the many countries of the world left for outer space these scientists of the world-wide DNA modification labs were the only last chance for the human species left on Earth to survive.

(MORE) 18.


The task at hand for the scientists was immense. First they were determined to create a city in the sky high enough to not be affected by the radiation and black nuclear rain on Earth. The magic figure was three miles above the Earth so as not to collide with Mount Everest or any other high mountains on Earth. Remember how I told you a spider could spin a web that was so strong it could resist water, wind, sand, and heavy bugs? Well, the scientists came up with a spider web weaving machine that created a unbreakable plastic and metal strand that was only microns thick but when weaved together in a pattern like a spider web the base of the City in the Sky named Aesir, the Viking Heaven, could support any amount of weight over the span of several miles. The base was the first miracle created. The second miracle was how to keep the city base floating in the air constantly through the use of powerful antimagnetic engines that were attacked to the city base. If I take this round rug and pretend it is the spider like web spun together with millions of strands of magical weaving material. Now if we imagine antigravitational machines attached to the city base it will slowly rise into the sky. To make the city move solar power panels would provide the power for giant fans that could turn and direct the giant sky city in the direction it needed to travel by computers and Hawkman pilots on duty 24/7.

DILLEN How did the city of Aesir create buildings like the one we are sitting in right now Poppa? 19.

GOLIN BANDAR Be patient Dillen. I was getting to that. The scientists knew weight was the major factor to control in order to keep the city of Aesir floating high in the sky. They knew they could not use bricks or wood or metal to build houses and buildings, so they developed computers that could create a holograph of each and every building according to a master blue print developed by the greatest engineers and scientists of all time. The city would revolve around a circular center and all the paths would emanate from that core outward for several miles. The computers would create walls and spaces for the human eye only that existed only in a person’s mind. Millions of small computers would control each building’s hologram image to create a dwelling with no weight.

MARIE So how did the Hawk-people get from the caves below ground on Earth to the city in the sky Poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR Good question Marie. The sky city was not finished for a year after the great escape in the year 5053. Once the great city platform was lifted into the air, three miles high, all available planes and helicopters were put into action to send the humans that had successfully developed the DNA characteristics for wing and muscle development and the decrease in skeletal size to allow for less weight to fly with. From babies these modified humans came from normal humans and had their DNA and genes modified in the womb of the mother.

(MORE) 20.


Their skin color was light brown so as not to cause a racial issue between blacks and whites. They were raised until age 15 in a protected lab environment and were educated with computers and tutors to make them as smart as possible. Besides the Hawk society would need Engineers and Scientists to continue the research and DNA modification for many generations to come before they became completely mutated into a bird man prototype. After the great escape, the survivors on Earth had to live under ground with radiation filters to prevent radiation from infecting the air below Earth. Food supplies were extremely limited and scientists had to both concentrate on growing more and more hawk people, a new race, while at the same time trying to keep the surviving humans alive. There was no central government or police, and keeping peace was an impossible job. The scientists had to be locked into labs where no nonscientists could be admitted. Many humans tried but no one ever succeeded in breaking into the birth and research labs.

SHARP How many Hawk people were ready to leave for Aesir a year after the great escape, Poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR Approximately, 1,000 female and male hawk people were developed enough to be able to fly with their wings grown from birth. A second group of hawkman and hawkwomen were created through surgery to allow for more trained adult workers and scientists to support the new Hawk era.

(MORE) 21.


The ability to fly failed, but at least they had wings with the proper circulation necessary to at least look like a normal DNA modified Hawk-person. These Scientists and Engineers were the people who taught the teenage Hawk people how to manage and control the city in the sky. How to grow food from seed and allow for all the problems of a new society.

MARIE Poppa, who was the first leader of the Hawkman and Hawkwomen?

GOLIN BANDAR Ah, yes, the first leader of the Hawkmen was named Thor, after the Viking God. Every leader since Thor the first had been named Thor in honor of the Viking God. It was Thor, and the great council that set up the Golden Rules prohibiting guns, violence, and killing any Hawkman. They decided that the lifestyle of the men known as Vikings in the 900’s A.D.. Would be copied as a lifestyle for all Hawkman and Hawkwomen. They worshipped the Viking Gods of old and all the habits of the viking way of life except clothing because dress with little weight was necessary to be able to fly at the height of three miles above the Earth. The first leader, Thor was a short young man with a full face beard, dark skin, and a short temper. He was born artificially in a lab and his genes were modified like all the other Hawk people in the womb. He was extremely brilliant and a good leader. Early on many Hawkman and Hawkman came down with an illness during the first few months of living in the city of Aesir. At first scientists thought it was altitude sickness, but they were wrong.

(MORE) 22.


Finally, it was determined that Hawkman and Hawkwomen needed more zinc and iron than the normal human species. The problem was there was no place in the city of Aeris to develop or grown zinc and iron minerals. Thor came up with a plan, when he realized that zinc and iron was easily available back on Earth. Thor accompanied a small army of twenty hawkmen and hawkwomen flew down to Earth to bargain with the mutants that lived in caves. They had underground caves for many miles with access to salt mines, and minerals in great abundance. It was called the Great Deal when Thor offered the mutants green plants grown by the Hawk people on Aesir. The mutants had no green vegetables because radiation had killed all the plants on Earth. Only mushrooms underground, and tubers survived.



