Teacher Stories from the novel, The Junior High

by Dr. Pelham K. Mead III (c)2012 Xlibris publishers A lot of my past students and colleagues find it difficult to believe the stories in the novel, The Junior High. Well they are all true and that is why I had to change the names of the teachers, administrators and students and even the nameContinue reading “Teacher Stories from the novel, The Junior High”

The Curse of the Samurai .

By Dr. Pelham Mead (c) ACT ONE- THE AUCTION HOUSE. SCENE 1- INT. DAY- JUNE 1975. FADE IN: AUCTIONEER (60) The next item up for auction is item number c-2044, a original JAPANESE SAMURAI KABUTO STYLED AFTER GENERAL TAIRA NO MASAKADO’s kabuto. This authentic kabuto or samurai helmet was created in the 1600’s as aContinue reading “The Curse of the Samurai .”