The Camarilla of the Sky

This is a science fiction story about a society of Hawk-men and women who fled the Earth to avoid nuclear radiation to live in cities in the sky, three miles above the Earth. A series of nuclear attacks between Botswana and the Congo in Africa set up a series of misguided missiles that land in the wrong countries. Eventually, the USA is attacked and they in turn attack Russia who attacks China and on and on until no countries are left. The stories of the Camarilla are told in the year 3550 by Goolin Bandoor a retired Meraki General to … Continue reading The Camarilla of the Sky

Happy New Year 2019

Research into Templars and Documents hidden in Hunter Mountain, New York. Hard to believe that right under all the snow are caves which contain scrolls from Jerusalem about Christ and Mary Magdalene as well as other Gnostic gospels. Every year on Thanksgiving weekend I headed up to Hunter Mountain to go skiing. I used to live in Suffern, N.Y. which was only two hours from Hunter Mountain. Now I read that the Templars send envoys from Italy and France to seek out the hidden scrolls from Solomon’s Temple. ¬†Imagine Native Americans and Welsh soldiers guarding documents that could change Christianity? … Continue reading Happy New Year 2019