SCENE 2- INT. DAY- THE SCIENTIFIC LABS ON AESIR Flashback to the early days



THOR (23) FIRST LEADER OF THE HAWKMEN My fellow Hawkmen and Hawkwomen. Our scientists have determined that we need zinc and iron in our bodies because of the DNA modifications, but we have no zinc or iron in Aesir. I propose we try to trade with the mutants on Earth by offering to give them green vegetables in exchange for zinc and iron minerals. It will not be easy because the mutants are not predictable and not always of clear minds. 23.

ANGOR-BLACK (20) HAWKMAN How will you prevent the mutants from killing you when you have no guns or ammunition? We have only bows and arrows according to our Golden Rule.

THOR THE FIRST LEADER You are right Angor-Black, the mutants may have weapons of the old world. We have only bows and arrows, but we can fly, and they cannot. I will take 25 of my best warrior Hawkmen to protect me during this negotiation. Who is behind me?

All the Hawkmen and Hawkwomen respond.

HAWKMEN AND HAWKWOMEN We are with you great Thor. Let’s us prepare to leave for Earth below.

Thor and 25 Hawkmen and Hawkwomen leave Aesir, and glide down to Earth, three miles below.

THOR THE FIRST LEADER I see a small band of mutants traveling over the radiated desert sands on Earth. Let us fly by to see their reaction.

As the Hawkmen come swooping down out of the sky the mutants to run and scatter.

THOR THE FIRST LEADER (CONT’D) Mutants we come in peace to trade with you for green vegetables. We have need of minerals of zinc and iron.

CONKIRK MUTUANT LEADER (22) Go away or we will shoot you out of the sky Hawkmen. What do you want with us Hawkmen? We have nothing for you. Why do you invade our land?

THOR THE FIRST LEADER I come in peace to trade fresh green vegetables with you for minerals we need. 24.

Conkirk has survived radiation sickness, but he paid for it with many body scars, a disfigured face with almost no nose. His air was in bunches and he walks with a limp. He had one eye almost completely closed from a scar.

CONKIRK, MUTUANT LEADER Minerals is what you want? Why should be trust you Hawkmen?

THOR THE FIRST LEADER We have brought a basket of fresh green vegetables we grew in our greenhouses as a sign of good faith. We will leave the green vegetables with you now. All we ask is that you bring back a pound of zinc, and a pound of iron powder. We will return in one week at the same time, and place, and bring you double the amount of green vegetables for the zinc and iron.

CONKIRK, MUTUANT LEADER We will take your offer Hawkman, and when you return next week at the same time we will have your zinc and iron waiting.

THOR THE FIRST LEADER Thank you Conkirk of the Earthmen. We will return in a week. Goodbye Earthmen.

Thor and his group of Hawkmen fly away after leaving a basket of green vegetables for the mutants.






DILLEN Poppa when did the second group of birdmen come into existence? 25.

GOLIN BANDAR Ahh, yes, the white ones, they called themselves the Angels of God, because they had white wings, white skin and long straight white hair. At first scientists who were working on DNA and gene modification thought they were albinos, but by accident they discovered the gene that controlled the color of the bird men’s wings. After the initial discovery the scientists consulted with the Hawkmen whether to continue with this new breed or kill it. It was decided that the more variety that can be developed the greater the possibility of all species of bird men could survive the ages.

MARIE Why didn’t the white winged ones call themselves the white wings or the Doves or something?

GOLIN BANDAR Early on the new breed was allowed to mix with the hawkmen and women. They were called White Wings by the other brown winged Hawks. Unfortunately, they were treated as a minority and abused. After a few hundred years the white winged ones adopted the centuries old religion of Christianity. They prayed for a messiah to come and rescue them from being a minority in a Hawk society that followed the Viking Gods, and practices centuries before in the years 900, and later. The white winged ones soon developed an identify over hundreds of years, and began to call themselves the Angels of God. They got the idea of Angels from Christianity concepts where men with white wings were called Angels. 26.

SHARP Why are the Angels of God not living with our society of Hawks anymore, poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR Good question Sharp. The Angels of God eventually numbered in the tens of thousands out of a population of 50 thousand Hawks. They began to make demands and threatened the peaceful order with work stoppages and strikes. They wanted their own city to live in the clouds and after hundreds of years Lord Thor the 15 and the council decided to let the Angels of God go and live in their own city in the clouds. The Hawkmen and women even offered to help the Angels of God build a new city in the sky called Alta.

MARIE How long did it take for the Hawks and Angels of God to build the new sky city called Alta poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR A little over fifty years it took to build Alta. Technology had improved greatly since the Hawks first built their city with the help of Earth bound scientists. Now the Hawks flying computers called Buzzbots, and Bigbots. The buzzbots, which we use in our homes today, helped to spin and weave the base of the new city by working 24/7 around the clock, spinning and weaving the very strong plastic and fiber material. The bigbots were the heavy duty computers that could fly and work on major construction projects like large computers that could run the antimagnetic force to elevate the city to three miles above Earth.

(MORE) 27.


The bigbots were able to turn out millions of small computers to create the holographic images in the city for each building and home. The blueprint for the city of Alta was twice as large as the city of Aesir to allow for a larger population, and for the fact that the Angels of God had larger wings and a larger body. Without the computers it would have been an impossible job creating the city of Alta. Finally, after 54 years of building the day came for the Angels of God to leave Aesir. It was a sad moment for those who accepted the white winged ones, and it was a happy moment to see the Angels of God and their superior attitude leave the city of Aesir.

DILLEN Who became the first leader of the Angels of God, poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR The first leader of the Angels of God was Michael the Arch Angel. Actually his real name was John Redman. Every elected supreme leader of the Angels of God since has been renamed, Michael the Arch Angel, just as we rename our leader Lord Thor each generation when a new leader is selected upon the death of the previous Lord Thor.

