Run Rebels Run

by Dr. Pelham Mead The civil war is over and the rebel troops have all surrendered except the Texas Rangers Cavalry 9th division “Terry’s Rangers.” They escaped in the night from North Carolina and fled to their homes in Texas. 150 our of 250 crept through the Union picket lines in the night and rode in small groups to Texas. From that point on they were considered outlaws to be hunted down. They had no pardon papers like other Confederate soldiers had, but they were proud and would not bow to the Yankees. After many incidents Sergeant K. of the … Continue reading Run Rebels Run

The Curse of the Samurai .

By Dr. Pelham Mead (c) ACT ONE- THE AUCTION HOUSE. SCENE 1- INT. DAY- JUNE 1975. FADE IN: AUCTIONEER (60) The next item up for auction is item number c-2044, a original JAPANESE SAMURAI KABUTO STYLED AFTER GENERAL TAIRA NO MASAKADO’s kabuto. This authentic kabuto or samurai helmet was created in the 1600’s as a copy of the original kabuto from 940, first century Japan. The Kabuto is said to have mystical qualities, and some say it is haunted. No worry, we checked it for ghosts. Ha. The starting bid is $10,000 dollars. Do I hear 11,000? Yes the gentlemen … Continue reading The Curse of the Samurai .