MARY Why are we not friends with the Angels of God, Poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR We are no longer friends with the Angels of God because they consider themselves a superior race to ours. They have a built-in attitude that science made them bigger and stronger, which in fact was true.

(MORE) 28.


Their wing span was two to four feet larger than our wing span. They could do a vertical dive at 100 miles per hour and we could not. They felt that white feathers and white hair showed superiority. It is our own fault because our scientists created them and allowed this DNA modification to come about. They were not able to predict that the new breed of bird men like the Angels of God would feel that they were smarter and stronger than Hawkmen and women.

DILLEN How did the rebellion of the mutants come about poppa? I head that the Earthmen mutants started a was against all Hawkmen and women, and the Angels of God. Why?

GOLIN BANDAR The War of the Rebellion of the Mutants is complicated. It was partially our fault by sending defective Hawk children down to Earth after we clipped their wings. Our laws did not allow us to kill our own kind. Secondly, the mutants were tired of a miserable life of scavenging and depending on the Hawkmen and women for fresh vegetables. The mutants decided after hundreds of years, that they had enough of their poor life and the constant threat of death by radiation exposure. One day when several Hawkmen were delivering fresh vegetables to the mutants a group of mutants attacked the Hawkmen and killed them all. When Lord Thor heard of this killing he sent an army of one hundred Hawkmen warriors to Earth in revenge for killing the Hawkmen. They tracked down the mutants that killed the Hawkmen, and killed everyone of the mutuants and defective Hawks, and women and children too.

(MORE) 29.


The mutants went crazy from that point on and war was declared. Fortunately, the mutants could not fly or attack the cities in the sky, so we were safe. It was only when the Hawkmen and Angels of God flew to Earth that battles began. The mutants had old firearms, and black powder and could shoot a Hawkman or Angel of God out of the sky. The mutants did not recognize the Golden Rules of the Sky Masters.

SHARP So who won the war poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR No one. It was a stalemate after a year of bloody killing on Earth. As Hawkmen, and even Angels of God we have a mineral deficiency we have to take care of and the longer we go without zinc and iron minerals the sicker we get. No one wants to admit it but, we need the mutants to dig the zinc, and iron in their mines where they live underground. We cannot do it because the longer we stay on Earth the greater the changes of getting radiation sickness and death. The Hawks, and the Angels of God went for eleven months without minerals and finally, the Angels of God made a truce and bought out the mutants of a tribe from another continent.

MARIE Few Hawks talk about the people that fled after the nuclear attacks to live under the ocean. I think they are called aquatines? How do they live under the water poppa? 30.

GOLIN BANDAR The aquatines are the sea people under the oceans of the Earth far away from the radiation on the surface of land. Underwater buildings and cities had already existed at the time of the nuclear wipeouts. They were primarily research facilities, but when there were few alternatives many went below the water. Air filled structures below the surface of the ocean were safe and not affected by radiation. Eventually with DNA modification they were able to produce undersea people with small gills to breath underwater. They are fortunate to have the bounty of the sea to eat for their diet. We trade with them from time to time. They can provide us with fish which we find difficult to capture. Their brothers are the whale and the porpoise and they never kill their sea brothers.

DILLEN That sounds cool to live underwater all the time. Do they have a leader like we do?

GOLIN BANDAR Yes their leader is called Neptune who in Greek mythology was the God of the Sea. They named their city Atlantis after the city that in history disappeared under the sea in ancient times. I am getting tired now, and need a nap. Let’s finish our stories tomorrow my grandchildren.

MARIE Thank you poppa. See you tomorrow.




Golin continues his stories of the bird men evolution to his grandchildren 31.

Marie, Dillen, and Sharp.


DILLEN Good morning Grandfather Golin. How are you today?

GOLIN BANDAR I am good Dillen. Where are Marie and Sharp?

DILLEN They are coming poppa.

Minutes later Marie and Sharp enter Grandfather Golin’s home space.

MARIE Hi Grandpa Golin.

SHARP Good to see you again poppa Golin.

DILLEN Can we hear more of your stories of the Hawkman and the Masters of the Sky?

MARIE You mentioned the GOLDEN RULE yesterday. What are the golden rules for all birdmen poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR When the scientists and DNA engineers were assembling a new society of men and women with wings they realized that the one thing they wanted to prevent was War and Violence that created the nuclear wars that destroyed the Earth. The first Golden rule is Killing is Forbidden with no exceptions except attacks by another society. The second law is Guns of any kind are forbidden upon pain of exile to Earth.

(MORE) 32.


The third rule is there will be no sexual reproduction naturally in order to control the DNA modifications of both DNA and genes to keep the modifications to the human body with wings, additional muscles to fly these wings, a smaller skeletal size to make flying easier and the ability to breathe at higher altitudes. We also have many SILVER RULES which relate to management of the Hawk society.

SHARP I heard that the first leader of the Angels of God was a strange person. What does that mean poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR Michael the first Archangel of the Angels of God, ahhh, he was an insane man perhaps from overdevelopment of his mental abilities, we were not sure. He made it perfectly clear that he believed the Angels of God were a superior race of birdmen. He was once quoted as saying,”I am Michael the Archangel of God and the biggest pain in the ass in the skies around Earth for the Hawkmen.”

DILLEN He was quite a character poppa.

GOLIN BANDAR He was more than that, he was responsible for the first war between the Hawkmen and the Angels of God. A war that achieved no results except fear and hatred of one another.

MARIE What defenses do we have against the Angels of God, poppa? 33.

GOLIN BANDAR We have many defenses against attack. We can move the city of Aesir by powering up our giant fans. Since guns, and ammunition are banned by the Golden Rule, we have only bows and arrows and cross-bows to defend ourselves, along with arm shields. Hawkmen can go into vertical dives up to 80 miles per hour when attacking a foe. Around the edge of the City of Aesir are laser cannons that can kill anything within a one mile range. After the war with the Angels of God was over we learned a lesson how inadequate some of our defenses were including speed in flying and diving, so we developed yet another birdman species of Falcon-men who were a little smaller than Hawkmen, but could do a vertical dive of 200 miles per hour and fly twice as fast as Hawkmen. It was our intention to develop these Falcon-men as soldiers in support of the Hawkmen society.

DILLEN How did the Falcon-men end up with their own city in the sky poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR By our own rules we could not kill anything we created, so overpopulation became a problem with Hawkmen, and Falcon-men in less than 500 years. As hard as we tried the Falcon-men were treated as a minority as the Angels of God were in the beginning. After a few hundred years we parted ways with the Falcon-men, and helped them build their city, called Avalon. Our relationship with the Falcon-men has always been positive and that relationship has endured for centuries.

(MORE) 34.


They have always sworn their alliance to the Hawkmen, unlike the Angels of God.

MARIE So how did we end up creating the Eaglemen, and the Vulture-men poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR Over a century of development always with the quest of scientists to develop the best breed of bird men possible with the Hawkmen as the core breed. After the Falcon-men left the City of Aesir, our scientists began to try and develop a bigger body and larger winged bird man, and they developed the largest of all birdmen species, the Eagle-men. They designed this species of modified DNA after the large winged Eagle, with both white head feathers on maturity and brown body feathers. One unique feature was a second eye lid like Eagles had to protect against the wind in a vertical dive. The second eye lid covered the eye, but could be seen through during a vertical dive of 100 miles per hour.

DILLEN Are the Eagle-men are friends poppa?

GolIN BANDAR Yes, we learned our lesson with the Angels of God by allowing them to turn on us. We prepared all Eagle-men, and Falcon-men, and Vulture-men, with a small gene that would block any hostility toward Hawkmen. We did not want a repeat of the Angels of God war.

SHARP The Vulture-men seem the strangest of all the Sky Masters Poppa. What makes them so different? 35.

GOLIN BANDAR Well most of the Sky Masters are vegetarians who eat fish when available. No red meat is available anymore except the artificial Hawk protein bar. The Vulturemen, however, are carnivores, and scavengers. They often raid the Earth, and eat the dead bodies of mutants. In battle they were designed to clean up so to speak. They are huge bird-men, and proud, with bald heads without feathers designed after the California Condor and the Western Vultures of old.

MARIE So how did the council of the Sky Masters come to be, poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR After several thousand years of development of bird-men it became necessary for all of our societies to communicate in order to survive and to maintain the peace. A council was established of all the birdmen societies of the sky called the Sky Masters including the Hawkmen (the original breed), the Angels of God, The Falcon-men, The Eaglemen and lastly, the Vulture-men. Each society has a representative on the Sky Masters council along with the most superior leader, and leading religious leader from each society to represent it’s own birdmen society. This Sky Master council has kept the peace for hundreds of years, and allowed the different birdmen societies to share similar interests in order to survive. Our sacred Sky Master oath is, “when one of us is attacked, we must come to their defense, each and every birdmen society.” No Sky Master society stands alone. 36.

SHARP What happened with the Rebellion of the Mutants on Earth?

GOLIN BANDAR As you know Lord Thor the first negotiated in the very beginning a trading truce with the human mutants on Earth to trade the minerals we needed, zinc and iron in exchange for fresh green vegetables we raise in our green houses in the sky. In the 60th century after an era of relative peace between the Sky Masters and the mutants of the Earth, disaffection developed with the mutants who were beginning to die out from a mysterious disease. The human mutants decided to attack Hawkmen and Angels of God seeking trading of minerals for green vegetables. They killed some of our warriors and also some of the Angels of God warriors which incited a full scale war.

MARIE How die the Mutant Rebellion come to an end poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR We had a catch ‘22 situation with the human mutants,and without our minerals we were in danger of extinction, and the mutants were dying from some unknown disease. Finally, Lord Thor the 33rd leader of the Hawkmen came up with a plan to offer the mutants our scientific services by giving our scientists a sample of a sick mutant’s blood. We promised the mutants to do our best to try and find a cure.

DILLEN What did our scientists find in the mutants blood sample? 37.

GOLIN BANDAR They were dying from lung disease from thousands of years of breathing in radiated air. We developed small nasal breathers that shot a small amount of medicine into the mutants lungs to cure them. We also developed air filter masks for them to wear to filter out the radiated air. When we gave the medicine to the first group of mutants in North America, they were so thrilled that they gave us a promise of eternal peace and supply of Zinc and iron for us. In Asia we did the same and all the other continents. This gave our Hawkmen and the Angels of God something to focus on with their population in producing this lung medicine and facial breathers for the mutants.

MARIE So something good came out of the Mutant Rebellion poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR Yes, we learned that we are all in this process of survival together. Earth was dead from radiation and plants or animals would never again exist with the radiated soil, the black rain storms, and the burning rays of the sun on the Earth.

DILLEN Did the aquataines ever develop gills to breath underwater by DNA modification?

GOLIN BANDAR Yes, they did after thousands of years of research and experimentation they developed gills behind the ears. Their fingers and feet also became webbed to allow for faster underwater swimming.

(MORE) 38.


They also learned how to domesticate dolphins to ride on throughout the seas of the Earth. Even the giant whales of the oceans became brothers of the aquataines.

MARIE Do we still trade with the Aquataines poppa?

GOLIN BANDAR Yes, they are our only source of fish in our diet. We trade technology and medicine developments with the Aquataines in exchange for fish they capture. They are a network of nets throughout all the oceans of the Earth and are able to survive on tons of fish caught each day in different oceans. They have developed a very successful underwater society, just as we have with the Sky Masters society.




ACT FIVE- THE AGE OF THE ANGELS OF GOD SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- THE CITY OF AESIR 16 In hopes of perfecting the perfect species of Hawk-men their scientists modified and experimented for hundreds of years to come up with a second model of winged-men that had white features instead of the brown feathers of typical hawk-men, a larger wingspan, long straight white hair on their heads, pink eyes, and very white skin. It was thought that this model might be an improvement, but that hypnosis proved to be wrong over time. The risk of these experiments always provided the risk that some of these new birdmen could become defective in some manner which would require their lab demise or if it developed later in an child or adult which mean expulsion to Earth and clipping of the mutuant bird-man’s wings.


FADE IN: 39.

LORD THOR THE THIRD (30) Tell me my beloved scientist, how is the new breed of bird men you have developed with superior characteristics coming along?

CHARGER-MILL (20) SCIENTIST We have developed a winged species with white feathers instead of brown my Lord.

We have extended the length of the wings by an additional two-four feet. We lost coloring in the species head hair and all of our models have white head hair. The eye coloring is different with a pink-like color again showing a lack of pigment through DNA modification. We can release these new winged models to the general population in a few years.

LORD THOR THE THIRD Can they survive in the general Hawk population?

CHARGER-MILL, HAWK SCIENTIST They actually have superior qualities Lord.

Even though they have only white feathers they are stronger and fly faster and dive faster than hawk-men. They also have superior intellects. We are not sure how the normal Hawks will treat them.

LORD THOR THE THIRD Let us educate the population about this new breed of Hawkmen, as we let these new white feather Hawkmen into our society.

CHARGER-MILL, HAWK SCIENTIST We will keep extensive records to see how the Hawk society assimilates the white feathered ones. 40.

LORD THOR THE THIRD I wanted them treated as equals not inferior Hawkmen.

Enters Captain Swift-see, Captain of the Lord Thor’s Personal Guard.

CAPTAIN SWIFT-SEE (20) CAPTAIN OF THE ROYAL GUARD OF LORD THOR Lord Thor, I have fifty of the white feather new breed of Hawkmen and women to be released into the general population. We have special habitats build for them on the edge of the city Lord.

LORD THOR THE THIRD Then make it so. Treat them with dignity and equal rights, and provide them with all the food they require.

CAPTAIN SWIFT-SEE Your wish is my command Lord.

Captain Swift-See resettles the new white feathered Hawkmen on the edge of the city of Aesir in new facilities set up just for the new occupants.

C. BRIGHT (19) HAWKMAN CITIZEN I see the new white feathered Hawkmen and women have arrived. I hope they get along with the other brown feathered Hawkmen and women. Wow, look at their hair, pure white, and straight as an arrow? Even their eyes are different with a reddish color, and their body skin color is as white as rice.

They are certainly a different breed.

SHEILA-LOOKA (21) HAWKWOMEN CITIZEN Are these the new white feathered and white hair breed they have recently developed in the DNA labs? They certainly are different and all young. 41.

JOHN REDMAN (15) WHITE FEATHERED HAWKMAN Hello, my name is John Redman and I will be your neighbor. What is your name sir?

C. BRIGHT, HAWKMAN My name is C.Bright. We welcome you John Redman. Your white feathers are certainly very beautiful. Tread carefully with other Hawkmen, and women because they are proud of their brown feathers and Viking tradition.

JOHN REDMAN, WHITE FEATHERED HAWKMAN Why do the Hawkmen feel they are like Vikings friend?

C. BRIGHT, HAWKMAN It was decided by the scientists and DNA engineers as appropriate to give identify to the Hawk society.

JOHN REDMAN, WHITE FEATHERED HAWKMAN We were taught little about the Viking culture except from digital books and mind data feeds. It is interesting to see Hawkmen wearing chest armor like the Vikings from the 900 A.D., Centuries ago.

C. BRIGHT, HAWKMAN You will get use to it in time. Have a good day neighbor.



SCENE 2- EXT. DAY- THE WHITE FEATHERED HAWKMEN 17 SOLUTION Over the next three hundred years the white feathered breed of Hawkmen continue to integrate peacefully with their kin the brown feathered Hawkmen, however social differences begin to appear. The first social 42.

difference was the decision by all of the white feathered Hawkmen and women in adopting Christianity as their religion and abandoning the Viking Gods.


JOHN REDMAN, WHITE FEATHERED HAWKMAN My great grandfather John Redman Sr. Was the first of many leaders of our white feather Hawkmen community over a hundred and fifty to help us settle into our new home here on the city of Aesir. Since then we have adopted many traditions on our own, namely recognizing that we like the Angels of Christianity of old have white wings. We have come to embrace Christianity, not to shun our Viking Hawk brothers, but to provide an identity for ourselves after being treated like a minority for many decades.

Today, I have come to tell you that I bear the honor of becoming your first spiritual leader. I will adopt the name of Michael the Archangel of the Christian tradition. My wife will adopt the name of Mary the mother of Jesus the messiah. We pray that one day Jesus the messiah will return and guide us white feather Hawkmen into the future.

From this day forward we will no longer be known as the white feathered Hawkmen and women, we are the Angels of God from this day forward. We will worship in our own churches and not the viking temples. We bear no disrespect to our brother Hawkmen, but we feel this is our mission to evolve into our own society since it is obvious many Hawkmen are jealous of our white wings and increase mental superiority that the DNA scientists developed.


Our wing span is two to four feet longer than the brown feathered Hawkmen and this allows us to do vertical dives up to 100 miles per hour. Bless you all this day and keep the faith in your families as Angels of God.

LORD THOR THE 20TH Barons of the Hawkmen, we have been in negotiations with our brethren the white feathered Hawkmen of the city of Aesir for several years to resolve their conflicts with the customs of the Hawkmen society. Finally, we have resolved to realize that the white feathered Hawkmen are truly different in DNA and their physical and mental abilities. They have adopted the old religion of Christianity because they believe that God made them Angels of God and that is what they want to be called from now on. We honor our differences culturally, but there has been many clashes between their newly adopted persona and the traditional Hawk Viking ways.

BARON IVAN THE FIST (30) HAWKMAN Lord Thor, how are we to proceed with the Angels of God as they wish to be called?

LORD THOR THE 20TH For now we will keep the peace. So long as we are all working together for survival and peace our two societies can co-exist. When our scientists developed a new and stronger breed with all white wing feathers, a longer wing span, faster vertical dive, and a superior mental ability, they never took into account the difficulty for a new breed of Hawkmen to integrate with the traditional brown feathered, Viking Hawkman.

(MORE) 44.


DNA modification is always good in case we develop long range gene or genetic diseases, science will always be there to find a cure. After hundreds of years high in the sky over Earth, we continue to innovate and thrive despite the radiated Earth which will never recover.

BARON LEXOR THE STRONG (40) HAWKMAN Are Hawkmen and Hawkwomen of brown feathers to marry the white feathered Hawk?

LORD THOR THE 20TH Simply stated NO. If we allow the two species to reproduce together, they we could accidentally create a third species of which we know nothing. We have agreed to allow the leader of the Angels of God, John Redman, now called Michael the Archangel to our council to share in decisions we make for the Hawk society and the city of Aesir.

BARON LEXOR THE STRONG Does this mean you are giving John Redman the status of Baron?

LORD THOR THE 20TH No, I am not giving John Redman or Michael the Archangel status as a Baron. I am extending him the honor of representing the Angels of God which he speaks for. We will speak more of this soon. For now I want all of you Barons to keep the peace in your precinct. Above all we are all still Hawkmen, Sky Masters if you will now and forever.




Another hundred years goes bye, and the Angels of God and the Hawkmen live together in mutual harmony because in the end survival is the ultimate goal in a city in the sky that depends on every citizen performing a specific task to the good of all.



Michael I have news from the DNA lab which is high confidential. One of the DNA scientists who is a member of the Angels of God has reported to me one of your embryos had developed with mutuant characteristics and they wish to abort it in the life tubes.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH (25) Why did he not come to me first, instead of confiding in you Gabrielle?

GABRIELLE THE FIFTH It is against the Golden Rules Michael. The DNA development process is not to be interfered with by anyone except DNA scientists and gene engineers.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH I see. How far along is the child developed and what sex is it?

GABRIELLE THE FIFTH It is a boy and he is pre-mature at 3 weeks to go for a full nine month development. They are guessing he may have intellectual problems, but everything else physically seems to be in order. Ordinarily, they would terminate the child if there is any sign of DNA weakness. 46.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH I want to see this child before they consider terminating it. I must talk with Mary my wife to see if she objects to the Golden Rule in this case when he is our only male child.

GABRIELLE THE FIFTH I will arrange the meeting Michael. It must be after hours so that no one knows you visited the lab to see your potential male child.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH I understand. Meanwhile, I must break this news to Mary my wife.

Later that day.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH (CONT’D) Mary how are you today? I have something very important and confidential to speak with you about. I have learned that our child is a male and he is near full term as an embryo infant.


MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH One of our Angels of God DNA scientists has determined that our son had a defective gene that may inhibit his intellectual ability to learn and be normal.

MARY, THE WIFE OF MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL Sweet Jesus, how could this be? We prayed for a healthy child. Has Jesus turned his back on us? What are we to do? The golden rule demands that the DNA scientist terminate any defective embryo. 47.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH Mary I might be able to coverup a departure from the Golden Rule because I have a great deal of power as leader of the Angels of God and because Lord Thor would never learn of the breech of the Gold Rule because the DNA scientist is a member of the Angels of God. He would defer to me if I ask for this favor. Would you want me to do this for our only son?

MARY, THE WIFE OF MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL I have had much difficulty in the past in getting my eggs to develop properly in the DNA lab. This son may be our only chance for an heir to your leadership role. I want you to go ahead and stop the DNA scientist from aborting the child. Let it develop to full term and we will conceal any intellectual defect he may have. We have scientists that can do anything to cure Hawks or Angels of God.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH It will be as you wish and this is s secret you must never reveal to anyone, your mother or relatives or Priest.


MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH Then I will have Gabrielle contact the Angel of God DNA scientist and instruct him to break the Golden rule, just this once and to remain secretive about the whole thing forever.

Three weeks a new child is born to Michael the Archangel and Mary his wife. 48.

MARY, THE WIFE OF MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL Look Michael how beautiful our son is.

Look at his perfect little white wings and bald head. I hope he grows hair or we will have to give him a wig.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH He is certainly a beautiful Angel of God baby.

MATERNITY WARD NURSE SUSAN (30) Congratulations Michael and Mary. You have a healthy young son. You can take him home in a few days. We have to make sure his DNA and genes are perfect.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH Thank you nurse Susan. We are very proud parents. This is our only child and most precious to us.

Four days later Michael and Mary take home their son.

MiCHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH (CONT’D) Mary as you know by tradition our son will be known as Michael the archangel the sixth.

MARY, THE WIFE OF MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL I am fine with that Michael. He appears to be very healthy. Perhaps the scientist was wrong? Time will tell. I want you to hire a tutor for our son and to provide him with the best digital knowledge know to civilization past and present.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH It will be done as you request Mary. 49.

GABRIELLE THE FIFTH Is everything going well Michael?

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH Yes, my son Michael is home now, and doing well. He looks perfectly normal. Time will tell if there is a problem. I dread that moment.

GABRIELLE THE FIFTH Perhaps the scientist overreacted or made a mistake in the lab? I will pray for him to be healthy as his father.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE FIFTH Thank you Gabrielle. God be with you.


ACT SIX- THE AGE OF THE FALCONS SCENE 1- INT. DAY- THE FALCON CITY OF AVALON 60,000 A.D. Eventually the species called Falconmen and women increased it’s population so much as to crowd the Hawkmen city of Aesir. This time the Hawk society had learned from it’s mistakes with the Angels of God species and arranged a friendly departure of the Falconmen and women. The Hawkmen society using their small computers called Buzzbots, and Bigbots, that could fly and create a new sky city in a matter of months. The new city for the smaller size Falconmen society would be called AVALON. This is how the 60th century opened with three birdmen species living high in the skies of the dead Earth below three miles.

Lord Kyte like all of the Falconmen and women is small in height and body size 4 ft. tall and weighing 60 pounds. His body is dark, sleek and muscled. His face is long and thin almost as if he had a beak under his skin.

FADE IN: 50.

LORD KYTE THE FIRST, LEADER OF THE FALCON-MEN SOCIETY (25) Today, we Falcon men and women celebrate the final completion of the new city of Skyreach with the assistance of our mentors the Hawkmen society, and their Buzzbot and Bigbot flying computers. As you see AVALON is build much differently than the city of Aesir. Our homes are in cliff like structures stacked many units high to save space. The newly developed anti-magnetic machines have been installed as well as millions of hologram mini-computers.

Special care has been taken to provide more green houses for the growth of green vegetables and grains. I wish to introduce my wife Queen Pauline (19) of the Hawkmen society and my high priestess Lilith who will lead our religious society.

Lilith the High Priestess is dressed in a robe over her small body and small wings. Her features are very carved with a distinct nose and slanted eyes from centuries of DNA modification. Her ears are smaller than Hawkmen ears and she has some feathers on the side of her face.

LILITH (22) HAWKMEN HIGH PRIESTESS Thank you for your introduction Lord Kyte. The city of Skyreach for Falconmen and women is beautiful and more technically advanced than the previous sky cities of Alta and Aesir. Most important of all is we live in peace with our mentors the Hawkmen and the Angels of God.

GENERAL QUICK-SWIFT (30) FALCONMEN GRAND GENERAL Good sky day, fellow Falconmen and women. As General of the Falconmen corp of troops I am the link between the Hawkmen and our society.

(MORE) 51.


We are pledged to protect and support the Hawkmen, our brothers and mentors in case of war by the Angels of God or other enemies that declare war on the Sky Masters of Earth. Every Falcon citizen including women will serve one year in the stand-by army of Falcon men and women to train in defense of our sky cities. If one city is attacked, then we stand in their defense. Our 200 mile an hour vertical dive capacity is a mighty weapon in addition to our high speed of flight. Our arrows are laser oriented after centuries of technology and our shields will deflect even lasers or bullets the weapons the mutants use on Earth.

LORD KYTE THE FIRST, LEADER OF THE FALCON-MEN SOCIETY The party and celebration will last all day and then we will retire to our homes in the Falcon cliffs. There is much to do in assigning tasks to every Falcon citizen in the city of Skyreach tomorrow and everyday thereafter. We must work together to keep our city in the sky afloat and safe from the radiated Earth below us. I bid you fare gliding.



A black rain storm threatens the city of Aesir and the Hawkmen and women go into emergency mode.

FADE IN: 52.

QUEEN ASTRID OF THE HAWKMEN (18) WIFE OF LORD THOR 30TH Well my husband, the little Falconmen and women are gone from the city of Aesir and now we have more growing space in their absence.

LORD THOR THE 30TH Yes, my love, we have an ally in Falconmen in case the Angels of God declare war on us in the future. The recessive gene implanted in all the Falconmen and women makes it impossible for them to be hostile toward Hawkmen and women.

QUEEN ASTRID OF THE HAWKMEN Thank the Gods for that. Hopefully, our children’s children will live in an era of peace and prosperity? Oh, by the way we have expanded the greenhouses by stacking them high. We are able to triple our vegetable gardens and grain fields.

LORD THOR THE 30TH Our number one priority is to survive in the skies over a dead Earth that is so radiated that it will never grow again. Suddenly, a messenger Hawkman is standing at the entrance to Lord Thor’s.

LORD THOR THE 30TH (CONT’D) Yes, come in. What is it messenger?

HAWKMAN MESSENGER (16) Lord Thor, we have an emergency situation. Our Scientists have determine that a giant black rain storm is headed our way and we must go into avoidance mode.

LORD THOR THE 30TH Giant black rain storm. That is not good. That damm radiation can do great damage to our city and all Hawkmen and women.

(MORE) 53.


Sound the alarm. I will go to our communication center and give instructions to all our citizens.

SCIENTISTS OF THE HAWK SOCIETY Start up the Aesir city fans and let’s get their city moving out of the way of this black rain storm. Count down 3,2,1, engage all fan motors. Inform Lord Thor we are taking avoidance steps to get out of the way of the black rain storm.

LORD THOR THE 30TH Attention all citizens of Aesir. We have an emergency situation with a huge black rain storm headed our way. Usually these storms occur below us at a lower altitude, but this one seems to have gained altitude enough to collide with our city of Aesir. Stay in your homes. We are starting up the fans to move the city of Aesir out of the way of the storm.

If the storm hits out city be prepared for some radiation damage. Use your radiation masks to breath and take the emergency radiation pills provided to you for an emergency such as this. May the Gods be with us all.

One day later the black rain storm full of radiation came with two miles of the city of Aesir causing some spinning of the entire city with the force of the winds created by the storm. The noise of the storm was deafening with lightening and radiation rain pouring down from the clouds. Every Hawkman and Hawkwomen prayed to the Norse Gods to save them from this radiation storm.

LORD THOR THE 30TH (CONT’D) Attention citizens of Aesir. The black rain storm has passed however, some damage has occurred due to the high winds from the storm.

(MORE) 54.


Hawkmen specialists in repairs are to report to their regional center to repair the damage. The Gods are with us.




LORD VENDO (30) LEADER OF THE VULTUREMEN Today fellow Sky Masters we celebrate the first successful year of the creation of the city of Sky Reach. We could not have achieved the creation of this great sky city without the help of our brethen Sky Masters, The Hawkmen, Angels of God, Eaglemen, and Falconmen. We leave behind a dead Earth from radiation, but our cities in the skies around Earth have survived without any effects of radiation. Queen Zina and I welcome our guests at this celebration of the creation of the city of Sky Reach.

QUEEN ZINA (19) VULTUREMEN QUEEN I too express my thanks to Queen Mary of the Angels of God, and Queen Isabelle of the Falconmen, and Queen Adelia of the Eaglemen for all their help in establishing our city in the sky. Enjoy the celebration brother and sister Sky Masters.

Vulturemen are the last of the DNA modifications that have progressed over centuries with extremely well skilled scientists. The Hawkmen society realizes that the sky cities have reached their maximum and creation of any more cities would only put a strain on trade with the mutants and aquatines on Earth. 55.

LORD VENDO Thanks to the most advance computer bots, buzzbots and bigbots our society is one of the most advanced in technology. Most of all we have more powerful movement fans to allow our city to reposition itself in the skies. Our replicators can make food now that tastes better than the real original food. We live in a wonderful world co-dependent with the other Sky Masters. I say to you Sky Masters of the Earth, that we rule the skies and rule large. We have managed to save humanity by modifying our weak bodies and developing wings for flight and cities in the sky. A toast to our success.

MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL THE 15TH Thank you Lord Vendo for inviting us and for hosting the first Sky Master conference of all the cities in the Sky. Together all of us in our cities can work together to survive and thrive in future centuries over a sadly dead Earth below.

LORD KYTE THE 10TH And I join in saluting our progress over centuries of DNA modifications to make our race superior to the dying mutants below on Earth. Skyward everyone and good futures.

LORD THOR THE 38TH Celebrate we must for we did the impossible. We survived a dead planet by living in the skies above a planet of deadly radiation and black rain storms. As Sky Masters working together, we can protect one another and our cities in the sky. Come let us drink together. 56.

LORD VENDO Fellow Sky Masters, recently I heard that the mutants on Earth have declared war on one another due to the shortage of food. Their only source of green vegetables is with their trading minerals with us. We may glide down to pick up the dead bodies left from the mutants killing one-another. I know the rest of you abhor meat, but our genes allow the consumption of red meat from any animal source. Clean up is what we do as a balance to the checks and balances of the Sky Master society.

LORD KYTE THE 10TH Do what you must brother. We will offer our services in vertically diving down to Earth to review the carnage created by the mutants for you.

LORD VENDO You offer is accepted brother.

So after several centuries the bird men have become the Sky Masters of the Earth living in highly technological cities three miles above the scorched radiated Earth.



For over two centuries from the first days of the nuclear destruction of the Earth, the cities under the oceans have survived with their population, the Aquatines. They have existed longer than the Sky Master society because their homes were already built at the time of the nuclear disasters across the Earth.



A Falconman messanger has informed us that the last of the cities in the sky has been created for the last of the Sky Masters, The Vulturemen as they call themselves. We will continue our truce to trade with all the Sky Masters in all the sky cities as long as it benefits our underwater society.

GENERAL SHARK-LIGHT (40) AQUATINE GENERAL We control all of the seas of the Earth and some portions have become polluted with radiation and dead humans. Our brothers the Whales and porpoises of the oceans help us to fend off the sharks of the seas, our only enemy. As long as the fish are abundant in the oceans of the Earth, we can continue to trade with the Sky Masters, but I do not trust them. They can fly over the Earth but cannot swim in the Oceans, which is to our advantage.


Our DNA modification has allowed us to grow gills behind our ears in which we can breath underwater at any depth. Our porpoise brothers still offer their services as rides in case we need to travel far distances and cannot swim the distance. Our whale brothers have taught us their high pitch signals and they warn us of incoming Sharks looking for food.

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